How to Search Engine Optimization for Your Site

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how to search engine optimization for your site

How to Search Engine Optimization for Your Site

The number of people that think you have to be extremely tech savvy and sophisticated in the world of SEO and marketing to rank with Google is surprisingly high. Although it does make things much simpler if you were, you do not need to be intimidated about SEO. You can improve your sites ranking without being an expert in the field.

You simply need to know what others know!

It all starts with a basic understanding of what is involved with improving one’s SEO to rank better.

So let’s look at some things anyone can do to contribute to improving their SEO rankings for any website.

Use Effective Keywords
Who’s Your Audience
Generate Internal Links
Use of External Links


Use Effective Keywords


For some of the newcomers, you could be asking yourself what do I mean by using effective keywords.
First off, to have quality keyword optimized content, you need to know what keywords are?

For more information about keywords check out this article:
What is Keyword Research?

Keywords are the terms people enter into their browsers to look up specific things they what to know about or purchase. When people enter a word or phrase to find something online, the text they type makes up the keywords.

It is these keywords that people enter to do their searches that you need to know to get them to your site. With proper keyword research and analyses, you’ll be able to boost your site’s SEO.

You have a few ways in which to accomplish this with the right tools and other resources. Some Tools and resources you can use to identify the best keywords are to use a keyword research tool itself or check out Word stream, Google Trends or Wordtracker. There are others, but I think this should get the point across.

The most important places these keywords need to show up in your website is URLs, page titles, meta descriptions and in your page content. Be forewarned that Google and other search engines monitor for what is called keyword stuffing. Tricks of the past no longer work for SEO to rank higher by excessive keywords to beat out possible competitors. The search engines will penalize anyone trying to fool their algorithms.

All you need to do is write quality content with your readers in mind using words they would typically use to find your products/services online. Also consider if your product and any in particular service you may offer, if it is geographically located that you market yourself with that in mind. For example, I do renovations, so I only work in my local area and not across the country or around the world, so I only need to market and rank that part of my business locally.

If you are paying to advertise with say Google Adwords, then you would not want to waste money advertising worldwide when you live and work in one small area.


Who’s Your Audience


Understanding who your audience is becomes a crucial part of how well your site will perform. For your site to have proper conversions, you’ll need to know what people are looking for and how to solve their problems or fill their needs and wants.

how to search engine optimization for your site visitorsTo accomplish this, you would create a profile that would address what you have to offer to related questions your visitors would be wanting answers. You can approach these matters people have by answering them in your content. Your site will have the keywords people use to get your site ranked so when visitors check out your pages/posts your content can respond to the questions.

You can do this by utilizing a few different methods to address the issues people need to be answered by written, images, video and audio content explaining your story and solving their problem. Having quality content to share with others will improve your ranking.

Market Your Content!

You need to consider the Relevancy and Popularity of all your created content to publish your message by promoting yourself through social media, emails and other appropriate marketing techniques to increase traffic flow.

You Need to Share With Others!


Generate Internal Links


Google and the other search engines all look favorably at the use of internal links that you can use to connect relevant content within your site. Creating links between pages/posts that you have created not only work for the importance of SEO but your visitors as well.

how to search engine optimization for your site linksTake this article for example where we touch on the importance of keywords. Rather than writing a book which nobody wants to read online when looking for fast answers, you can write shorter articles with links to other pages/posts to solve the problem. Dedicated articles can be written that elaborate on a particular topic for more information. I gave you the basic concept and for those who want more can click the link.

Multiple pages with links work better for those who are interested in extra information and can click through. For those who only need the highlights can just bypass the links for the answers they need.

This method also helps with your SEO ranking as it creates faster page/post load times for site speed which by the way is relevant to viewers and search engines.

An excellent practice to get into is to make sure all your links are valid. Fix or do redirects whenever you find broken links. The Search Engines are unable to find your pages if you have broken links, so check on them.

Incorporate the Internal Links!


Use of External Links


Another way of helping your SEO is the use of external likes. Once considered a key way of generating traffic by having as many external links as you could get to display site popularity has gone to the wayside.

The search engines no longer use this as a major method to rank one’s site. Many businesses started to sell off link exchange where you could purchase from them many links by submitting your link to be placed on other websites. This was done to show the search engines how relevant and important you are around the Web. These links are attached to sites that are not of high quality or authority, so they do nothing to improve your ranking.

To improve your ranking by using external links you need to connect to relevant authoritative sites around the Web.

A method to consider for building authoritative links that the search engines do use is crosslinking with other businesses or groups that compliment with your site. One way people have been having success with sharing links is by having guest blogs between one another. Make sure you add all your links to all your social media.


Here is a summary on how to
Search Engine Optimization for your site:


  • Use keywords that are descriptive for your URLs, titles, meta description and content.
  • Match your content for your targeted visitors questions, want and needs.
  • Write quality content!
  • Take advantage of internal and authoritative external links throughout your site.
  • Market your sites content!

It takes some time to change site ranking,
so be patient and be persistent with your actions!

If you’re interested in learning more!

No credit card required, get started today!

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September 30, 2016 at 12:56 am

This page is great information on SEO, it’s one of those words that online marketers throw around so many times and forget that some people don’t even know what that means. It really isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be, but just like anything that is worth doing, it takes effort. Thank you for this, there is a lot of people out there that need to know what SEO means.


    September 30, 2016 at 10:34 am

    I wrote this post to help clarify a few things as you mentioned Nathan that not all people looking to do an online business understand the full nature of SEO. Even for the ones of us that do understand SEO, there are still aspects of it that can change on how the search engines operate and we need to stay up to date. Knowing what any of the changes for SEO are for doing our online businesses is crucial to the result of what each of us is trying to accomplish with our efforts.


January 20, 2017 at 7:26 pm

SEO is something I have always struggled with somewhat. I feel this gives a good amount of information though to help anybody who may be having issues. It goes from talking about what Google wants and more for a web page. One question though, will you ever cover SEO optimization when it comes to actual programming and optimization of your site from the inside?


    January 20, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    Hi Carson, and yes!

    That is something that I have been debating over. In the beginning, as I have been doing this site, most of my visitors were mainly new to getting started and wanting to know the best way to begin. As of late, I have been getting more advanced users that understand how to get started and begin with creating sites that are also looking for more in-depth SEO practices such as yourself.

    I will be broadening some of my topics to offer greater help for those needing more.


October 13, 2017 at 11:45 pm

Really good article!
In the past, I’ve often found the concept of SEO quite complicated. I’m now only just starting to understand the basics of how it is done.

I’m interested in your opinion about creating content, do you think it is also important to be creating video content on sites like YouTube? And can this also contribute to your site’s ranking with backlinking, etc?


    October 14, 2017 at 11:19 am

    I personally have not done that yet but from most other people I have talked to it about says it does help with ranking and more traffic to your site. How much depends on what your videos are about for the niche you have chosen.

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