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3 free photo editors

Free Photo Editor Online

When you need to get images for the particular niche that you’re site deals with, then having a free photo editor online may be the best way to go. In saying that you also want one that can offer you the power you need without breaking the bank.

What I’ll show you here are some free online image editors that you’ll be able to use, and if you find you need to step up your game with manipulating images, you can upgrade to paid versions.

What Is An Online Photo Editor?
Do You Need An Online Photo Editor?


3 free photo editors


What Is An Online Photo Editor?


Online photo editors are simplified versions of Photoshop but still give you the features that most people require.

Photoshop itself was created for the pros and serious users wanting the ultimate photo editor available. The online editors are geared more for the average user that still intends to get into editing but without the learning curve that it takes to use photoshop.

The online versions still allow you to create and change your images around but with much more ease and simple clicks to do a set of commands rather than having total control but multiple clicks for the same thing.

By simplifying the process, you can still do the same features and produce your finished images that will work just fine for the internet. The overall functions do not require you to get into altering the details like Photoshop for more intricate details.

It’s no different than in the past you had to code for all websites but now with the website builders, coding is no longer a requirement. Some companies still use coding for top end sites just as professionals still use Photoshop for editing. The online editors work great for most people and are easier to use.

This option is for you when:

No budget for professional software when cheaper will suffice.
No time for learning complicated software for making minor adjustments.
Looking to edit for online and not for professional graphics with extreme resolution gets involved.
Lack the knowledge of creating special effects which by the way Photoshop does not have so you can either create some or purchase them to install.

When it comes to online photo editors, there are a lot to choose from so I’ll mention some that most people tend to use from researching.

I use Photoshop and know what it can do so I also based my findings to others that are familiar with both Photoshop and the online software editors.

From the different people using these editors, they have found each has strong suits for what works well and what doesn’t.


Do You Need An Online Photo Editor?

Some people may get away without using a photo editor, but I would say most people should have access to one if they want to have fantastic looking images throughout their site.

As I mentioned, I use Photoshop, but it’s not for everyone mainly due to cost and learning curve.

Depending on the tools you’ll need you could pay anywhere from $9.99-$79.99/month. The time it takes to learn will also be another issue compared to other software packages.

With an online editor, you will make the adjustments and changes without having to disassemble the entire image to tweak something.

Online editors have predesigned tools to take care of typical editing functions to fix or adjust your images. Preset effects for basic functionals also simplify manipulating your images as well.



free photo editor-befunky

#1 free photo editor online – befunky

Free basic tools
$2.08-$4.95/month for full access

Has lots of tools as a free version but to get full access your looking at $4.95/month or $2.08/month on the yearly rate.

A lot cheaper than Photoshop but still has lots of power to do what most people require for their websites without the learning curve.

Three Modes to use:

Collage Maker
Photo Editor

Collage Maker

free photo editor-befunky collage maker

Used for creating collages.
Like the photo editor, there are preset templates to arrange photos in creative layouts. Create design projects, mood boards or greeting cards quickly by all the preset tools befunky has to offer.


free photo editor-befunky designer

By using a few simple clicks, you can create beautiful backgrounds, ads or inspiring quotes using their drag and drop editor for this graphic design tool.

You can edit your photos like a pro with a large number of presets that make it possible to touch up your photos for almost everything.

They also carry a selection of tutorials to get you started with the basics.


Photo Editor

free photo editor-befunky photo editor

By having all the presets that befunky has, you can perform basic tasks on popular image effects faster with their software than by using Photoshop.

Being able to adjust all aspects for photos like brightness/contrast controls, airbrushing, de-wrinkling, airbrushing and more with presets will have you editing like a pro.



free photo editor-Pixlr

#2 free photo editor desktop Pixlr

Free basic tools
$1.25-$1.99/month for full access

The platform layout and tools have a similarity in nature to photoshop in feel.

Again Pixlr is a lot cheaper than Photoshop and has filters and effects that are not standard with Photoshop.

Users classify Pixlr as a budget friendly concept of Photoshop with a lot of the same features as Photoshop, which also means some learning curve not as bad as Photoshop but more than befunky or PicMonkey.


