About Wealthy Affiliate Community Training

about wealthy affiliate community training


It’s no secret that providers will have a community to support them, but what about Wealthy Affiliates Community that is more than just your average community and support group.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate goes far beyond the simple communities of the other providers. Other companies offer you hosting with their website builder, and all the training that goes with their platform. In most cases, these provider’s communities if they have one will also help you with the platform used.

WA, on the other hand, does far more than just host sites and supply a website builder with a community to support. Wealthy Affiliate is also classified by many as a University. WA is an active earn as you learn host provider that also teaches you everything you want to know about building a successful online business.

The extraordinary part of this is the fact that the community is more than just a simple support group. They also create continues training to help other members out with issues they need answers to when building their businesses.


Wealthy Affiliate Community Training


As an experiment, I have been placing the community training emails I choose to receive into some envelopes. The reason I say a couple is some of the training I want closer at hand as I use them.

You see with the community being able to create training; each person can pick and choose which training holds interest for what you need to learn or which ones you have no interest in or already know.

The training that the community creates will be at all levels of knowledge. Depending on where your knowledge is will determine which extra training you’ll want to check out or just pass over.

The key thing to realize is all the training after it has been created and published, goes into a database that you can run a search on and look up any topic you require.

When you do a search, you’ll get two main types of response:

Training in the form of videos and text.
Questions from others that were looking for answers.


Training in the Form of Videos and Text


This training is where people of the community create a training package for others about things they know that they feel others may want to know.

Everyone in the community has a different level of knowledge about dealing with websites, social media, SEO, marketing and the list goes on.

Wealthy Affiliate has set up only one restriction for people to get involved with creating training and that is you need to be three months in as a premium member. After three months you can set up and publish things you know that can help others.

Depending on what your training is all about will determine who all uses or learns from it.

As a test to give you an idea of how much training gets produced, I set the training emails aside in some folders. The total amount created over the last eleven months was 1,320 training packages.

My WA training folder has 1026

about wealthy affiliate training
My Drafts folder has 276

about wealthy affiliate training extra emails
My current Inbox has 18

about wealthy affiliate training inbox email

These consist of many topics from:


Building sites,
Using plugins,
Fixing problems on sites,
Learning SEO for better traffic,
Setting up and using social media,
Best ways to marketing your site and products,
In fact, if you can think it, there is probably training!

The truth is, in any given month there will always be new training being published and the number created will fluctuate per month. The training may consist of new topics, updates or only giving a different spin on previous training. You have the choice to decide what is worth reading and learning from or just simply make a pass on.


about wealthy affiliate community training topics


Questions from Others that
were Looking for Answers


Having this added with the search is another excellent alternative to getting your questions answered. Here you will have other people’s questions pulled up when you do a search for your question that is related. If you click to check out on one of these related topics, you’ll see the original question and all the different answers from the community that usually gives you the answer and also various training topics you can also check through to get your answer.

Just as you’ll have your questions, you can search the database for the answer that many others before you, may have already asked and received the answer.


Wrapping Up The Community Training


The best part that I like is everything is dated so you can extract the latest information that will apply. Just as the Internet and procedures keep changing with what you need to do to be successful, the training and questions also reflect these changes to keep you on top.

There are many programs and systems on the Internet, but most are outdated and just do not work. Most people that are new to the Internet will not know the difference and end up losing their money and giving up before they have the chance to make money online.

The community here at Wealthy Affiliate helps you stay up to date and progress with up to date information that works and notify you when things have changed, unlike other communities.

You see in many other communities; people hold on to what they know as if it’s a secret they should keep to themselves to get rich and not share with others. They only want you to know a little so that they can make money from up selling you. What they sell is incomplete or outdated not allowing you to get ahead but rather need to purchase more.

Think of it like a boss and employee. When the boss makes extra profits from the work the employees do, the boss does not give it away to the employees. That’s why most people in other communities do not release 100% information on how to make money as they feel it’s like giving their profits away. They rather pass on nothing or upsell for profits giving you a small amount of information for the money.

That’s why when people learn about Wealthy Affiliates Community and all the free training, they all agree that we are unique on the web for how we share and help each other. The community at WA is one of the best, and you can be part of it today if you like. Simply sign up for the free membership that is my #1 Recommendation for anyone looking to create a successful online business.

No credit card required, get started today!

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