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Domain Search Availability!

Having the right method to do a domain search availability can make the difference of ranking faster or slower to grow an online business. How would you like to know if the name you choose requires SEO action to start the process of having natural traffic to show up at your site or have a domain name that has people coming right at the beginning?


domain search availability

Well, the good news is I can show you how to check for a domain search availability to see what domain names are waiting for you to purchase that will generate natural traffic right from the very beginning. To get started, you need to know a couple of things that will make this process a little easier. First off there are plenty of websites that offer you the ability to search out the availability of a domain name for you to buy if it’s not taken. I use two different such websites.


First Method
Domain Search Availability


The first is Namecheap where you can do everything required to find the availability, purchase and dock the domain name of your choice. Namecheap is where I bought most of my domain names and had one transferred there a while back. The other place which just recently added the ability to do a domain search availability process is where I purchased this domain name. This website is where you can have a free website and hosting package and learn how to operate an online business, Wealthy Affiliate.

Either of these two websites will allow you to research to find that unique name you may want for your online presence. Other sites can offer this service as well. You’ll find if you just want a domain name either website can accomplish this but if you’re also looking for a top notch place to host and build your site, then Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down as one of the best.

When you search for a domain name from either of these two websites or another site like them for the availability of a domain name, the natural traffic will be a hit and miss as you have no way of knowing what the visitors are doing.


Second Method
Domain Search Availability


The second method for checking out for a domain search availability is to choose a domain name that already has natural traffic. You see with the first method you were only able to find out if the domain name is available for you to buy or not. You have no clue to how many people may or may not search the name you chose. Odds are less than ten people per month. In this second method

In this second method, you’ll know if less than ten people enter your name or if up to hundreds to thousands of individuals are entering your domain name. When you consider the fact that the overall importance of having traffic to your site is key, then does it not stand to reason that you’d want a domain name that already has hundreds to thousands of people entering your domain name before you even get started.

The regular domain name search sites do not offer this ability, but you will be able to do it at Wealthy Affiliate with their SEO keyword search tool or as you’ll soon see the way I do it with my SEO keyword search tool Jaaxy.


Using Jaaxy for
Domain Search Availability


Jaaxy is an SEO keyword search tool. From the way, Jaaxy was designed as a keyword search tool it can show you domain name availability. That means you now have the power to see what possible names you can choose to have already immediate visitors right from the start.


To learn more about Jaaxy check out my Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review!

To give you an example of how this works, let me first show you a screenshot of my company name I use as a contractor, TD Remodeling before learning about keyword searches. In the image below you will see I entered my existing company name TD Remodeling. It shows my monthly traffic is less than 10 a month and what I can expect being on the first page. Competition for the name is 85 with an SEO of 80 giving me an overall yellow light for ranking. You’ll also notice under the Domains heading .com is not available as I already own it.

My site is on the first page, but the traffic is peanuts for the keywords TD Remodeling so I’m getting mostly all my traffic from the posts I write.

Let’s look at what happens when you research the traffic for a domain name on the next screenshot.

jaaxy company domain name search



After taking some time to do a little keyword search with Jaaxy I came up with a new domain name. The name I found and purchased as you can see under the Domains heading the .com is no longer available as I now own this domain name.

The name I bought is Home Improvement Hand Tools. You can see just five more rows down there was a better name but the highest ranking extension .com was already purchased by somebody else. I bought the next best one that shows a monthly traffic of 28,036 visitors for the month, and you could expect 4,767 of those visitors when your page one. Competition is 98 with an SEO of 89 giving we a green light for overall quality for the keyword phrase.

So let’s take a look at a comparison of what that means for site rank in the next snapshot.


jaaxy domain name search



Here you see in the image below my company website ranking Position 1 of Page 1 but remember this keyword has less than 10 visitors per month. The next entry Home Improvement Hand Tools showing Position 9 Page 1 that has an average of 28,036 visitors per month with an estimated 4,767 visitors when you are on page 1. The third entry we’ll just ignore as that is just my hobby test site that I had used to discover all of this information that you are now starting to get.


jaaxy website comparison



The image below is a screenshot that I had taken after doing a search on this website using Jaaxy shortly after I had created and published it on the Internet. The site was so new that I still had the temporary Hello World post Position 12 Page 2 before I deleted it and created my first post. At that time in its first week, it was one position from being Page 1 Position 10 where this domain name comes in with an average of 54,620 visitors for this month showing an expected 9,286 for being page one.


jaaxy search 1



If you would like to have your domain search availability have the power of immediate traffic to start you well on your way, then you need to check out Jaaxy to get the results you deserve.

Once you’ve chosen the best domain name, you’ll need to know how to create a website using the new name. Having the right place to launch your site and have the ability to learn all the latest and most advanced information to keep you on top is what will be required. To accomplish that, just follow my lead and join me in Wealthy Affiliate. There you’ll have the full support of the founding members and community that is second to none to help with all training and lessons. To learn what I have learned will be laid right out in front of you and I will help speed things up with the learning curve with information such as this post.




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