How To Use Social Media For Affiliate Marketing

how to use social media in affiliate marketing.


Knowing how to use social media in affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to increase ranking which will create more traffic causing better conversions from visitors.


WA Affiliate Bootcamp
Giving Your Site Social Value- Phase 3


Once you’ve entered into the Wealthy Affiliate membership area, on the left-hand side is a black button you click that says Affiliate Bootcamp.

The image you see below will show up as an option to click view lesson 1. Phase 3 has ten lessons for you to go through and each one has a particular topic.


how to use social media in affiliate marketing at WA.


In phase three you will be dealing with adding social media to your site. You can do this with the help of plugins if your theme does not already have social media set up. Either way, the lessons will guide you through the setup.

Once you have social media set up with your website, Wealthy Affiliate will take you through how to get into branding your site with social media to improve upon your sites overall ranking even further.

You will learn more about socially engaging content and just better quality content required for your articles. You will discover the importance of just how much your content and writing affects your rank with the search engines.

You will learn more about content writing for Google and adding Google Analytics for tracking and getting a better understanding of what is going on with your overall site and the pages/posts you have created for your site.

You will learn about the advantages and use of having Jaaxy as a keyword tool when creating your sites content. You will learn all about the different types and forms of keyword searches to better help you out with obtaining better SEO from your site and content.

This phase will also explain and run you through how to promote using the sidebar to earn you money from your site. The sidebars can make a significant difference in overall appearance for the look and feel of your site as well as being able to use it for monetization.


Shown below are images from Wealthy Affiliate that display all the lessons included with phase three and the benefits you’ll gain. There is also an image displaying a few reviews from people who attended the course.

You can freely check out all this information when you get the free package at Wealthy Affiliate after sign up. Once you have signed up, just log in and go in the member’s area where you can surf around.



how to use social media in affiliate marketing lessons.

how to use social media in affiliate marketing benefits.

how to use social media in affiliate marketing reviews.


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