Best Website Builder Review

best website builder review


When you consider the best website builder review, then you need to look into all aspects of free packages to paid memberships. You need to know just what you’ll receive as a free member and especially as a paid member before you spend any money or join.

There are plenty of providers ready to offer you a website builder to create your site and supply you with hosting but before you commit to taking the time in starting a business site or one for personal use you need to know what you get from their platform.


A closer look into Website Builders


best website builder site.

Are all Website Builders created equal?
Is there a Free Membership?
Do they cost much Money?
What do you Get?


Are all Website Builders created equal?


Even though many providers offer you, a website builder that can create a site for you to use, different platforms offer better functions and features than others. There are many different pros and cons to most providers depending on what you require your site to do.

One of the biggest problems with many providers is what they will offer you as a free package when you sign up. They will set up many limitations on the functions and features that most people will find the free sites useless for business.

The good news is, the provider I’m with has an excellent free website builder. With the least amount of limitations, you can build a business with their free website package. You’ll receive the most flexibility with the best functions and features they provide over other providers.


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Is there a Free Membership?


free website hosting domain.

Most providers do offer a free package, but some will only give you a free trial period such as Squarespace which means if you go elsewhere than everything you did during the trial period will be lost.

Most other providers offer some form of a free offer but usually have limitations that do not work well for a business site. Some platforms allow very little flexibility with many functions and features they lock you out of on their platform. Some place their advertising on your website which you have to pay to get removed. You may find yourself limited to the number of pages/posts among other issues.

I have only found one provider that has the least amount of limitations to a paid package that I’d even consider creating a site on if I wanted a free website.



Do they cost much Money?


Any provider that offers a free trial or a free package for you to build a site all has paid memberships. After all, this is how most providers make their income from supplying you with a website builder from their platform and then hosting it for you.

The paid packages that most of these providers offer you will vary in price and access and tend to be multiple choices. The more you pay them, the more access they will grant you on using their platform to build your business site, allowing the use of more functions and features.

The provider I use has only two options.

A free membership with the best functions and features with the least amount of limitations.

The second option is a paid membership giving you full access that gives you more for your money than what any of the other providers have to offer you.


What do you Get?


First one is you can have two free websites with hosting for free to do your business. The two limitations are no email address from the domain name as the second limitation is from using a sub-domain name which you have to use as a free member and no emails can be generated from your name.

The second option, the provider I use primarily earn money from operating as a university to train you how to create and build a successful online business. This second package is known as a premium membership and is the reason they can offer the best free package over other providers is they do not rely on just supplying a website builder and hosting.

These training modules are made up of two distinct courses of your choosing to do either or both. On top of that, you have a community that is second to none that also provide ongoing training as well as the weekly webinars to keep you abreast of all the changes the Internet goes through.

The other providers only offer you the community and service of building a site on their platform and not how to create a successful online business. These other providers can be great at what they do and offer, but they are very limited.

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