3 versions for Pixlr

Pixlr Desktop
Pixlr Editor
Pixlr Express


Pixlr Desktop

free photo editor-Pixlr desktop

Pixlr’s flagship product is the Desktop version

You get lots of features to transform photos from the combined simplicity from their Express and flexibility of their Editor versions.

Pixlr is actually a free download to be used on your desktop computer offering some of the tools as a free plan. To gain full access, you would pay $1.99/month or $14.99 for the year.

Pixlr Editor

The Editor version mimics most of Photoshops tools. You get a lot more control working with add effects, isolated objects, layers and do image touch ups.

Anyone who knows Photoshop will get around this platform faster than new users having to get through the learning curve. There are tutorials to help with that.

free photo editor-Editor & Express


Pixlr – Express

Great for quick in and out touch-ups on photos. A light version of Pixlr for adding filters, effects, borders, text with the ability to do simple editing like cropping, rotating, removing red eye, re-sizing and more.

Who would consider using this?

Desktop versions give more control than any online photo editors.
Anyone looking for Photoshop similarities without the higher price.
Wanting original creations for adding effects, filters and combining different photos and graphics.

Who should not use this?

The learning curve from having so much in common with Photoshop.
Use befunky or PicMonkey for the preset tools if your focus is on editing portraits and collages.

Pixlr also has tutorials for the basics to get you started.




free photo editor-PicMonkey

#3 free photo editor online PicMonkey

Free basic tools
$2.75-$4.99/month for full access

PicMonkey has one of the easiest user interfaces for photo editing but also has the least amount of free tools. Both befunky and Pixlr have more features to use.

PicMonkey’s platform is similar to that of befunky simpler to use but with fewer tools. You can add text, create ads and banners or header images for websites. Great for portrait touch ups and creating collages.

PicMonkey also uses 3 versions:

Collage Maker
Photo Editor


Collage Makerfree photo editor-PicMonkey collage maker

Easy to use, drag and drop tool for adjusting image size and arrangement automatically.


Designerfree photo editor-PicMonkey designer

PicMonkey, are masters of simplicity. Using their Design tool, you can easily create business cards, greeting cards,  ad banner, and any graphics.

They offer you 26 preset templates so that you can create Pinterest images, Facebook banners or banners for any of the most popular social media platforms.


Photo Editor

free photo editor-PicMonkey photo editor

Create Instagram-worthy pictures from the number of effects and filters supplied for you. PicMonkey’s Photo Editor portrait touch up tool allows you to color literally outside of the line and still get a perfect result.


Who should consider this?

Great option when you require fast and straightforward, then PicMonkey is for you. You’ll get great results for creating collages, photo touch ups and creating graphics for most popular social media networks for sharing.


Who is PicMonkey not for?

When you need more than PicMonkey offers like tool selection of befunky or the sophistication of Pixlr.
The free version has a very limited tool selection.
After the free trial, it costs you $2.75 a month then you’ll get all the pro tools.

Tutorials available for primary use of  PicMonkey




Editing Photos Like a Pro without being one!



One of the best image/photo/graphic editors’s all round. Has a number of preset tools for making editing super easy to use.  It contains all the features PicMonkey offers and most of the advanced tools Pixlr’s has none of the complexity. It could be the last image editor you would ever need.

Try befunkyFree Access Now!



Best alternative Editor to Photoshop. Where it lacks for preset tools, it has in its flexibility and advanced Photoshop-like features. It may not be for everyone where it does have a slight learning curve.

Try Pixlr – Free Acess Now!



PicMonkey doesn’t use as many features as befunky or Pixlr; their tools are easiest to use. Ideal for creating ads, banners, business/gift/greeting cards or touching up portraits touching up portraits and more. You can get great results even coloring outside the lines.
Even without design or technical skills, you can create picture frame worthy photos using the preset filters and photo touch up tools.

Try PicMonkey – Free Acess Now!



photo of Visual impactMost people tend to be visual, so providing attention-grabbing images on your website can make a big difference.
So whether you have a content marketing strategy or a social media strategy, eye-catching images to grab your audience’s attention is one of the best ways to go.

When you do not have the time or money to pay others for editing images, then these online photo editors could be the answer.

I typically have used Photoshop and Corel Draw graphic design work but after researching and checking with others, these photo editing software packages can save me time and simplify my designing work.

Check them out and see if you discover what I have from all the reviews and research I’ve looked at gathering these resources.




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