Best Digital Home Based Business

the best digital home based business

Hi, I’m Travis Smithers and today I’m here to offer you the opportunity to connect with the best digital home based business.

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If you’re like most people, tired of the broken promises of systems that just simply do not deliver, cost far too much and frankly do not work, then you need to check out what I have to offer!

Before we get started, just let me mention that this is not a get rich quick scheme as they are only after your hard earned money.

This opportunity will take some time and require work at your end but for the most part, you’ll have fun changing your life for the better as you learn and earn extra money.

I’m already living the lifestyle of the big dream home and purchasing brand new cars when I need them and traveling around the world. For me, this was an opportunity to maintain my lifestyle and free up more time to spend with family and friends.

So whether you’re looking to do the same or you want bigger and better or just some extra spending money then take the time for a serious look.

It cost nothing to look, but you have everything to gain!


This opportunity will guide you with:
Create your own Online business!
Training to help you Succeed!
Offers a free membership!
Full Community Support!
Anyone can do this!
Easy to start!

Below is a list of what we’ll cover.

At any time you can always go to the bottom of the article to start your free membership to get your business opportunity started.


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Anyone can do this!


Best Digital Home Based Business


Online Home Business Basics
How to Avoid Potential Scams
Two Diverse Ways To Profit
Best Place to Start
Getting A Website
You’ll Need Visitors
You Need Something To Sell
Making It Happen
Taking The Next Step
How It Works
Free Membership
Stepping Up Your Options
How You Will Succeed
Worse Case Scenario



Online Home Business Basics


What I’m about to show you is one of the best opportunities for anyone new or even experienced to get themselves involved with, when looking to have an online presence.

how to make money online fast balance

Now take note that this program is one of the best, and there are others. I’ve been on the internet dealing with programs for over ten years, and I can say this system is the best I have found to date.

Just you being here to read this article shows that you too are looking for that unique program that will bring your dreams to reality.

This opportunity could very well be it, the moment you’ve been waiting for to get that online presence.

The system I’m about to show you is very easy to start. Multiple training methods from beginner to advanced. Free to start and even stay as a free member if you already know what to do as an online marketer. I would recommend the premium package saving you lots of time searching for answers and showing you how to be successful online. The premium package is inexpensive and offers you an extraordinary income potential quicker than going at it alone.

A key thing to remember is no one single program is right for everybody. If you’re one of those people that think you can do next to nothing and get rich, you’ll never get anywhere with any online system. When you have the right mindset and know you need to put work into getting things on the roll, then this is for you!

All businesses take work on or offline, it doesn’t make any difference if you expect significant returns.


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You need to be in the right mindset, which leads us to our next heading.

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How To Avoid Potential Scams


First off, you’ll see there is no long drawn out video presentation explaining how you’ll get rich overnight.

Many programs will tell you how all you need to do is sign up with them, do next to nothing and watch the money roll in while you live in your mansion and drive your exotic cars from all the money you’ll earn so quickly.

Just as you have no companies knocking at your door telling you how they are going to pay you big bucks to do nothing, nobody on the Internet will ever give you a pile of money either.

People work to make money not give it all away!

what is a scam and how to recognize

In fact, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid being scammed or taken advantage of, when you see opportunities like these, walk away!

You’ll earn huge sums of money within days or weeks.

You don’t need to know; the system does it all for you.

Just become a paying member and the system takes care of everything for you.

After you sign up your system is on autopilot.

There are only so many openings so you must hurry before they are gone.

There are only three days left, so you have to hurry or miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Require a credit card to start.

That is just a few of the many ways people lose money by scammers.

Any opportunity of real quality will offer you at least a trial period or a better option of having a free package. Quality companies know they have an excellent product/service so they will let you check them out without paying for anything up front.

Businesses that are strictly in it for the money show you nothing without being paid first.

Keep your credit card in your wallet!

