Domain Name Search Availability

Domain Name Search Availability.


When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate back in March of 2015, at the time they didn’t have the ability for you to purchase domain names through them. At that point, I was still buying my domain names from Name Cheap. A lot has changed since then, the members area with live chat and a new look and functionality area for checking out your sites information.

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Domain Name Search Availability with Wealthy Affiliate


The biggest change has been the ability to purchase your Domain Names through Wealthy Affiliate. Now WA does a Domain name search availability for any member. By buying your name through them will save you time from having to assign the addressing information for the Internet to know where to find your site once hosting is in place.

Wealthy Affiliate has created a seamless management system that integrates your sites with the SiteRubix platform.

Now it is just a simple title search, and when you find an available name you like, you can purchase it and have Wealthy Affiliate connect everything up. Before you needed to visit another domain seller such as NameCheap and tell it where you are hosting your site.

Wealthy Affiliate still has the training in place for those who still purchase their domain names elsewhere or in the case you transfer from another provider as I did with a Domain name you already own.

Either way, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered to give you the best possible experience of getting your Domain name in place to start building your site.

I have transferred Domain names to Wealthy Affiliate, and I have purchased names from WA and have had all of them set up to be hosted here. To learn more about the actual methods you can use to find out about choosing a Domain name, check out my post on Domain Search Availability!

Below is a quick comparison table that Wealthy Affiliate has put together showing the costs you can encounter when looking at purchasing your Domain Names and total cost of ownership.


domain name search availability pricing


Hosting Domain Names with Providers


Something you’ll want to remember when deciding on a provider to host your site is whether they charge you for each and every site or does your package allow multiple sites included in your hosting package.

For instance, Squarespace charges for each Domain name and Wealthy Affiliate will let you bring in 25 Domain names for the price of one plus 25 sub-domains they’ll supply. With Squarespace just after hosting 2 Domain names you’ve exceeded the cost of being with Wealthy Affiliate that will allow a total of 50.

At the time when you may have thought another provider is cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate, you need to know all that your membership gives you for the price. You may be surprised to find yourself paying out a lot more than you thought.

This pricing only takes into account for domain purchases and hosting and doesn’t even consider all the extra training about building an online business.

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To research further on what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer above and beyond just beeing able to get your Domain names through WA, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


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