Small Business Online Marketing Services

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small business online marketing services.

Small Business Online Marketing Services

Given the fact that not all people getting into an online business are willing to pay for getting educated about SEO and online marketing techniques. Then you need to find another alternative for small business online marketing services.

small business online marketing services.

For myself, I already have a full package as a premium member where I’m able to get the answers to my questions as I come up with them. As a free member, this is not an option as you only have full access for 7-days.

For any questions you have, you’ll be left to search the Internet to find the answers. Well, the good news is I have read some articles by some others from my community and other sources that know of a site that they had recommended to their visitors.

Now these other people have dealt with this site for a few years where I have only recently taken some time to look into them. The name of the place is SeoClerks.


SeoClerks Review




What I have discovered from going through their site is Jordan Delozier is the owner. When you check out about whether or not SeoClerks is a scam or not, you will also find an article about him and some others from the community addressing one fellow who is claiming Jordan closed down his PayPal account and took all his money.

The last time I checked, PayPal does not allow 3rd parties to take all your money and shut your account down. When you read this guys information in the comments, he does not come across as somebody I would pay much attention to either.

I would be more inline giving the place a chance from the people I have seen around with how they help out with their blogs and taking their opinion on the site.

So what I suggest, if your thinking this could be a resource for you, take your time and check things out before purchasing anything to learn how things are done, who are the ones most prominent for the go to people. Best to be safe than sorry but from what I have seen everything seems fine.

Both buyers and sellers can join for free to be active in the community and site as a whole.


So what is SeoClerks?


SeoClerks has set itself up as an Internet marketing service provider.

If you happen to be somebody that can offer services to others or require the services yourself for outsourcing work, then this could be a valuable resource for you. Many people have commented on the
great opportunities they have made with selling their products/services and well as purchasing them.

When you require work to be done, there are lots of freelancers to choose from that you’ll deal with directly for discussing your needs. This contracting comes in very handy when you need something customized for your requirements. They will create a specific package just for you.

In the forum, you’ll find the owner Jordan Delozier they’re which is always a good sign to see the owners participate in helping others. The owners in the community that I’m part of I see all the time with Wealthy Affiliate’s forum with Kyle and Carson. Most other sites do not have direct communication with the owners in a lot of cases.

SeoClerks community forumThese type of forums are great for question and answers to all pertinent information that you may require for working your site. The extra bonus is not having to deal with spamming and upsells for products/services that may be of no value to you.

Having the option of doing one on ones is also an excellent bonus that you do not find everywhere in other forums.

Now if you have any services, you’d like to offer then this could be for you. Joining up as a seller is free, you set your prices when you deliver on orders and make all your business decisions. SeoClerks will handle everything where Jordan and the moderators have put a platform in place that they monitor and manage the security for both sides one being the seller and the other the buyer.




There is a how it works section for both buyers and sellers. You can also get extra information from the community discussion forum.




Whether you are a buyer or seller, SeoClerks has excellent support in place for you. You also have the community forum, direct email to SeoClerks or use a support ticket on their site.


So who is SeoClerks for?


Anyone, doing business online.
Freelancers are looking for a legitimate marketplace to sell their services online.
People require services they wish to outsource.
If you just need Questions answered from a pro


SeoClerks Pros and Cons


The owner is approachable and takes part in the discussion forum.
It is a free and legitimate online marketplace that offers security for a variety of services for both buyers and sellers.
This networking platform is spam free.
Buyers and sellers can communicate to one another by private message or in discussion forums and message options with orders as well.
Large selection of services offered for buyers and many opportunities for sellers to add their services.
There is a rating system in place to make options easier for buyers and sellers to connect.
SeoClerks will X-rate the ones they choose to be excellent sellers.
Have an affiliate program and as a member, you’ll automatically have an account.
The SeoClerks staff have an excellent and fast service record.
Having a free online marketplace can be considered a pro but the con side is some services can be bad. Always research for the services you seek before purchasing.
You want to make sure you’re up to date with not getting into using blackhat techniques that Google disallows and will penalize you for it.
You need to watch out for cheap traffic offers, social media followers and backlinks by bulk purchases. Your best to stay with organic and not risk your site with trying to buy it.



From all that I have read and checked into, SeoClerks looks like a place where sellers can offer their services for making an online income by helping others.

People requiring services can get their needs fulfilled but like all things when dealing with the Internet, research what it is you need to be done for average cost, expectations for service completed and who you get for the completing the service you want.

For many this can be a great resource for questions and answers for your online presence as you pursue your online marketing endeavors.

It’s great where I have one of the best communities going with Wealthy Affiliate but for those of you that are not a premium member then SeoClerks could certainly help you out in this area.

I have seen other members I know from Wealthy Affiliate also taking an active part in SeoClerks community as members as well, and they have been there for a few years. We all know how great Wealthy Affiliate is, so if they are also participating in what SeoClerks has to offer then, there is certainly good reason for you to check it out and make your own decision.

For those of you that know of them, I would like to hear what your thoughts are on them as a resource, and all other comments are welcomed as well.

If you’re looking for a small business online marketing services or need answers to questions about such services, check them out and click here SeoClerks and for my preference check out Wealthy Affiliate.


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