Is EZ Money Team a Scam

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Is EZ Money Team a Scam

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When you search for is EZ Money Team a scam, I guess it is no surprise that your browser displays all the entries for the EZ Money Team and why they say it’s a scam! Even though the online system has had a recent upgrade people are still calling the system a scam, so let’s see why?

Are you in doubt about getting involved with the EZ Money Team?

Read this article, so you’ll know what you need to do after comparing the available facts.


Welcome to the EZ Money Team Review


Considering the vast number of people looking to find an easy method to quick riches, there is no surprise why sites like EZ Money Team exist. Just the name of the company speaks volumes to me on how many people they’ll attract thinking they can get rich overnight.

First impressions of their official website immediately make any seasoned marketer and most others suspicious. These types of sites play on the newbies that know nothing to very little about the way the Internet works.


is ez money team a scam using tv logos


They use common features to lure people in which most associate, with scams. The first is the use of a news broadcast used countless times for this money making opportunities. The video has a statement saying “as seen on TV” and a set of TV channel logos you’ll recognize. These common tactics are used to gain your trust to think the company is legit.


Taking a deeper look at EZ Money Team


When you check out the sales video, you’re left with very little knowledge on how you’ll make all your money. But that does not stop them from making some pretty large promises to you. The system is explained to earn you $500-$5000 in one week possibly. A lot of people see this as setting the stage as most people will find this dollar value very appealing. At this point, you’ll be asked to supply your email address then directed to a second video! It’s at this stage you’ll begin to learn the truth about EZ Money Team.


is ez money team a scam video


This image is from the site during a segment when they tell you all about how much the system has changed their life and its all due to the large amounts of money they are earning as a result of following the EZ Money Team training.


iis ez money team a scam video source


Now, look at that image above! I guess the owner shown in the image below is using stock images for his marketing of his product to convince us how great his product is, after all, he says he only has room for 50 people.

Do you think he’s telling the truth?


is ez money team a scam owner


The Underlying Truth


As you watch the second video, you learn that they only have 50 spots available for you to become part of the program! Typical red flag for this is not true. The product is promoted and sold through an affiliate marketing network known as Clickbetter. When you’re on the internet with access to millions of people, the game plan is to sell as many copies to each and every person you can. In fact, if you do a private search back to the site later it will still be at 50 spots remaining. Some sites even keep track of your IPS address to count down to look more convincing, but there still full of crap!

It is also at this point you need to pay $67 to get access to the EZ Money Team. To most people, this is not much money if you got something back in return. The fact is at the bottom of the page you can see your second red flag hidden in plain site.

is ez money team a scam check earnings

From the screenshot presented above, I have underlined in red when you go to the domain name with the page “instant access portal” added, you’ll take notice that the average person makes no money using this system. But we’ll not end the tour there as now it’s time to take a look inside the member’s area.


What is the EZ Money Team?


Here you’ll discover the EZ Money Team system is a training course to learn about affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketing courses are all about how to make money. The EZ Money Team have things set up that their primary goal is to make money from you.


Upon entering the member’s area, the training videos and the system as a whole lack total quality. Videos seem to be thrown together, and sound quality is exceptionally poor. Their first video is about the system and how it works but has more to do with how they extract more of your funds.


The EZ Money Team Training


From the first training module, you see the truth behind the system! They immediately start to have you link to other services that have bad service or have been reported to be scams themselves.

is ez money team a scam module

Your first task is to register for a Clicksure account which is an affiliate network that has been known to host hundreds of online scams. Your second task continues the downhill spiral by registering an account with Coolhandle which offers crappy hosting for website building. The crap doesn’t stop there!


Is the EZ Money Team a Scam?


Many people mention in reviews and comments, that the EZ Money Team is affiliated with the sites they recommend you create accounts to carry out their system. They charge you $67 for the access of their training then collect the commission from the accounts they tell you to set up. After they see about making money from those products/services, then they get going with the up-sells.

