make money as entrepreneur.

Making money as an entrepreneur for this course is all about understanding affiliate marketing and where to find and get access to products/services that can earn you money with your site.


Online Entrepreneur Certification
Making Money!
– Level 3


In the membership area for Wealthy Affiliate , you’ ve been clicking the green button located on the left that said to Get Started Here. After completing each level and as you go through the lessons, you still click the same spot to continue with level three of the course.

The following image below that you’ll see is where you’ll click to view lesson 1 to begin the level three training. There are ten lessons to go through as you had with the two previous levels, each dealing with there particular topic.


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This third level concentrates all of the lessons to deal with making money with affiliate connections. Using affiliate links allows you the option to pick and choose what products and services you will be promoting on your site.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you from understanding the different types of affiliate programs and networks that are available and what is required to partner up with them.

There are many options you can get involved with and how to go about researching them to find what works best for you and your site.

You will learn how to incorporate the links for the affiliate programs you choose to add to your site. You will learn about the millions of products/services that can be made available to you once you know where to go and how to make the connection with the different companies.

You get involved with learning about the pros and cons of running ads with your site and how that can affect your bottom line with profits.

The course will also show you how to track your links to know which pages/posts are working for you to track your income as well.

I have images of level 3 lessons and benefits from Wealthy Affiliate displaying what you’ll gain from the course in the tabs below. An image to show a few reviews people have written about the course they attended is their as well.


These are things you can look up as a member with Wealthy Affiliate once you log in after you become a free member after signing up.



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make money as entrepreneur reviews.


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