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The Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community.


When it comes to having a community for support, then you’ll find no other place better than at Wealthy Affiliate. The community has been designed to help one another succeed by standing together as a group and not an individual.

Consider building a website on your own with no help or direction. There is nobody around for you to talk to, just a keyboard and an empty monitor waiting for something to happen. You enter into your browser and do a Google search hoping that the information you look for is correct and doesn’t lead you down the garden path.

Even when you have tracked down some answers, they tend to be vague as most people do not want to give the information away without making any money. So even if you knew the sequence of events you need to follow to have a successful business, the information you can find for free will tend to have many missing sections. For making money online, it’s imperative to have people available at any time. Otherwise, you’ll spend countless hours searching out the sites able to answer your questions.

Let’s examine what makes Wealthy Affiliate an excellent choice.


Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community


Without having a community or any form of support, you are fending for yourself. Nowadays most people do know enough that one should have a website for any serious online business income. You can earn money without a site, but if that were your intent, then you’d not be here in this article.

You’ve decided you no longer want to be just an employee or working on a keyboard where once you stop whatever form of work you’re doing, so does the money.

You’re here to create a residual income, and you want to know how a community like Wealthy Affiliate can help and what makes them different from the others.

The best way to look into this broad area of questioning is to break it down.

Designed for Success
Full Support for Multiple Topics


Designed for Success

Within the Wealthy Affiliate community, the two founders Kyle and Carson sat down to figure out how to incorporate the best possible community that benefits all participating.

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders Kyle & Carson

By examing other platforms to see what works and what doesn’t they were able to put together the community they have created for all who become premium members.


Here is what you’ll discover!


Most providers offer a website builder for the platform they offer to members with the hosting and security and all technical aspects of having a site online. There are a lot of excellent providers and also have great communities to go with them, but they are very limited because they deal with website design and hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent provider, but they are a University for building online businesses as well. The support you get for dealing with a company that is involved with everything you need to create an online business far out weights the other communities for the type of information you can seek out.

For instance, if you require help with setting up your email, all the providers can assist you with that. If your question is how to boost sales with better marketing and social media, the regular providers will only go as far as how to incorporate links, etc. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, can support you with how different strategies can help and tips on best methods to use and maximize for SEO and get better ranking.

So unlike the other providers Wealthy Affiliate covers all aspects of designing, creating and building your site to get the best possible methods for success online.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a no spamming policy to ensure all information available for the community is done without exterior motives of trying to make money by upsells.

Even WA has no upsells regularly bomb-barding you to buy a bunch of different products.


WA leads by example!


Having no upsells creates better comradery and a natural instinct to help others. Wealthy Affiliate has incorporated a points system that operates in two modes.

First, the more you help others in the community, the higher up the ranking system you climb.

Top 25 are called Ambassadors. This does not mean they are the most knowledgeable and make the most money as members of Wealthy Affiliate. What this means is they are the top people helping others in the community.

You can see the image below displays how they set up points under different categories according to what each member is doing to help others. My current rank has gone down to 1,840.


wealthy affiliate online community ranking


Helper How much and how timely you assist other members of the community the community.
Creator When you blog, when you create discussions, if you create training.
Activity Your activity level in the community, leaving comments, interaction with new members.
Overall Member Rank A combination of the three above.

When you first enter Wealthy Affiliate and become a member, you will be assigned the next available number after the previous member who just signed up before you. This figure will set the starting point for your overall rank at WA. As soon as you fill in your profile as a member and start getting active with WA, this number will start dropping. The more active and helpful you are the lower your number will go.

In the section below all were taken from Sep 13 – 22 of 2016. One shows someone who entered back on Dec 10 of 2015 and is rank as of Sep 22 2016 is #622,058. The other four show joining ranks and how many new members have joined.

Sep 13 2016Rank at 669,676

Sep 14 2016Rank at 669,932 now 256 new members a day later!

Sep 15 2016Rank at 670,952 now 1,020 new members a day later!

Sep 22 2016Rank at 675,824 now 4,872 new members in seven days

So over the last nine days, 6,148 new members have joined the community.



Dec 10 2015Sep 13 2016Sep 14 2016Sep 15 2016Sep 22 2016

wealthy affiliate online community dec 10

Rank at 622,058

wealthy affiliate online community sep 13

Rank at 669,676

wealthy affiliate online community sep 11

Rank at 669,932

wealthy affiliate online community sep 15

Rank at 670,952

wealthy affiliate online community sep 22

Rank at 675,824



When I first started working on my site and taking the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, after about three months, I had moved up in rank to position 100. Since then I have 13 sites on the go, so my rank has dropped significantly with spending less time with the community and more time on my sites.


wealthy affiliate online community rank 100


You’ll find the support comes from a variety of ways in different forms. For instance, WA has two main courses for you to start to learn how to achieve a successful business with your site.

As you learn, you have the ability to earn while you build your business. Wealthy Affiliate has extra support by adding classrooms to help.

There is also a live chat room for help.

The community members once three months in can start creating training for support to other members.

You can blog by writing posts to help other members.


Full Support for Multiple Topics


As I was mentioning earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is not just a provider but a University teaching everything you need to know about developing an online business with affiliate marketing. All aspects of SEO and marketing procedures to get your site ranked and increase traffic are all gone into in great depth by WA and the community.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you two options of promoting, them or any other affiliate products/services. In fact, what you learn from having an affiliate marketing business you can apply it to most businesses that would require a site.

With this in mind WA’s training, the webinars, training from the community cover all topics from anything to do with a site for design, creation, building are covered.

The community not only includes the obvious support with building a business but also with helping others keep a proper mindset. Having the right attitude and keeping a positive outlook is also imperative. When some people run into trouble just dealing with all the undertaking of developing an online business with all the emotions such as being overwhelmed among other things, members are there for support.

They do it with posts and messaging one another, through live chat, all the different variations available that Kyle and Carson have put in place to make sure you get the help you need for what may be required.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you this form of support:
24/7 Live Chat
Interactive Discussions
I offer my Private 1-on-1 Support
Private access to Community Experts
I can guarantee YOU will not have a problem with lack of support. If nobody can give a satisfactory answer to your question, the owners Kyle and Carson are also available to anyone needing assistance.


This article mentions just the tip of the iceberg and to get the full knowledge you’ll require, you can get started by clicking through to my Wealthy Affiliate Review and sign up for the free membership.

No credit card required, get started today!

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Travis Smithers boatingAs you can see from the image to the left, boating is something I regularly like to enjoy with friends and family on my sailboat. Having an online business gives me the opportunity to pursue my passions.

What passions would you like to pursue that makes you happy? Join me and thousands of others who choose to make a difference in our and other people’s lives.

Oh! By the way, love having comments and shares and look forward to seeing all those of you that join me for having an online business to follow your DREAMS!”