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Two Diverse Ways To Profit


You can sell products/services of others.
You can sell your products/services

I actually do both methods of making a profit while many will choose to do just one. Either way, the choice is up to you, and you’ll be able to learn what it takes from what I’m offering you with this opportunity.

You can choose to sell other people’s products/services and not deal with creating, packaging and shipping or having to take the time to provide the services with the necessary skills required.

You may want to manufacture and do all the necessary stages to promote and move your products/services or perhaps just do drop shipping that still requires a little more hands-on but not as much as trying to do everything.

There are no legal limits, but most prefer Affiliate Marketing for that residual income down the road.


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It’s your Business you decide!

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Best Place to Start


how to make money at home

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get started is by becoming an affiliate marketer. You can earn commissions from millions of companies products/services that they supply. This concept is known as affiliate marketing and is free to set up.

You can also create and supply your products/services which is one of the things I do but cost more, takes a lot more work and time involved. Taking the extra time and perhaps money also holds true with utilizing your skill set depending on what you offer. For me, it’s extra time and money again.

As an affiliate marketer, you have the choice of millions of products/services at your fingertips.

We’ll show you how to become one!

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Getting A Website


One of the easiest and best ways to make money online is to have an authority website. When you own and operate an official site, the search engines, and social media will send lots of traffic your way.

For a home business, the WordPress platform is the easiest most flexible site to create with a website builder. The advantages of extra functions and features far outway what some of the other providers are offering people these days.

The days of having to know the code to create a site are a thing of the past with all the website builders available today.


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You can create a site in 30 seconds!

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You’ll Need Visitors


Again I like to classify this in two ways:
Using the power of money!
Getting them free with creativity!

Using the power of money means, you would see about purchasing ads in the different search engines such as Adwords with Google. You would create a campaign that would direct visitors to a page/post from your site.

methods for increasing traffic

This method can get to be very expensive and for newcomers, to the internet world of business, I would recommend the second option.

This second method of getting visitors for free using creativity will take longer in the beginning but does surpass the paid version over time.

Here you will create articles by writing pages and posts, using content relevant to your niche. Your niche will be whatever you chose to do for business.

All the information you will need to figure out what business you would like to do and how are all spelled out in the available training.

You will have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal!

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You Need Something To Sell


As previously mentioned there are millions of products/services you can choose from for your business.

Every company needs to market something to visitors to earn an income; your website will be no different.

An example would be, if you’re into fitness, you could sell workout equipment and accessories through your site. Whenever a visitor makes a purchase, you earn a commission as an affiliate from the supplier.

When you focus on helping others in this case by posting articles about how to train properly and featuring the required equipment to use, you’ll be more successful. Gaining the trust of others for the knowledge you pass on to visitors will help them for what you teach and will assist you with more sales for the products you represent and recommend.

Once you develop a site, you have the potential to earn 24/7. In fact, after properly managing your site, the time will come to offer you greater freedom and flexibility.


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Learn to have your site sell for you!

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Making It Happen


At this point, you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to make this happen. Exactly what do I need to do and what steps are required?

completely free website builder what do you want

Just before we look at that, you need to understand why so many online businesses fail.

The cost to operate and maintain most business opportunities are one of the biggest problems along with the lack of proper training and support. Another reason is the owner simply quits.

With what I’m recommending the costs are cheaper than most opportunities and include all the training with full support, needed for success. With this opportunity only the ones who quite will guarantee failure.

Knowledge leads to success!

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Taking The Next Step


In order to make things happen, one needs to take action!

With every action, there is a reaction and by taking this next step, you will begin a journey that can make a fantastic life changing career move.

With this system, you not only have me for support but an entire community that has hundreds of thousands of people that have sign up.

Every day more people are signing up to experience this opportunity for the freedom you seek.

When you join for free, I’ll be in touch to get you started. You’ll have the full support of the community and owners of the business Kyle and Carson. All the training and tools will be available to help you succeed and build an authority website.


