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When you become a free member of Wealthy Affiliate the first level for learning entrepreneur certificate online begins with getting started.


Online Entrepreneur Certification
Getting Started – Level 1


In the Wealthy Affiliate membership area, all you need to do is click on the green button on the left that says Get Started Here.

You’ll then see the image below where you have the option to click view lesson 1 to begin. There are ten lessons for you to go through with each one having a particular topic.


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What the founders have done with this first level is to take the first lesson and get you familiarized with getting all around the WA platform. You’ll discover very quickly just how much information this site holds. Most people will find themselves getting overloaded very quickly, but that will pass.

As you get navigating around the site things will start to seem much clearer. The lessons you’ll find are in written text for you to read and video presentation as well. The founders Kyle and Carson have been doing this for over ten years now and keep improving the overall look and feel of the site and keep improving on the features they offer.

They’ve got hundreds of thousands of people in the system to gauge their system on to make it function the best it can for all of us to use and perform.

The big thing to remember is these lessons can be done at your own pace and the time you have allotted. You are not in a classroom setting where you have a set schedule to get things done and be tested.

This platform is set up where you would learn and implement your learning by creating your site as you go along. This way you’ll know how your progress is going as you start to piece your site together.

Everybody has their own speed of progress and questions can vary from a few too many, but you have the full support of the system and community.

For the first level, you will use the website builder to create the first part of your site. The reason I say the first part is your site will be a constant work in progress as you improve it with each passing day you work on it.

You will be taught how to start building your site with the beginning stages of SEO and marketing principles.

You will see about coming up with a niche that your site will be based on for future development and choose keywords to help with content development for better ranking and SEO with the search engines.

To take a look at images from Wealthy Affiliate depicting the lessons included with this level and the benefits you’ll gain check out the tabs below. There is also an image to display a few reviews that people who have attended the course have written as well.

Again these are all things you can check out in the member’s area when you become a free member once you sign up.


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