Best DIY Website Builder Reviews

best diy website builder reviews


When you’re looking for the best DIY website builder reviews, then you need to know a little information about what the platforms offer to understand what goes into finding the best reviews.

Most providers that provide a website builder will only have training on how to create a site on their platform but teach you nothing or next to nothing about SEO and how to market your site. They’ll show you how to build a website to go online, but nobody is going to find you, and if they do, it will be very few people.

When it comes to saving time and money, then you have a list of criteria you need to be answered, and that’s just what this article will explain. Also at the end of this article will be the top #1 Recommendation for the Best Website Builder Review.

Components of a Website Builder

Are all Website Builders created equal?
Do they have a Free Membership?
Are they Expensive?
What Do They Offer?


Are all Website Builders created equal?


Many providers offer you, website builders that build sites for you to use, depending on the platforms some will offer better functions and features. From the many different pros and cons, each provider offers you will determine which one will be right for your needs.

The biggest problem most people find with providers is what they offer as a free package. When you sign up as a new member, there will be many limitations on the functions and features. These restrictions can almost make it impossible to create a proper business site for making money online.

You’ll be happy to hear that the provider I’ll recommend has an excellent free website builder. You’ll discover they have the least amount of limitations; you can create a business using their free website package if you wish. They give you the most flexibility combined with the best functions and features over other providers.


Do they have a Free Membership?


Some providers will only offer you a free trial period while others will supply you with a free package. The sites that offer trial periods you need to realize that if you decide to leave all the work you have created will be dumped. Most of these providers have unique platforms that make them incompatible with other providers. You’ll be unable to export and import from one provider to another.

The majority of providers do offer a free membership, but you need to be aware of the limitations they impose on your site. These limits mean many of the functions and features are locked out from you being able to use them when designing your site. They may also use their advertising banners throughout your site to use any of your traffic to promote themselves. You would be required to pay for another package to have them remove all the banners from your site. Many providers will also limit the number of pages/ posts you can use when creating and building your website out. There are other functions and features that the providers can control in any package they offer that they will base access on the price you pay.

When it comes to creating a free website, then I know of only one provider that offers you the most with the least amount of limitations.


Are they Expensive?


The thing to remember is all providers that offer a free membership or trial period also have paid memberships. Having paid members is how they make their money for their services to provide people with the website builders and hosting.

With the majority of providers, they will supply you with many options to choose from for which package you require. Each package will provide you with access to their website builder to allow you to create a site. Just how much access you’ll receive to using the functions and features they have depends on how much you pay them monthly. The more you pay, the greater the access.

You’ll be happy to know the one I recommend has only two options.

You can sign up for a free membership that gives you access to the website builder to create no one but two free sites with the least amount of limitations.

The second plan is a paid membership that gives you full access and offers you more for your money than any of the other providers. Best price for functions and features on the net.


What Do They Offer?


From the first package as I mentioned you’ll receive two sites that you can build a business on with free hosting. You’ll have the least amount of limitations when you consider what the other providers offer. The two limitations that do exist are no email addresses from your domain name as you will be using a sub-domain name. That’s it; you’ll be using a sub-domain name, and you’ll need to open up an email address from another source which you can get for free.

Now the second package is a paid membership known as being a premium member. When you become a premium member, you get full access to all the functions and features the platform has to offer. Unlike other providers you not only get to use the website builder for creating your site with hosting and all the training and support that goes with that but much more. With this package, you are part of a university that has two main courses to teach you what you need to create your site to make money online.

From these two training courses, you can do either one or both totally up to you. You will also have the options of learning from weekly webinars, continuous training from the community that has thousands of marketers that also help you find out how to be profitable on the internet. The continues training helps keep you up to date with all the changes that are happening across the Internet.

When you check into pretty well every other provider, you’ll quickly realize they only offer a platform with a website builder and the required information to use their platform to build a site. They do not show you how to make the site profitable or the best way to build an online business. You’ll be required to spend a lot more time and money going elsewhere to learn what you need to know and redo your website to give you the proper results you’ll need.

Understand that these other providers, most are excellent at offering you a place to create a site and take care of your hosting but are very limited to helping you succeed with becoming profitable.

When you’re looking for the best DIY website builder reviews, then you should consider everything discussed above. On my site, I do different studies for website builders, but I have come to discover there is one top provider I rate as my #1 Recommendation that I now use. You can also click on the banner below to learn more.

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