Build A Website And Then What?

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Build A Website And Then What?


Questions, of the day :

Build a Website and then what?
How to make money online?

Two issues that need to get an answer so you can get serious results. What’s the sense of having a website if you’re not getting the results you want. Not only will we look at the aspect of building a website but also one that accomplishes your goals which may be to earn money or just simply get your information out there.

build a website andThe first part as we start will be to deal with building your website then move on to what is next. In the past, websites were created from software packages where you would have been required to get into programming and piecing your site together. As time moved on you could get templates which still needed programming but made the process of building a website much quicker.

Today you can click a few buttons and have the whole back end of a website created without you knowing how to code or do any programming. The amount of time this saves has gone from hours of work not to mention the time it takes somebody to learn how to program to minutes or even seconds depending on what machine you use and the software package with the hosting company they have.

One of the largest website building platforms to date which is what I switched over to from Dreamweaver and Flash is WordPress. The advantages of this newer platform are how you can make a few clicks to build the whole back-end of your website requiring you to code nothing and being able to change the total appearance of your site with an entirely new theme in minutes. Depending on the theme you chose you may be required to adjust a few things. Having a new theme was the same as changing your template in the earlier days except back then meant re-coding all your data over yourself by taking hours or days of work depending on the size of your site.

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Just to get a website set up took considerable time compared to today. The one thing that has not changed is the process to build a website and what is required to get exposure. Getting the proper exposure all comes down to what you need to do to generate traffic. To generate traffic will always be the real major challenge for anyone looking for how to make money online or get anybody to their website to see the information or products and services that they offer.

For you to accomplish the task of getting traffic, you need to get into SEO and marketing strategies. What you do here will make all the difference to how fast you could expect to get and receive traffic. There are no set rules as to the response you’ll receive doing the same thing from one type of site to another.  In other words, I have multiple websites that I do the same thing with each of them on how I see about getting traffic to them. Even though I’m doing the same thing, I receive different levels of traffic, and that is due to the website’s niche. The topic you choose will also determine how many people are looking for a site like yours.

What you choose for a niche is imperative to how many people are searching out information on the topic. The popularity of the keyword or phrase works as a double edged sword that if you select a highly searched topic, you are also up against a lot more competition. The trick here is to pick a niche where you can get your fair share of the traffic to make your website successful for your purposes. To get more information on where you can learn what you require to build a website and generate traffic then check out this post on Free Website Building And Hosting.

When you need to learn all there is to get started with marketing your website to generate traffic to it; you should consider checking out Wealthy Affiliate University where you’ll be able to learn about the following.

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Social media
PPC advertising
Adsense advertising
Bulletin Boards etc.
Internal/External Links

These are just a few of many other options, and each of these can branch out further as you start to realize the full potential available to you. There is so much information that you’d be looking at total overload just to begin to try and going through it all. The biggest problem most people have is where and how to get themselves started with knowing how to make sense of it all and make it work for them.

For this very reason, I have kept this post simple for you to understand what goes into answering – How to build a website and how to make money online? Having access to all the information that you’ll require in the proper order, so you’ll be able to utilize what you’re learning to create a successful online presence, is what I’m offering.

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