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You can sign up for free now!

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How It Works


When you click on the banner and link I have at the end of this article, you’ll see this page.

Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate.

Fill in the text fields with your information, then click on the green button “Create Your FREE Account!”

You require no credit card or any money for your free membership.

You’ll have absolutely:
No Risk!
No Tricks!
No Upsells!
No Gimmicks!
No Strings Attached!

This starter membership is our free gift to you!

Once inside the community, complete your profile by adding a picture you like or choose from the ones provided. Give you profile a paragraph or more about who you are, that why people will know your not a robot and the community will start to introduce themselves.

I obviously will be in touch to assist you in any way I can to help get you started.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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Free Membership


free website hosting domain.

This free membership will give you two free websites, and hosting you can develop with no time limits.

You’ll also have access to two different training courses to get you started once you arrive.

For the first seven days, you’ll have full access to all privileges the paid members with premium have. During this time it is an excellent opportunity to ask or search out through the database as many questions you may have about the program and anything related to having an online business.

There is a second package which is the premium bundle for people wanting to get serious about succeeding online faster. After your seven days, you should know if the premium is for you or not.


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Free members can succeed if you’re already in the know!

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Stepping Up Your Options


When you go premium, full access is granted entitling you to the complete training of the two courses presented. You’ll also get continues training from weekly webinars and training from the community covering beginner issues to advanced topics for furthering your success. During the free membership, you’ll be able to take some time to look into all the extras.

Even though you receive everything you need to succeed with the one membership including a keyword tool, I also use an advanced keyword tool that costs me an extra $19.00 a month.

My premium membership costs me $349.00 as I like to pay yearly which would average $29.00/month.

Also, having your own domain name will help you rank and be more successful in a shorter time, costs about $15 per year.

Think about that! $44 or $63 in my case to have everything I need to run an online business with ongoing training to keep up with the changing times and full support of thousands of others helping each other be successful.

You have to play to win!

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How You Will Succeed


As I mentioned before how most online businesses fail due to high costs and the owner doesn’t know what they are doing or quits.

best website builder best of the bestWhen you become part of our community, we help you succeed.

Other programs can cost you up to $40,000 for the training which they want you to turn around and sell to others. On top of that, you have monthly fees over $100 for your site to sell the training packages.

With us, all your training and ongoing education is part of the small monthly premium fee. You decide what your business will be and receive all the support you need from the best in the business.


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You would have to quit to fail!

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Worse Case Scenario


To be Successful takes Time!

Here is a typical scenario:

A beginner creates a website and posts multiple articles for a quality product receiving no sales. The person gives up and dissolves the site.

The search engines can be unpredictable!

The search engines take time to find, rank and trust your site. In the beginning, you may anticipate a faster response, but there are a lot of unforeseen variables to the type of business you wish to do online. Different niches can be trickier to compete for higher traffic than others.

You will learn how to compete for front page ranking for best SEO when dealing with the search engines from all the training you’ll receive. You need to build your business even when you don’t see the immediate results you want.

When in doubt post more quality content!

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To help you with putting things into perspective!

When I use to be an employee before I went on my own, my education for doing electronics came to a total just shy of $250,000 Canadian dollars to have the capabilities to do what my old job required.

When I put my Contracting business together, my value for a one-ton diesel extended van and equipment were $100,000 with an average yearly business operating cost of about $20,000 – $30,000 a year.

Now doing my online presence for my business with a website is $592 for the year.

TD Remodeling website

Imagine a company with such a small yearly cost that is so affordable with so much earning potential. This free membership gives you the opportunity for a simple and entirely risk-free chance to start your own business.

The methods you’ll learn are working for me and many others you can meet in the community.

Do you want to have success with an online business?

Are you prepared to make a difference in your life?

Will your next five years be a repeat of the last five years?

Are you ready for a change by taking that first step?

It’s Free To Join!

It’s Easy to start!

Let’s Get Started!

Free membership

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