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Free Web Page Hosting!


Not everybody requires paying for hosting and would like to have a free web page hosting package. The good news is, you can have a couple of free websites! Yes, make no mistakes, you heard me correctly, you can have two complete websites free. You might be thinking what’s the catch. There is no catch, the sites are free and for a lot of people they work just fine, and I will explain why any free websites on the Internet today work just fine but not great for everybody.

Free web page hostingFirst off, let’s just toss the free web page hosting aside. Anybody who plans on having a web presence will soon realize a single page is just a waste of time. Even though there are lots of places that offer a free web page, you find out that you’ll need more. How many more depends on what you’re trying to accomplish on the Internet. These companies that offer you the free page will allow you to have more pages but at a cost. So we’re going to talk about what you need, a full blown website capable of handling multiple pages and posts configured just the way you want no holding back for free.

Let’s take a look at what you get, so you understand what makes these free websites work out so well and what you are missing that would make them great. First we’ll look at how some people find these free sites are all they need.

You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a free package that allows you to have up to two free websites. Most other websites will do a few things when they offer you a free website and hosting package.

  1. First, they may give you a free web page hosting package that you’ll be able to use at no cost to you. The problem which everybody starts to find out, one page only works for a single landing page for one product for example, and this leads to a very hard road ahead to generate the relevant traffic to convert. There are other things you can do on one page, but people start to realize very quickly one page is not enough. The companies offering this to you know this and look forward to selling you a top package deal.
  2. Another option companies give you, is a full website and even a free domain name to sweeten the transaction. It will have a period on it where you’ll owe money for the remainder of the year and will require making payments each year afterward. Now I have no problems with package deals where I can have something for a lower price but don’t tell me its free in one breath then say I’m required to pay to keep it. That’s not FREE! That is a discounted package or saving from a fixed cost.
  3. How about the big time free websites that are free as far as you can build your site and put together multiple pages/posts but it has a catch. Your website becomes an advertising campaign platform for the company that has offered you the free site. They are running adds to any and all traffic you bring to your site. Sounds like a payback program to me. Personally, I would think if there was going to be any banners and advertising on your website, it should be a source of income for you, not the hosting company.

These are just three of the options companies are using to attract people to their sites and sell you on paid packages. Now obviously, there is nothing wrong with looking to make money online, after all, that is one of the biggest reasons for getting a website on the Internet. I just have a slightly different take on what I call free. The company I deal with have a real free package and another package for you to make money.

The free web page hosting is what people need in a website. You have the option when you sign up for free to have not one but two free internet sites. There are no strings attached where you have to upgrade or pay any money out for as long as you have your online presence. The fact is because they have such an excellent second package which is the one I use, and most other people tend to take, they will give you access to it for one full week. After the free access week for the second plan, you go back to the free package that is yours to keep. How great is that!

The reason they offer the free week for the second package is to show you all the extras you can have for the paid membership fee. Like any legitimate company, offering a free trial period allows you to get a better understanding of what you’d pay for with the second option. The other part which is more important for most people that are new to online website development is you’ll receive all the help you can handle for an entire week to assist you with a successful website.

If you already understand and know all that you need to do then great and your off to the races with your new internet sites. If you require assistance, then all the help you can handle is there at your fingertips. If you decide you see the value with all the extras at your disposal, you can just upgrade to the second package. There are a lot of other places where they have multiple levels for their different packages. Honestly, if you ever come upon them just run. Any company that has to keep upselling you for every little thing is only after your money.

What I’m offering you has only two packages to decide on:

  • One package is free with a one-week access bonus, and you can have at building your online presence.
  • The second package has a monthly or savings on a yearly fee which I use that gives you everything you need to be successful.

First Package

Totally free web page hosting package where you can build up to two websites. You’ll receive a one-week access to understanding what the second package has to offer. There will be free course lessons to guide you through the process of developing a successful online presence for business or what you’re chosen requirements may be. You have full access to a library of questions and answers that thousands of people before you have asked about from A-Z. There is a community that you’ll also gain access to that is unlike any you would have come across before that will take the time to help you out to be successful with no hidden agendas. The two founders that started the company will personally answer your questions as well in a fast and timely manner that many other sites never do.

This package is perfect for anyone who knows what to do and just needs the site and hosting. This package is also ideal for new people just learning to go in totally free and see if they want to get involved with an online presence. You’ll learn what it takes and what you may need to do to make it happen. This package is one of the best places to discover that.

Second Package

The second package will cost you monthly, or you can have the yearly payment plan which is what I chose to take. I’ve been involved with the Internet for just over ten years and have seen a fair bit of what is out there. About a year ago I found this place and did my testing to make sure it was all that was stated. After a short period, I knew what I had found and switched my working site over after my test site had the proper results. Once the final outcomes of the income started, I then developed this website to spread the word to those still looking for the right place.

This package gives you everything required to succeed. Full up to date training from building websites to marketing, SEO, all the different forms of revenue streams to make money. They will run you through social media and every other thing you may imagine. From all the available lessons, weekly seminars, extra training and a community second to none to answer questions, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Also, so you’ll know, a business website can be built and operated successfully with the free package, but it will be harder. Here are some of the reasons why:

You need to know how to do everything yourself already or go fishing for hopefully the right answers on the Internet. People on the Internet what to make money, so the information is limited. When you’re a member here, the lessons and training plus the community will take care of all that.

When you set up a sub-domain, then you are mainly trying to get all your traffic by trademarking your name for the home page. If this last sentence makes no sense to you, then this is another reason the second package will accelerate your online presence. You’ll learn many ways to maximize your SEO for any website.


When it comes to a free web page hosting package, the best way to see just what you get is to take the free membership and sign up to claim yours. You will have one full week to check everything out for yourself, and you decide what works best for you. The free websites are yours to keep even after the seven-day access trial period.

You have nothing to lose so go and check it out Wealthy Affiliate Review!



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