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Best Website Builder Small Business

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A question I get asked quite frequently is, what is the best website builder for a small business? Well today, I will give you what I have discovered to be the best website builder and why and also what I classify as a small business. You may be surprised to find how much money one can make with a small business.


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Small Business Answer


To get started I believe we need to look at the two distinctive topics we need answers to from the question. First, we want to know what should we classify as a small business and then secondly what the best website builder is to use for a small business.

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Business Size Matters


The size of your business will determine a lot of things for you to have an online business succeed. With traditional companies, the number of people you employ with the amount of earnings you generate determines your size. Running an online business with a website builder, you use works differently.

With an online business, the provider you use plays a significant role in a small or larger business. An online business deal with storage space and data transfers.

A large company needs large amounts of data transfers to handle the massive volume of clients/customers using your site. They may require access to your website to retrieve information or purchase products/services that your site offers.

Depending on what your company site is all about, you may require significant amounts of storage to handle the volume of information you deal with that can be in many different forms, such as videos in high resolutions.

Knowing your requirement needs is what determines which provider you’ll need for having the best website builder to work with for your online business.

Here’s the good news, the people that need to ask this question do not require to have a dedicated server or even need to deal with the providers that offer the higher end services for data transfer and storage to do their business.

Most people with a small business use whether the company is established or you are totally new to the Internet can use the average provider and save lots of money from not paying out for what they do not require. As you company grows, you can always upgrade later if storage or data transfers become an issue. Note that many people claiming to make significant six-figure incomes are not using the big internet providers.


Best Business Website Builder


Knowing we can always expand later if data transfers and storage become a problem, we need to consider where to go from here when choosing the best website provider.

best easy website builder overall packageThe Internet has many providers that all offer website builders. These companies will all have their pros and cons on reasons that will make them the best at what they do for the services they provide.

So what are the key issues you need to consider when choosing a provider?

Platform Used
Membership Costs
Training and Support

Do take note, there are many other things one can consider when choosing the best provider, the three choices I listed above, are the ones we’ll look at for now.


Platform Used


Some may be thinking, why does the platform matter, if the provider is offering one of the best website builders to work with when creating your online business presence. Well, the reason is as simple as if the current provider you are using does not offer you the room to expand with more data transfers or storage capacity. If you need to move your site to another hosting company, is the platform compatible? Guess what? Many of the providers on the market use a proprietary website builder that does not allow you to transfer your site to another company. Not being able to redirect where your site is being hosted at, creates significant issues and costs to upgrade if this is the case.

So what’s the answer?

Choosing a company that uses a platform that is compatible with other top providers for your hosting needs.

That is, something I’ll show you!

Not only will I show you the best company that offers its customers a website builder designed on a platform that makes transferring a site an easy task but one that provides you as a client one of the best prices around.

In fact, that takes us to our next heading!


Membership Costs


Some people will look at this heading of membership costs as a no-brainer while others will wonder why is this a major factor in the function of what constitutes the best website builder. Anyone starting a small business usually does not have an endless supply of funds to pay out for services. All companies have a budget to work with from a first-time start-up or existing business. Overhead is something we all must deal with when running a business.

top home based business ideas cost

The big difference involved with any companies overhead for having an online presence is the stage at which the company is developed. For most and especially most people that have come to my site are at the first stage of getting started. In the beginning stages of setting up an online presence, you do not need to pay for unnecessary services that will not or may never be required.

You want a membership package that can handle most business needs and give you the most flexibility with functions and features you may require for any direction you may choose to take your business. The fact is, in the beginning, and especially for beginners, you may not know what and how much you’ll need, and that is where you need to be able to rely on the experts. They deal with these types of issues on a daily basis.

Many providers offer different levels of payment plans so you can choose just how much you want to pay out on your budget by limiting what you’ll receive for functions and features. Although this may work for some, it creates problems for the people who do not know what they need.

I deal with a company that gives you full access to everything they have to offer, so you are not limited to the functions and features of smaller packages you may decide you require later.

You pay one excellent price for full service, no holding back on the services they offer so you receive total control on what you want or need to do for your online presence.


Training and Support


Above all else, this is a critical part of any online business. The support and training offered by your chosen provider have to be the best you can find for the money. Without this, your site can become a total failure or complete success story.

Support will consist from dealing with any issues you may have from:

about wealthy affiliate community training topicsCreating
and learning the platform for your site

The training aspect is all about being able to learn everything you need to know about their platform and using their website builder as a minimum.

The place I want to introduce you to goes far beyond just these essential provider services and also incorporates an entire university of continuing education all about SEO and marketing techniques that all entrepreneurs on the Internet should know and understand.

Just having a website published on the Web does not do much for increasing any earnings unless you get proper ranking to bring your website in front of as many people as possible. To accomplish this, you’ll need to either pay someone or some company to handle it all for you or learn and implement the procedures yourself.

It’s not difficult to do all your SEO and marketing just as long as you know what to do and when. With the company that handles my sites, they have a university training with continues learning as part of their premium membership which is far cheaper than any other place. In fact, they are cheaper with you having full access to everything they offer than some companies that charge you just to host a few sites with them.

Most other providers offer nothing to very little in the way of SEO and marketing your business for success. One of the best website builder small business opportunities for hosting is with the provider I have discovered. For just hosting and training for their platform, large users pay extra money to be with WP Engine. Most people for smaller usage have been dealing with Bluehost and other regular providers. To receive the most flexibility with functions and features with the least amount of limitations and extra training, check out my #1 Recommendation. Even the free membership is better than all the rest.


No credit card required, get started today!

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February 6, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Hi Travis,

Very good points about choosing WordPress hosting. It’s always tempting to take the “cheapest” hosting service and run with it.

But then you’re stumbling around rounding up all of the other services that make your WP site complete. The cost goes up quickly and then it is no longer “cheap” WP hosting.

I definitely like the idea of going with the “package deal”and having a community of active users to leverage help from.

Thanks for sharing this useful info!


    February 6, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    It’s true that a lot of people will consider the cheapest package for hosting in hopes of creating a successful business. You’re also correct on how fast the costs can escalate when connecting with many different companies to handle hosting, site SEO and website marketing among other things.

    In most cases, you tend to save money having as much of the things you require handled by one company. That philosophy doesn’t always work, but in this case, Wealthy Affiliate does offer a better price than most for what you get.

    Great to hear from you Oren and thanks for the comment.

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