How to Start with Affiliate Marketing Free

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How to Start with Affiliate Marketing Free

how to start with affiliate marketing free today


Next to the question of how to succeed with affiliate marketing, many want to know how to start with affiliate marketing for free.

The truth is it is very straightforward and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Many people are aware of providers offering their website builders to create a free website for those who prefer not to pay for hosting fees. The problem is all the limitations you’ll receive once you choose to take this route.

Well, I’m here today letting you know that you can start with affiliate marketing for free and have a fully functioning website created by a website builder, so you do not need to code.

That’s right no coding required!


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A lot of people will try to do affiliate marketing without a website, but usually, they will have a much harder time to be successful. For those of you wanting to know more about affiliate marketing check out my article on A Beginners Guide On Affiliate Marketing.

a beginners guide on affiliate marketing


Why you should have a Website


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Although many people will try to make money without a website by doing affiliate marketing, in most cases they find themselves not able to accomplish as much as they would like.

One of the biggest things they discover is most affiliate programs require you to have an operational website. If you do not have a website that has propriety content and that has been established for some time on the Internet where visitors can find you, they will turn you down.

Now there are affiliate programs where you can use social media and other sites that allow you to post things without having a site, but you run into two possible problems.

1/  Not all social media and places excepting posts allow for direct advertising of affiliate programs on their platforms.

2/ Although some affiliate programs do not care how you market to earn an income by advertising their products, so long as it is legit and appropriate, many want you to have your website with relevant content that reflects what you’re selling.

Personally, I believe selling products/services can be hard enough to make a living from that not having a proper website just makes matters a lot more difficult for you.

By creating a website, you eliminate having to deal with any of the affiliate programs that require you to have a site giving you the opportunity to sell their products/services.

You’ll also gain the ability to post to the majority of social media and other sites that allow you to post content to their platform. The more avenues you have to choose from the better, I always say.


Where to get a Free Website?


which website and hosting for free

Well, this question is easy enough as most providers offer a free site. The key thing you need to look into is not to start with a provider that only offers a trial period. If you choose a free trial, then you will most definitely discover that you’ll have two choices to make very quickly.

1/ Start making monthly payments after the free trial has ended.

2/ Don’t sign up for the monthly payments, and you’ll most likely loose whatever you created as most providers operate on a platform that is unique to them, so your site is not transferable.


What you need to do is choose a provider that offers a free site without a time limit.

The next thing that you’ll discover or will need to look into is what you actually receive for a free site. Most providers will offer you a free site, but they have limitations set in place when you use their website builders to create your site that grants you some access but not full access.

Depending on the limitations, many of these places may not work for you. When you’re planning on doing an online business you need to have as much flexibility as you possibly can.

Finding a website builder in a platform that the providers will give you as much access as possible are few, but I do have excellent news for you.

The provider I now deal with is more than just a hosting company. This means that because they do not expect to make their total income from hosting sites for others like most providers, they will give you a better free package.

You see they are also a university for educating people on how to create and operate a successful online business with affiliate marketing. With that in mind, their free package for a free website actually includes two free sites without most of the limitations that all the other providers place on their free sites.

Most other providers limit how many pages/posts you can have or there are many functions and features common to many sites that you just can not incorporate into your site unless you pay monthly/yearly fees for the extras. In fact, some will go as far as having to advertise throughout your site promoting their hosting platform.

These are the things you want to avoid.

The limitations you’ll face with Wealthy Affiliates free websites are you require to be a premium member to have your domain name which costs $10-$13 per year, so you’ll need to use their sub-domain on the free package. Since you’ll be using a sub-domain, you will need to set up an email address for your business elsewhere as you can only have emails on the domain names you own.

That’s it, two key things to remember which for most people do not matter and depending on what you are doing has no effect on overall performance as you have no other major limits.

If you ever do decide to want access to having additional sites, extensive training and ongoing updates in training to stay on top of what is happening with the Internet, then all you need to do is upgrade to premium for one small monthly payment.

For more on how to start with affiliate marketing free and what you actually get, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

No credit card required, get started today!

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