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Google may have the significant share of traffic for your site, but WA’s affiliate marketing bootcamp will show you how to tap into the other 30% traffic available from Yahoo/Bing.


WA Affiliate Bootcamp
Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC – Phase 6


When your in the Wealthy Affiliate membership area,  on the left-hand side there is a black button to click that says Affiliate Bootcamp.

Shown below is the image that will pop up to give you the option to start the phase by clicking view lesson 1. You’ll have ten lessons to go through with each one having a particular topic.


affiliate marketing bootcamp at WA.


Capitalizing on the other 30% of possible traffic from Bing and Yahoo is something you need to add to your marketing efforts. This phase will take you through the steps that deal with what you need to know and do to get as much of this traffic as you possibly can.

You’ll have an introduction to the power of using PPC on Bing ads to help with your campaigns if you so chose to use them and how to maximize their effects for gaining traffic to your site.

Taking the appropriate steps to let Bing and Yahoo know about your site by getting indexed. You will be shown how to verify your site to the search engines to pick up on extra traffic from people using their browsers.

You also have the option of paying for traffic on Yahoo and Bing just as you do with Google. You will be taken through the steps to have this option available to you if your interested in this form of approach.

You will learn about creating review ad groups and setting up PPC campaigns. The lessons will look at how to set up conversion tracking for your links on your site from the pages/posts you create.

Teach you all about capitalizing on hidden PPC landing pages to generate more traffic to your site. Lessons that will help you refine PPC campaigns for better conversion for your marketing efforts.

Also, you’ll take a deeper look into getting really creative with the types of keywords you can use for getting better traffic performance. Quality content rules and having the right method of utilizing keywords and their phrases are critical.

Below are more images from Wealthy Affiliate including benefits and the lessons you’ll gain from phase six. An image displaying a few reviews from those that attended the course before you.

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