What is a Domain Name and how?

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what is a domain name and how to use

What is a Domain Name and how?


What is a Domain Name and how? Get the answers to what a domain name is and how and where you can purchase one or perhaps you can use a free domain name? The responses to these questions and much more will be answered. In fact, at this website, you’ll be able to get the information you’ll need if you would like to know all that it takes to have a successful online business as well.

To get started on what a domain name is, one could look at the “Webopedia definition” which will explain how the name makes up part of the URL address, and they mention about some of the different extensions used “.com, .net, .org, .us, etc.” For most people as I had referred to in my homepage for this site, a domain name is a virtual address that you can use for directing people to what is a domain name and how to useyour website. What you use the site for will be totally up to each to whether you just want to pass on information, collect it or make money from having your website.

Most people today are either blogging or running a business for money, and many have combined both. When you understand that every website is based on a unique domain name which you can see in the browser on your computer or device you’re using to access the Internet, it becomes clear why some people and companies call them properties or any other name that relates them to a home, etc.

Domain names get registered in the same concept as many places register company names. If you want to have a domain name for an online business for instance, then you would need to do a name search to see if it’s available for you to purchase. Depending on what you choose to pick for a domain name it could be available or already taken. Unlike a business name title search which can take days and cost money for doing the search, domain names can be searched for free and are nearly instantaneous in response to being available or not. Once you do find an available name, you’ll pay less for the registration of a domain name than a name for an offline business.

Once you see about buying a domain name, you will be required to make yearly payments if you want to keep it. You do have options with most businesses that offer this service to renew or purchase for two or more years if you wish. The biggest consideration that I would put out to anyone new to getting into having an online presence would be to hold off on any domain name purchases until you know what it is your planning on doing.

Here are some considerations:


You want to have a Blog
You wish to do some online scrapbooking
You want a website to generate an online income
You already have a business and want to take it online


You wish to have a Blog

If your plan is to have a blog, then you may find you can choose some other options than purchasing a domain name then having to pay for hosting. Depending on what you want to blog about some people are using Facebook as their platform to carry out their blogging for free. I’m sure people are utilizing many of the different social medias to accommodate their quest for blogging what is a domain name and how to blog with social mediawithout having to go through purchasing a domain name. Another way that people are blogging is by using a free website.

When you use a free website that offers a free hosting package then once again you’ll be able to have a blog put up online. The thing to remember with these types of packages, is you’re operating a unique sub-domain name from the company offering you the package. They own a domain name which you will add your unique name in front of their’s separated by a period, so the Internet understands the addressing on how to point to your domain name to pull up your website when somebody is looking for you in the browser.

Having your domain name registered and paying for a package is easier for getting traffic than working with sub-domains when you know what you’re doing. By knowing what you’re doing, I’m referring to understanding about SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization for those new to the acronym. All domain names are not equally the same in performance and therefore, do not receive the same traffic. I’ll explain this in another post to give you a better understanding of SEO and the relationship of the domain name you choose. It’s for this reason, I mentioned not to purchase a domain name right away until you know what you want to accomplish, or you will discover the hard way, to get traffic to your site, it will take more time, money or both.

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You want to do some online scrapbooking

domain name how to for scrapbooking

When doing an online scrapbooking so friends and family can see your creations from any location, you can pay to have a domain name and to host. I can offer you a great deal but for something as straightforward and as simple as this application would be, you could just use the free package that I have to offer people. I would only consider paying money out for such a website if you needed a lot of help with setting up a website and staying on top of all the changes that regularly happen with the Internet. There are only two packages that I deal with, FREE and PREMIUM of which both are great and one of the best deals on the Internet today.

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You want a website to generate an online income

Having an online presence to generate revenue is something that many people want to do, but where the problem comes in is how to accomplish that. That’s why this website deals with what is a domain name and how to do the different things required to make this all happen for you. Even though I have been dealing with the Internet for about ten years know, I have seen many package deals and systems to show you how with many mixed results. I have many friends as you probably do that have tried many different things to end up with nothing to show but an empty bank account.

The good news is that any of the legitimate websites that are geared to help you succeed should have a trial period where you can have an opportunity to see what they offer. For all the ones that require money up front, just walk away. They have nothing to offer; that’s why they want your money up front. Most systems have many up sales and are very expensive; again this is why I mentioned not to buy into anything to quickly.

When you want to generate an income online, you need only to spend your money on what works and what’s required to make it work, working an online business is for you to make money not pay it all out to others.

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You already have a business and want to take it online


If you’re in the same position I was about ten years ago, you have an offline business you wish to display online. At the time for me, I was just using the online presence for my local area unlike now. Like most I had my business, but there was nothing online. When you already have an existing business, you want to get your domain name to be the same. Depending on what you called your business this may not be a problem, but then again the name could be taken. If that is the case, then you may need to add dashes or change from a “.com” extension to possibly a country extension like “.us” if you live in the United States or “.ca” for Canada. Depending on the name you have will determine the availability or inventive you need to be to get something that works.

The biggest thing to remember about having an offline company and then taking it online is the fact you’ll end up purchasing a domain name to match up with your business. You’ll need to have a hosting package that will cost you money for you to do what you need to do to get the traffic you’ll require.

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