Website Image Resources

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photo of website image resourse pictures

Website Image Resources

When it comes to having a professional internet site, there is no better way than to incorporate quality images that correlate to the topics your pages and posts talk about in your articles. Here in this article website image resources, you will find a list of sites that will help you step up the impact of your websites appearance for all your visitors to see.


photo of website image resourse pictures


Most people find just seeing and reading straight text does not hold their interest long enough for them to get through to the end. When you start getting these types of results, you’re losing your audience.

So how do you change your website to have relevant images with all your articles without breaking the bank?
Where do you get these high-quality professional images without requiring technical skills, being a photographer, designing skills for free or minimal costs?

photo of Visual impactIt has been said by many online Marketers the importance of having high-quality images to make your site stand out is imperative. Images will get your entire site to stand out better from making products more appealing to gaining the trust of your visitors as they notice the professionalism of how organized your overall site looks and feels as they navigate through it.

Designing a site with images in appropriate locations will make it look more expensive, and viewers will relate that to a higher quality of professionalism when they think of your site over another.

There are varying opinions on the difference that images make on a website given in percentages; this is what I have seen.

You can expect 83-94% more page/post views when relevant images are used in articles than those without. 40-50% more shares when pages/posts have pictures and 35-45% of online visitors prefer visiting with visual information.

By using relevant images of high quality, your site will come across very professional to all the viewers and will most likely increase their engagement and your conversions. Nobody wants an ugly website, yet some people are using terrible images.


How does this happen?


One of the biggest problems is where can you find them?
People mention they do not know how to choose them correctly?
The biggest reason is who can or wants to afford to pay lots of money for images to populate their site.

The truth been known, you can purchase images for relatively good prices, and you can get most of your images for free. There are times you may find yourself wanting to buy some such as logos and headers for instance, but I can also give you tips for these situations as well.

One of the first things to get started with is choosing an appropriate theme or template that suits the type of site your creating. Next, you’re going to need images that will match up with all your content you plan to post.


How to choose images that will work for you?


Images That Are Unique
Images With Meaning
High-Quality Images
Images With Faces


Images That Are Unique

photo of unquie images

To be unique means to stop using photos, that appear on all the other websites. When you use the same pictures as everyone else you end up with a cookie-cutter site that will not stand out from your competition.

Using stock photos doesn’t mean they are not a good source for finding what you need but rather be more creative to what you do use and how.

When you view particular types of websites, they may tend to follow a trend. You can follow that pattern to fit in by using the same sort of theme and layout, or you can choose to stand out with not conforming to the norm.
Designers will always try to step tastefully out of the norm and be recognized and remembered for being different. When you stop to think of it, your goal is to be rememberable.

Stock images of people can look very fake so be very selective to what looks real and candid for your viewers. In worse case scenarios, you could take photos using a camera or cell phone to make sure you have what you want, and they will be unique.


Images With Meaning

photo of images with meaning

To have images with meaning is to use ones that are relevant to the articles you are posting. Just picking a photo of something that looks nice will not convey what you’re trying to get across to your readers. Instead, you’d be better off taking a picture that represents your article to give a visual impact to the topic you’re writing about for the reader.

An example of this would be using a photo of a circular saw that you may be explaining the benefits of in your post. Now to really step up the perception of what you want your readers to take from your article you would insert a photo showing the saw in use.

You’ll discover whenever using photos displaying interactions for the topic you wish to put forward to your readers, that the visual content will create more depth and meaning and sends a clearer message about the article you’ve written.


High-Quality Images

photo of Proper Resolution

Far too often you’ll see sites using images that are too small.  You need to make sure you have images with the proper resolution to have no problems with pixelation when visitors land on your site. Otherwise, they will be looking at fuzzy unprofessional looking pictures.

Choosing images that are too small then stretching them out to fill in an area on your article to give it more visual impact actually does just the opposite. You need to make sure the image resolution itself will maintain the quality of the picture when enlarged to fit your article.


Images With Faces

photo of images with faces

People naturally relate to other people, so displaying photos of people to get your point across to them is always a safe bet to draw attention.

Using the right approach with people in pictures is also just as important as using photos with people. You need to make sure that the photos relate to your article by what the person is doing in the picture. Another method is having the person making eye contact adds to making a connection with the reader. Having photographs that the person in the photo displays an emotion relevant to your article.

Having the proper images for your site does not need to be complicated. If you think about what grabs your attention, then odds are it will also grab the attention of others.

If I were to give you one simple tip that you could use to take your images to the next level to create the best impact for your readers, it would be to learn some basic photography tricks such as the rule of thirds.

By learning some simple photography tips for taking photographs, you’ll gain the knowledge of how to use a picture that says more than the very text you’re writing about on a topic.

Many sites will help you with this option, and you can even check out my hobby site “Say It With Photographs” on The Rule Of Thirds to get started.

The art of choosing quality images for your site will get easier as you gain more practice from recognizing what draws one attention to them and the emotion they translate to the viewer.

Below are some sites where you’ll be able to find some great images to use on your site that other Marketers and I have used through the years for setting up our sites.

Some sites are free while others sell their images, and you’ll always find ones that offer both options.


Free vs. Paid Images

photo of free vs paid

Now for most people free images are what we generally will always want to have, but paid ones do have their advantages.

Your options will be to:

Use free images
Pay for images
Take your own pictures
Manipulate images with editors

Most sites that offer free images referred as “creative commons”, are free to download with conditions. They can be used on your site so long as you provide credit to the creator of the image. This crediting could be citing the website source or naming the photographer.
These photos tend to be general in nature more on the creative side as inspirational and artistic compared to paid versions.

They tend to be used to set the tone of your site, possible headers, background and fillers for pages and posts.

Paid images are more directed to the purpose of business and marketing. They may not be as inspirational as free photographs, but they are more to the point for business requirements.

You’ll see this when you try looking up photos for particular topics that the free versions are very limited and all the selections for a wider range of pictures to choose from require payment.

That’s why taking your own photographs can be another advantage depending on what your niche is online.

The other option I mentioned above is manipulating images with editors which I’ll cover in another article.


Website Image Resources

Stock Photos Free Images – 25 top websites for totally free photo images

stock photos free images resource – Free with creative commons

photo of unsplash site – Free & Paid

photo of 500px site – Paid

photo of bigstock site – Paid

photo of gettyimages site – Paid

photo of shutterstock site



Spruce up your website with fantastic imagery!
A correctly populated site with images will always outperform a site with very little or no pictures at all. Once you get going and know which resource sites you like best, you’ll actually have fun with what you can create by using them.

You’ll find that one single source will not have enough to find what you may require, so you’ll be the best judge of which websites will suit you best.

Go through the list and check them out for which ones work best for you.



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