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Let’s have a look into what classifies as the best free website builder reviews for anyone wanting to have a free internet site. This article will give the full details about what most people have been looking for and where you can find it.


The Best Free Website Builder


To get started, we need to address the fact that people know and understand what we mean when we say a website builder.

In the past, you would require using software to create a site by knowing how to code. You would design and create your site by coding each and every page/post and all the components necessary for the look and feel of the layout of your site.

Today software packages have been developed, so you no longer have to know the code to create a site for online. Most providers now all offer a free website builder when you use their platform to create your site. The question we have is which one is the best?

To answer that question, we need to consider a few things:best online website builder reviews criteria search

Available functions and features?
Types of limitations?
Total flexibility?


Available functions and features?


For most people, the functions and features a website builder has are one of the most important considerations. To design a site, you need the ability to use text, images, video, etc. to the desired layout. In the past, this was done by you knowing how to code. Today the website builders have what is known as themes or templates that you get to choose from, so you’re no longer required to have to code.

These templates/themes allow you to pick between many different designs and layouts, for you to choose one that best fits your design ideas for your site. Once you have accomplished the layout, depending on the software package for the website builder, you will be able to make changes to customize the look and feel to design your site.

This could be from:best online website builder reviews criteria search 2

Types of fonts used
Color for text
Image placement
Video and other media choices
How pages/posts will appear
Full page or have one or more columns

The thing is, all website builders allow you to design and create a site without having to know coding and will enable for customization. The question is how much customization?


Types of limitations?


The types of restrictions could very well be the next biggest consideration when looking for the best free website builder. First off let’s just say all free website builders will have some limitations one way or the other. After all, you can not, please everybody.

So what are these limitations we have to consider? Well, you can purchase website builder software that will create a site by taking care of all the code as you build your site and they will also have limitations, but we are going to deal with online website builders supplied by providers.

Most providers offer website builders that you can use for free, and these are the ones we’ll concern ourselves with for this article.

best online website builder reviews criteria searchSo each provider will have a software package for their website builder. The providers that use a custom website builder that is unique to them will instantly have the limitation of not being able to transfer your site from one hosting company to another. If you choose to change hosting companies, then you’ll need to rebuild your site.

I company I use, and others like it use what is called open source software. The software package for the website builder is used in many different companies platform when they host your site. This open source software allows you to change hosting companies if you like, by just transferring the site to a new host by entering their information.

The place you’ll notice the biggest limitations is with the packages the companies will offer you. Most providers offer you a website builder with free hosting and training for platform use or at least a trial period. These companies will have at least one other paid package for membership if not many variations of paid packages.

Obviously, the free package has the most limitations for functions and features you can use. The more you pay the restrictions are reduced until your paying the max cost for full access to what they have to offer. Even at full price, there will still be limitations on the functions and features as no website builder platform is perfect.

At this point, I would like to mention that the provider I’m with has only two plans that outperform all other providers I have checked out to date.


Total flexibility?


The amount of flexibility you will have is entirely dependent on the company you are with and the type of platform they use for the website builder. Any free website builder is a bonus over having to learn how to code. Depending on what you need or want to do there are many providers that can work for you.

I’m going to tell you about the best option I discovered just under two years ago. Not only did they offer the best free package but also the best-paid membership package which they only have the one by the way.

best online website builder reviews criteria search 2Other providers make their sole money from hosting sites and usually selling you domain names to build your site on their website builder. They also offer excellent free training on how to use their platform when you go to the better companies.

Now the company I’m with offers so much more than just providing a hosting package with website builder and training for the platform and option to get domain names. They offer two courses, webinars, continues training to have a successful online business that other providers do not provide. For that reason there free package gives you more functions and features with fewer limitations against all the others. The platform for the website builder has more flexibility than most others as it is an open source program that thousands of programmers contribute their time and efforts to for constant improvements.

The premium package which is the one and only paid membership gives you full access to everything they have to offer. Every year WA are steadily improving all aspects of their business and passing it on to all premium members. The latest was adding security measures to our websites with SSL for no added cost. Many places charge you $100 to add that to your site, and I updated my thirteen sites for free.

You can check with other providers to see what they offer for free and what’s in their paid packages. I believe you’ll soon discover what I did, whether you use the free membership or upgrade to the premium membership my recommendation can offer you the most. From what I have read online, this is the best free website builder reviews to link you to the provider that gives you the most for free or paid membership.


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