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Understanding the importance of content, the keywords and keyword phrases used to get the best possible conversions for your site is what this second phase of the training with Wealthy Affiliate is all about.


WA Affiliate Bootcamp
Content, Keywords and Conversions – Phase 2


Entering into the Wealthy Affiliate membership area, You will see on the left-hand side a black button to click that says Affiliate Bootcamp.

Here you’ll see the image below shown as an option to click view lesson 1 to begin. This phase has ten lessons for you to go through with each one having a particular topic.


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Phase two concentrates with the ability for you to learn how to create content for your website.

After you have used the website builder and populated your site for the basic setup from phase 1, you need to start filling in the gaps with quality content. It is here where you’ll learn about using keyword tools to maximize the effects your pages/posts will have on your readers and the search engines.

You will need to understand the importance of how much of a role keywords play with the ranking of your site. Without using proper keyword usage, you could find that your site will just sit in limbo. You need to understand and be able to make keywords work for you in all your pages/posts that you create.

The lessons in this phase will help you with learning how to build compelling content that will give you better ranking in the search engines. With better ranking comes more traffic which in turn means more visitors that can ramp up your overall conversions.

You will also start to learn about different strategies widely used such as offering bonuses among other things.

Creating reviews to share will be discussed as well as the advantages of using internal links within your site. You will learn more about using affiliate links on your website and how best to use them.

Extras like backing up your site and working with the dashboard in your website builder platform as part of your overall knowledge you will gain.

Below are images from Wealthy Affiliate to depict the lessons included with phase two and the benefits you’ll gain. There is an image that also displays a few reviews from people who attended the course.

All this information you can freely check out when you get the free package at Wealthy Affiliate after sign up. Simply go in the member’s area when you log in and surf around.



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