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DoodleKit Online Free Website Builder

doodlekit online free website builder review


In today’s market, most people are now creating their websites by utilizing website builders. One such provider, we’ll take a look at is DoodleKit.


Online Free Website Builder


To begin, we need to take a closer look at:


What is DoodleKit?


Like a lot of the modern versions of website providers these days, DoodleKit is a website provider that offers people wanting to have an online presence use their services to host sites. The platform that they use is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder type of editor.

To get started is simply a matter of creating an account. Once a member you can begin with creating a site. In their platform, they use feature command buttons to open up edit forms to adjust settings and add content where required.

They have their templates preset with basic web elements in a framework to get you started. These elements would include such things as menu, header and pages/post for you to populate with your content.


DoodleKit Pricing


They have set up four packages to accommodate what you can expect to receive when choosing to use their website builder platform. They list them across as Free, Simple, Business and Advanced as you can see in the image below.

doodlekit online free website builder pricing


The Pros


Like most providers this website builder requires you to have no coding experience, but unlike many others, it does allow you to use some basic HTML features for those who want something more advanced.

Beginners will find the edit forms make it very simple to understand and build a website.

Compared to the regular drag and drop website builders some of the other providers utilize, the editing interface with DoodleKit is not as cluttered.

They do encourage you to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) blogging and social sharing to increase traffic.


The Cons


Even though they claim on their templates, they are mobile friendly, after testing on different browser sizes, some templates are non-responsive. These days reaching out to those using mobile devices would be a huge disadvantage for people using these temples.

doodlekit online free website builder templates

At first glance, you may believe that DoodleKit offers a lot of templates, but you’ll notice the design is the same, just different color schemes. Also, note that for online branding, these templates are not very modern looking.

Although they tell you about utilizing SEO, they send you off to Google Console, eHow articles, and MOZ as they provide very little knowledge on the subject.

With other providers, they have their platform and hosting covered by an extensive support and usually have some form of community in place. DoodleKit has no discussion forum or quick references or technical help. You have to submit a request to get any response for help.

Another issue reported with DoodleKIt is when you’re ready to publish your site, it has to be verified via an SMS code that gets sent to a mobile device. This verification can hold you up for days before your site goes online for others to see.


Is DoodleKit Worth It


Like most other providers, DoodleKit has some good points, and people could find reasons for using them, and I would think for simpler personal sites. For most people considering to have a business site, I would look elsewhere for a better fit with one of the more popular providers on the Internet. When you consider the cost of their $40/month advanced package, there are better options for sure.

Other providers offer more for the money with better technology. To back this statement up, I’ll mention what I have come to use after being on the Internet for just over ten years.


What You Need When You Need It


Why wait days, after spending the time to build a website to have it go live.

By using the provider, I’m with; you can actually create and have a site show up online in 30 seconds. To learn more about it check out my article on How to Create a Website from the Website Builder! To top things of that is just the beginning.

There are thousands of different themes to choose from with even more plugins to use to enhance your themes appearance and performance.

The website builder used gives you a WordPress site that is responsive from the theme and plugins you used to give you a better ranking, visibility, and flexibility with what you can do.

You receive 24-7 technical support as well as support from the co-founders and community to help you become successful.

You’ll receive full training courses and continuing education to show you everything you need to know about being successful with your business. Other providers do not offer this depth of training.

There is a free package that outperforms other providers. Even if you take the only paid package my provider offers at $29/month on a yearly plan as I have, it’s cheaper for everything you’ll get compared to DoodleKit’s advanced package which costs more and supplies much less.

For more information about my #1 Recommendation that saves you time and money click the link above or the banner below.

No credit card required, get started today!

what is a website builder offer


“I’m Travis Smithers owner and author of this site.

Travis Smithers boatingAs you can see from the image to the left, boating is something I regularly like to enjoy with friends and family on my sailboat. Having an online business gives me the opportunity to pursue my passions.

What passions would you like to pursue that makes you happy? Join me and thousands of others who choose to make a difference in our and other people’s lives.

Oh! By the way, love having comments and shares and look forward to seeing all those of you that join me for having an online business to follow your DREAMS!”



Robert Lawrence

October 4, 2016 at 10:12 pm

Hey Travis,

Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking around the web for a decent web builder so that I can start a blog. I’m glad I cam across your review of doodle kit because I was really close to buying it until i read your review.

Now I’m much more interested in your top recommendation. It seems like a great opportunity for someone like me with no experience blogging.

I do want to make money blogging and I’m not exactly picky as to how I make money but it seems like every training program focuses on one method of monetization.

Does your top recommendation teach multiple different ways to earn money from a blog or just one method?



    October 6, 2016 at 11:29 am

    The platform that I’m using will allow you to build a site and monetize the way you’d like. Even though they focus the training on affiliate marketing using two-course programs one for boot camp all about promoting them and the second all about promoting from millions of other products/services available, you are not limited.

    With all the other continues training from WA and the community you can start any form of legitimate online business you want. Most of the training you learn from the affiliate marketing can be used to do other methods of business opportunities so whatever you can conceive of making money can be incorporated.

    The website builder they use gives you full flexibility, and you can also build 50 separate business if you like at no extra cost.

Matt’s Mom

January 22, 2017 at 7:27 pm

I had not heard of Doodle Kit before finding this post. I am actually a member of Wealthy Affiliate. While I love them, I was looking to see what my options were. I now can see that I will skip past this one. From everything I have found, I seem to keep coming back to WA. I have been successful with them, so will probably stick with them.


    January 22, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    Like you I’m sticking with Wealthy Affiliate for many reasons. Because of what this site is about I like to find other sites and make a comparison once and awhile to see if there is a better alternative or at least know and understand what the other providers and systems on the Internet have to offer.

    Even though I’m promoting WA people still need the options to know about the other platforms that exist so they can decide for themselves. Wealthy Affiliate is not the end all be all. For what some people want they can use one of the other providers such as BlueHost to handle their needs.

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