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how to get website traffic

Get Website Traffic Now

One of the biggest issues most people face is how to get website traffic now with newer sites. In the beginning getting a site to be indexed to the point that you have a steady stream of traffic is your greatest hurdle.

We’ll take a quick look at:
Traffic Basics
Purchasing Traffic
Free Traffic Methods
Methods for Increasing Traffic


Traffic Basics


Many websites on the Internet are very well established and have time and ranking behind them to keep the traffic flow running with very little work involved to keep that flow alive.

traffic basicsWith a new or relatively new site you have none of these advantages on your side. You must work harder to get to the point that the search engines favor what you have to offer and start to increase your ranking which will, in turn, increase your traffic.

Whether we like it or not, regardless of how great your site may look and how helpful it will be for the benefit of all who have the opportunity to come across it may be, traffic is crucial.

The number of visitors you’ll receive is all based on the amount of traffic your site gets. The higher ranking on all the search engines the more likely you’ll get the traffic you want or need for your business.


Purchasing Traffic


The only other way to receive higher traffic without having the ranking behind you is by purchasing ad campaigns such as Google Adwords for the Google search engine. Each Search Engine will have similar forms of ads you can purchase to put your content front page when people enter in their searches to their browser.

purchasing trafficThis method is very efficient and does work, but it all comes down to spending a budget to get regular results to make this form of traffic work. Generally the more you spend, the more it will work for you. How much you can spend, depends on the budget you can work with to pay for these ad campaigns.

Another form of traffic you can purchase are PPC through various websites that claim they have many users where you pay for the number of visitors they will send to your site. I do not recommend this form of traffic as it does nothing but increase your bounce rate as the so called visitors are just there clicking as fast as they can to make a buck for clicking through sites. You’ll receive no targeted qualified visitors here for your promotions. If you’re going to pay for traffic, then stick with the search engines ad campaigns and try your luck with them.


Free Traffic Methods


In this post, I want to offer you some free alternatives with just over fifty options you can use in your efforts for creating more traffic.

To be honest with you I haven’t even incorporated all of the different ways to create extra traffic from the lists I have below in the tabs.

These are methods that I have been learning about from the training with my provider and others from the communities I’m part of on the Web.

If you already have a site or just looking at getting started then there is information for all of you here.

For those of you that already have websites, you most likely are already doing some. I’m sure once you start going through the list you will recognize them, and you’ll undoubtedly see others that you’re not presently doing.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to add some of these methods to your arsenal and not bother to try and do all of them. There is only so much time in the day, and you can not fit them all in to be effective with everyone of them.

You’ll need to decide which ones will work best for you and your circumstances to what your website and business are all about forgetting the traffic you want. What works for me may not work for you and visa verse.

One simple example will be when using social media. There are so many social media platforms available; you do not have the time to use them all for creating traffic to your business and be actively involved with each and every one of them. You need to pick and chose which ones you feel will work best for you and your circumstances.


Methods for Increasing Traffic


As I mentioned I do use a lot of these methods, and I’m positive there are much more available, but this will certainly get you started or keep you busy for quite some time.


methods for increasing traffic


Site SetupContentSocial MediaLocal
Complete Site
Add a Gravatar
Create a Contact Page
Have a Subscriber Form
Answer comments and questions
Submit your site to search engines
Test Your Website Speed
Write Super Creative Titles and Headlines
Eliminate Website Errors
Re-vamp Older Content
Create Amazing Articles
Use Visuals
Multiple Steps
Use Correct Language
Use of Emotional Phrases
Add Value
Give Away Your Secrets
Make Sure Your Case is Clear
Use Testimonials
Interview an Exciting Person in Your Niche
Share Other People's Work Freely
Write a 5 or Top 10 Post
Ask a Guest Blogger
Listen to the News, Social Media, Glossies, Newspapers
Send a pass-it-on-link
Use Social Media Share Button
Don't Buy Traffic
Add New Products
Post on Social Media
Ask for Comments on Social Media
Search out Forum Sites in your Niche
Use YouTube to Advertise your Website
Leave Comments on Other Sites
Add your Site to the Chrome Webstore
Add your Site to the Dmoz Directory
Guest Posts
Post a presentation on Slideshare
Create a Niche Related App-Shelf
Join Facebook Groups and Google+ Groups
Submit your Blog to These Sites
Arrange for an Advertising Exchange
Mention Influenced People on Twitter
Open up a Flipboard Magazine
Use Buffer and Hootsuite
Ping Named People
Get Listed in Google News
Include Your Website URL in Your Email Signature
Stop Sending Rubbish on Social Media
Local Advertising
Brand your Vehicle
Sponsor Local Events


If you are one of the majority visitors that I receive that is new to all of this and has not even set up a site with a website builder yet, then you should take a look at this post about having a free website and hosting.

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