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Having the boot camp session ideas is a training package that everybody can learn something from to improve one’s website’s overall performance. In today’s competitive market, you need all the advantages you can get to compete with the other sites within your niche.


WA Affiliate Bootcamp
Knowing Your Audiences &
Catapulting Your Referrals – Phase 1


In the Wealthy Affiliate membership area, you’ll see on the left-hand side a black button you can click that says Affiliate Bootcamp.

The image shown below will pop up giving you the option to start the phase by clicking view lesson 1. There will be ten lessons for you to go through with each one dealing with a particular topic.


boot camp training ideas at WA.


With phase five you will look further into the development of the content you choose to populate your website with for pages/posts. You’ll look into getting your comments to convert as you entice responses from visitors to your site.

Get deeper into the value that videos offer to your website to increase the level of traffic you can expect to receive. Utilizing videos created by yourself or using the ones from Wealthy Affiliate in your site will improve site ranking and traffic exponentially.

A deeper look into the importance of having reviews about the product you represent and what is available elsewhere on the Internet. Running full comparisons so views will understand just how much more they can receive for their money using Wealthy Affiliate over the more expensive alternatives online.

Using the power of sign up forms and what they can mean to your bottom line profits. When you incorporate the methods of how you can help others with what you have to offer in solving the different problems they may have. There will always be things that people will need answers to so you’ll be able to help thousands with the answers they seek and also have an earning potential for doing so.

This phase will also deal with the full power of using landing pages. In the lessons dealing with this concept, you’ll create custom video sign-up pages that will help skyrocket your results for a higher earning potential.

One of the final lessons for this phase deals with the importance for you to set up a plan to have an overall performance of how to move forward with your website.

Below you’ll find more images from Wealthy Affiliate including lessons and the benefits you’ll gain from phase five. There will be an image displaying a few reviews from those who’ve attended the course before you.

Once a member of Wealthy Affiliate, check things out in the member’s area when you log in from your free membership.



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boot camp training ideas benefits.

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