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When it comes to reading about the best free website builder review, there are not that much available. Most providers will either offer a free package with limitations or in some cases give you a free trial period.

So why do you not get a lot of free website builder reviews?

The providers themselves make their money from the paid packages, not the free ones. That means most of the providers offer very little for free, so most people writing articles tend to look at the companies full benefits.


A Look At Free Website Builders


One of the main things you’ll discover with providers is trial periods and free packages.


Website Builder Trial Period


With trial periods you’ll receive the opportunity of one or more weeks to have access to their platform where you can use their website builder and create a site. One of the biggest things to remember with this type of offer is anything you create will only be good for the time frame you have during the trial period unless you upgrade to a paid membership. The level of membership will determine the total cost. A lot of the different providers tend to have multiple packages that give you more access to additional functions and features as you pay more per month on a plan.

Even the trial period package has many limitations. They do this in hopes of you upgrading to a paid subscription after all this is how they make their money.


Free Website Builder


Most companies will offer you a free package that you can use to see what they have to offer. They usually allow you to keep using it for the duration you want it for which to me is a much better option than just a trial period.

Even though you get to keep the free package, these providers offer, they still incorporate many limitations on the function and features you get to use. After all, these companies earn their living by supplying you with a website builder and hosting to create and have your site online. If they gave everything away for free, then they would have no way of earning a living.

So what are these limitations?

The limitations will vary depending on which provider you are with for your free package. Some will advertise by having their logos on your site. Anyone wanting to show a professional site will not want other companies logos advertised.

Most free website builders will limit your functions and features. These limitations can be accomplished in many ways:

The number of Pages/Posts you can have?
The amount of storage you can use?
How much bandwidth you’ll have?
Using their subdomain and not your own?
No email accounts?
Can you transfer the site?


The number of Pages/Posts you can have?


You’ll be allowed to have a single page or maybe a few but to get access to more pages/posts for your site then an upgrade is required. When you know, you need extra pages/posts then these companies will not work for free.


The amount of storage you can use?


When providers offer you a free package, many people find the limitations for storage can be a problem for the amount of data in text, images, and other media will be too restrictive to use their platform.


How much bandwidth you’ll have?


Usually, not an issue but some marketers have complained about providers not having enough bandwidth to deal with all the traffic they receive for downloads and uploads. If you know, you’ll need lots of bandwidths then having the proper provider is a must.


Using their subdomain and not your own?


Most free packages with providers do not allow you to purchase your domain and use their services for creating and hosting your site. They will enable you to use a name for your business in front of their subdomain which costs you or them nothing. This subdomain name still gives you a unique business name but not as professional as the purchased names.


No email accounts?


Using a free package that has no expiry date for you to use, means your site is created using a subdomain. Most providers do not allow email addresses created off your subdomain name. You can use another source for a free email such as Hotmail if that’s not a problem.


Can you transfer the site?


Transferring a site is not something a lot of people may think about when first starting out. Even though there are a lot of different providers available to choose from, many are not compatible to move your site from one provider to another. The problem here is many of the different website builders that you can choose to build your site on are proprietary. The hosting company that created the website builder will not allow your site to work on another platform.

To prevent a transfer problem of your site, the best thing to do is go with a provider that uses an open source program for their platform in the design of their website builder.


So What Is The Best Website Builder?


The best website builder is one that allows you to have the most flexibility with a number of functions and features required in designing and creating a site. You want the least amount of limitations, so the free package will not hold you back from accomplishing your goals.

Where most providers offer a website builder, hosting, security, and training for the platform they use, they can not afford to give too much away.

So what’s the answer?

You need to get a free package from a provider that offers much more! When you sign up to be a free member with the provider I’m with, you’ll get one of the best free website builder packages on the web. The reason you’ll receive so much more is the provider I’m with is also a University for affiliate marketing.

They offer more than just a website builder and hosting. With two main courses, weekly webinars, and continuous training, most people tend to take the second package as a paid member, so the free membership far exceeds what all the other providers will grant you.

You can look into some of the other providers like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and Bluehost which I rate in the top five to use free or paid but I have my #1 Recommendation for the best free website builder review.


No credit card required, get started today!

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