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Working with a web developer boot camp will greatly enhance the outcome of your websites design. It is always easier to have a plan of action to follow than just producing something as you go.


WA Affiliate Bootcamp
Get Visual. Get Aesthetic.
Get a Brand Through… – Phase 1


When entering the Wealthy Affiliate membership area, the left-hand side has a black button you can click that says Affiliate Bootcamp.

You’ll see the image shown below to have the option to start the phase by clicking view lesson 1. You’ll have ten lessons with each one dealing with a particular topic to go through.


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Phase four will give you a look into website design. Having a site and getting it designed the way you want will be covered in this section to help give you the online presence you’re looking for in your business.

You’ll check out about the importance of having the right kind of images to give your content real meaning. The type of images will depict a lot about how visitors will feel about your site and the kind of response you’ll receive.

You’ll look at using and having the advantage of Wealthy Affiliate videos for chosen pages/posts that you create to help out with your marketing strategies and the visitors that see your site.

There is a lesson devoted to you understanding and creating logos and images. The creation of images can be better suited for the type of content you wish to get across to your audience.

Taking an in-depth look at keyword research with the importance it plays with your site’s online presence and overall SEO. Having a site is one of the first steps to recognition, but you need to learn and understand the importance keywords are to your success as a marketing entrepreneur. You’ll also learn the importance of having reviews of the tools required.

Another aspect you’ll learn about is the creation of your own videos for your site. Here you’ll learn how well videos can boost your rankings and increase your traffic. One of the most important things with an Internet business is targeted traffic. You can have the nicest looking website in the world, but if nobody knows you exist, then you virtually die in the water. You need exposure, and this course will give you that knowledge.

Below are more images from Wealthy Affiliate showing the lessons included with phase 4 and the benefits you’ll gain. Also included is an image displaying a few reviews from people who’ve attended the course.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can check things out in the member’s area when you log in once you sign up for the free membership.



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