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The best website builder reviews of 2016 will make your choice to choose what will work for you much easier when you compare all the major aspects of what it takes to have a successful online business.

To understand and know what we need to look at we first need a plan to go by and make the proper comparison between the different types of website builders.


Understanding the Best
Website Builders Reviews


To know what individual reviews tell us about the different website builders and figure out which companies will work best for you, we need to look at what they offer.

Website Builder Types
Provider Packages


Website Builder Types


You can build on a dedicated hosting service or providers that offer a generic platform service with the website builder they have set up.

Dedicated Hosting Service

The dedicated hosting service will cost you the most money per month on average than what most other providers will have available. These types of services tend to have more space that you can have for your site and run at much faster speeds. So anyone that requires lots of uploads, downloads or a combination of both using lots of storage and bandwidth is better off using this source of a provider.

I would suggest however until you need all the uploading, downloading and bandwidth that requires the extra speed for page/post load time or when you have extremely high levels of traffic, I will stick with the generic providers that most people use.

Generic Hosting Service

This generic method for having a hosting service is what most people use. This form of website builder is where you will share server space which means the speed and amount of site memory for how big you can build your site is lower in comparison to a dedicated server that the generic providers will offer you.

The fact is for most people this option works fine, and the costs of choosing this route are not only cheaper but in most cases can even be free.

You will discover if you compare the two, other advantages come with a dedicated server for an overall better performance in most areas of dealing with an online business. These benefits come at a price that usually reflects the higher quality service for the better features and function of having a server to yourself.


Provider Packages


Once you know which way you would like to go with your decision on developing a website, you need to consider the packages available to compare.

For instance, if you need a free with, then a dedicated hosting package is off the table. All Dedicated hosting service packages cost money, period.

When we look into what most people need starting out and use for the whole time they run their online business, then most providers offer a free package. There are still some providers even though you share server space that has no free package. These companies usually offer a trial period in which you can check their platform out before making monthly or yearly payments. One such company would be SquareSpace that operates this way.

With the other businesses that do offer the free packages, you would need to look at all what functions and features they provide to see how well they compare to one another.

The sites that offer a free package tend to have many limitations on the functions and features you can use. I have a recommendation that offers the best free package on the bottom of this page.

Now when you start to look into the different providers that offer paid packages, you start to realize just how much they differ between what each will offer you.

For starters, some companies have one paid package that gives you full access to everything like the provider I recommend while others have a scale of multiple packages you can buy into when building your site.

The different pay scales do work well for some people when you know what you need for function and features for your online business. These pay scales do not work well for some others.

The type of website builder they use can make a big difference to your decision. Some have created their website builders which mean they do not have what some people need to create the type of site they want to do to lack of functions and features. These same sites are not compatible with other providers so you can not transfer your site to another provider. Means you need to rebuild your site.

For the sites that use the same platform such as WordPress that has been kept universal then you can transfer and take your website to another provider for hosting.

There are a lot of considerations to look into when choosing a provider. One of the biggest things to consider is all what services they give you for the money for learning their platform with training and support.

Now I can tell you that most top providers offer excellent training and support for building a site with their platform, but almost every one of them leaves out the most important thing that people need. The whole reason behind having a site is to get traffic and the more visitors you receive, the better. Most providers have no real training to show you how to build a successful business that is profitable.

If you’re looking for a provider that can supply you with websites, hosting with all the required training and support plus more. Then when you need courses with continuing training on how to create a successful website for earning an income, then my recommendation is where you’ll find the answers.

When you take the time to check out the best website builder reviews of 2016, you’ll be able to see what works best for you. To help save you lots of time and money I would suggest you take a serious look at my #1 Recommendation that unlike the other providers you will get full access as a premium member that gives you a complete package of everything you’ll need to build a successful business to earn an income.

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