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To ultimately find the best website builder there are a few things we need to consider to come up with who the best will be after you weigh your options.

Like most things in life, I believe it is safe to say nothing is really perfect. Instead, we look for what is the best. Even looking for the best does not mean one size fits all either. I already know what I classify as the best at this present moment with all the different website builders available to me.

Also, let me make it clear that of all the website builders on the Web, I know I have not found them all so obviously I have not tried them all either. What I do know is from all that I have seen, researched and used over the last ten years has gotten me to where I’m presently at today.

What I’ll cover here in this post will give you a better perspective on what is available and how I choose to look at what is the best so you can have another person view on what you’d like to classify as the best website builder.

To get us started, let’s take a look at a few considerations to determine what will make us decide on who has the best.

So What is a Website Builder
What Purpose Does it Serve
Two Discrete Types of Website Builders
Types of Providers


So What is a Website Builder


At this point, most people know about or have heard about websites. In the earlier days, websites also know as sites were created by web designers that may have been independent individuals running a small business creating sites for others. Then there was also larger companies building sites for people and other organizations and smaller companies.

That was how things use to be when programmers would use different software packages and build sites by using code to create what the end user wanted for a website.

Nowadays we have website builders where anyone can see about developing and building a site without any coding knowledge required. The programmers of today create the website builders to do all the coding, so you do not need to anymore.

To read up more on the topic check out this link What is a Website Builder? from my free ten step mini course.


What Purpose Does it Serve


Again this is something that many people do understand today, but I will briefly explain. The website builders of today serve the purpose that you no longer have to know and understand how the code works to create or build a site.

Today’s software for website builders allows anyone to create a site that they may need for business or personal use. You no longer need to learn code if you do not want to or have to pay for a web design team to build you a site, you can use the website builder yourself and take care of it on your own.

Now to make a site using a website builder you need to get your hands on the software. There are two discrete types of software that you can build a site on for your online presence. You’ll have the choice of offline or online.


Two Discrete Types of Website Builders


At this point, you’ll need to know which direction you want to take in order to build your site, using an online or offline website builder.

best easy website builder on or offlineWith an offline website builder, you will require getting a software package that allows you to create a website on your personal machine that you will be able to upload to a server at a later date.

Once uploaded you can upload or download changes to your site as you continue to expand and grow your business or personal site.

For an online website builder, you will do all your work online using the software package that was developed for the particular provider you would be hosting with for your site.

The online website builders are by far the most commonly used these days by newcomers to the scene for creating an online presence.


Types of Providers


Understanding and knowing about either which type of website builder we mentioned above or the provider variations will determine your final decision on which is the best website builder to use.

For the variations on the types of providers, you will consider are those that allow you to upload the site you have already developed. The second category is the one that has their own website builder.

To begin with an offline website builder, you will be by looking at the traditional website providers that have always been offering a service to give you a place by hosting your site.

These are the cheapest providers to supply you with a hosting package for you to operate your online business. They provide you with space for hosting and security for your site, and usually, you’ll also be able to generate emails off your domain name included in the package.

They did have customer service and help but compared to the other types of providers not to the same degree as you created your site and uploaded it to their server. They are not responsible for the platform your site was set up with only the accessibility from a hosting point of view.

If this is the route you decide to take, you will look into providers like BlueHost which comes highly recommended by many users and will be one of the cheapest ways to get online for a paid site.

If you are new to site design and the Internet, I would suggest the next route.

Online website builders are the most popular and best I believe and especially if you’re new to all of this.

The biggest decision you’ll need to make here is which company offers what you require or want. The thing you need to remember with this type of provider is:

Cost for Services
Site Portability
Website Builder Platform
Overall Package


Cost for Services

Depending on the provider you choose, they could have a couple of packages to choose from or many.

The more they have then obviously, the bigger decision you have to make on what features you’ll require or need to make your site work for you. That being said, also means the more packages, the higher the price every time you add more features to the capabilities you add to your site.

Some will have free offers, but again you need to look closely at what they offer and what the total limitations to having that free website are.

These possible limitations will come in the form of:
Limited Flexibility From The Website Builder
Provider Using Advertising on Your Site
Using Sub-Domain Names
Limited Pages/Posts
Trial Period Only
Memory Space


Site Portability

A consideration that you may not have thought about but should not omit it from your thought process is your site downloadable for moving.

If you go with a provider that has their own designed website builder, then you decide to leave them, your site is no longer any good as you cannot transfer it from one platform to another. That means your whole design and layout is only any good for as long as you stay with them. Once you leave, you’ll need to rebuild and start from scratch with all the search engines for your sites ranking.

Now in the case you did pick a provider that uses an established website builder that is available as open source then you can transfer your site from one provider to another.

Website Builder Platform
Providers that have their own website builder tend to use a different platform than their competition.

This serves them in a variety of ways.

First, once you’ve created and built your site, you are stuck with them unless you want to start over with a new provider with a different platform.

Secondly, they can design their website builder to give you certain access according to their pay structure for the type of features and functions you’ll have to develop your site.

Thirdly they can sell you on what functions and features and ease of use you’ll receive compared to the other available platforms out there when it comes time to design and develop the type of site you require.


Overall Package

The overall package is where you really need to focus what is important to you and what is not. No single system is perfect, so you need to pick what suits you best.

best easy website builder overall packageFor instance, just what we have covered so far, you would need to decide which type of online website provider will give you the best options. From people I work and deal with and all the research that I have done many choose Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

There are others, and all of them have their pros and cons including these three just mentioned. But even with these three and most of the others like them that rate as the best all have one main thing in common that does not compare to what I classify as my absolute best website builder.

Every provider I have mentioned so far, and you can call up the top 10-20 for the best provider or best website builder. Each and every one of them shows you how to get a site hosted with them and how to use their services.

The website builder providers give you full training with tutorials on how to use their website builder to create your site and make the most with their platform.

The big thing none of them have that my provider offers are a full package not just to create a site from their website builder but to have full access training and continuing education to build a successful business online.

The best part is when you look at the total package for what you receive; my #1 recommendation will be cheaper to do and maintain over the other providers.

The other providers will help you get started but then what?

My choice for best website builder can help you from the first stages of building a site to building one for maximum success with ranking with the search engines and getting traffic. You learn how to create your website with SEO and proper marketing in mind.

You can certainly keep researching other providers, and I have some posts to help you with what they offer and pricing but while you’re here take a free tour and check out what I have come across as the best website builder so far. Check it out by clicking the image below and by all means feel free to give me your take on my recommendation or other providers you have tried.

No credit card required, get started today!

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