One of the next things in line is for you to get involved with getting traffic for your site. Traffic is important, but the methods they use here are another source of income.

They tell you about becoming a gold member by upgrading for automated traffic at a monthly fee of $29.95. But wait there is still more! For a monthly cost of $197 or $997 yearly you’re told to register an account for a service called Webfire. Webfire is a “Do It Yourself SEO, Free Site Traffic” that you’ll pay extra money for doing the EZ Money Team plan.

Are you seeing why so many people are calling the EZ Money Team a Scam? The training they supply is all about you paying them as much as possible.

In the image below I included a snapshot of the browser toolbar so you can see the top left corner where the domain name is entered after the search. The red lock with the X depicts the fact his site is insecure and can not be trusted.

is ez money team a scam signin


Now when I click on their links they provide to try and get more information. I receive a warning “Invalid Certificate (” not recommended or continue at YOUR OWN RISK.

Does this sound like a system you want to be part of?

is ez money team a scam unsecured



If You Already Joined The EZ Money Team?


If you have already joined and started with the process of doing their registrations, then you have good and bad news coming to you.

The EZ Money Team is paid through Clickbetter services which offer a 60-day refund policy for their affiliate programs in the network. Contacting them should get you a refund when you address the details of your order with them for the EZ Money Team.

The bad news is, registrations you may have set up with companies by following the training the EZ Money System told you to purchase, will not be so easy to receive a refund. People have reported the difficulties they dealt with canceling the hosting company CoolHandle.


Alternative methods to Make Money Online?


If you were questioning is EZ Money Team a scam or not and whether you should give it the green light to go ahead and make money for the financial freedom you may be seeking, sorry to burst your bubble, all the reviews come back, Scam big time. The good news is there are alternatives! I have not used all the available systems, but over the last 12-years, I can tell you about the best I have found to date which I’m presently using now for just under 2-years. If you seriously want a real opportunity without up-sells, no hefty payments, in fact, check it out for free, no credit cards required, my #1 Recommendation!


No credit card required, get started today!

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January 23, 2017 at 6:14 pm

Good catch! As much as I’m wary of get rich quick schemes, I sometimes want to believe. I’ve been scammed in the past. The internet brings us scammers, but it also brings us watchdog sites like yours. These days, any time I’m skeptical of something I find online, I can do a search and find information from all different points of view. Thanks!


    January 24, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    Hi, Joe and that’s a good way to stay out of trouble by checking things out deeper than just jumping in with a credit card. It’s one thing to try out opportunities or programs on the spot so long as they are free and require no credit card or funding information on your part. Being able to check out a system for your self is great so long as it’s free or a trial. These days there are so many companies available offering you the chance to get online etc. that you do not need to pay up front first.

    Any place that requires payment up front make sure you check them out thoroughly before giving them any information, better safe than sorry.


February 10, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Thanks for the info on this company. I had never heard of them before. I will be sure to avoid them in the future. You gave some key things to look for like the red box with the X that I was not aware of before.It is far too easy to get scammed, but doing thorough research before jumping in will hopefully protect people from scammers.

Keep up the good work!



    February 11, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Hi, Jeannie and thanks for the comment. There are quite a few scammers online, and I feel that will never change much. The big thing we can see about changing is the attitude that people have when surfing the Internet. The more people that start to realize that there is no simple get rich quick method online just as there are none offline, the fewer people will get scammed.

    All businesses take work and knowledge and depending on what the business is about, the amount of each will differ. No system is making people money sitting back and getting rich for doing next to nothing from the beginning. Even the scammers that create a site to tell people they’ll get rich for doing next to nothing had to work at producing and marketing their site to get other people’s money.

    The scammers do not even sit back doing nothing; they are hard at work convincing people to give their money to them and telling others how great and easy you’ll make money without any real effort. Not going to happen!

    It’s best to research and check out companies that offer trial periods and free packages to see what they have to offer without showing any credit cards. If they need a credit card move on as there are far too many quality companies that provide you an opportunity to see what they are all about without one.

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