What Is Affiliate Marketing About?

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What Is Affiliate Marketing About?

Do you want to know! What is affiliate marketing about? This article will explain what it is, give you the best place to learn and make money from a business using affiliate associated companies.

what is affiliate marketing aboutIn the world of the Internet, it has come to pass that a lot of companies are now using the marketing efforts of individuals seeking means to make an online stream of income. This happens in a variety of ways that you have most likely have seen but may not be aware of the total relationship between the parties involved.

What you end up with is a collaboration of two sides that form an affiliation with each other to get products and services into the hands of the consumer.

  • Advertiser
  • Publisher
  • Customer



what is affiliate marketing about advertisers

Advertisers are the businesses that provide a product or service that either they create or warehouse products to be sold. These companies, in turn, have a monetary system in place where they will pay out commissions to publishers who sell their goods or services that they provide. If you have a product or service that you’ll pay out a commission on then you to are considered an Advertiser.



what is affiliate marketing about publishers

On the publisher side, you are a company or individual that markets to sell products or services of others for a commission. The publishers will do this through the form of links and banners on websites using graphics, landing pages, splash pages, web forms, email lists and possibly through their social media connections. Some will even utilize phone numbers as well.

These embedded links will have tracking numbers supplied by the Advertiser that the Publishers will incorporate into their marketing methods for the Consumer to click through and possibly purchase.



what is affiliate marketing about consumers

The Customer is part of the final stage where once they click or fill in a form from the Publishers Marketing strategies. The tracking code embedded in the link is sent through to the Advertizer that now knows whose marketing efforts has brought the customer there when thy finish the transaction. This is known as the conversion.


How do the links work?

There is a term called a Cookie which e-commerce relies on with patented technology for an Affiliate relationship.

A cookie is used for storing specific information according to its purpose such as browser history, passwords for logins, emails and in this case with affiliates an individuals information on their unique link.

These cookies that get logged into your computer will keep a log that tracks where you surf and what you view. This is one of the reasons that after a while the adds you start to see when your surfing comes back with more of your preferred preferences each time to what you like. These links can be time and date sensitive in the case with most affiliate links where after a fixed period the cookie no longer passes on the information on who initially set you to an Advertiser’s site.

These tracker links will pass on the information of the Advertiser, who brought you to the Publishers site with the particular add and percentage to be paid when a customer completes a transaction.


Affiliate Marketing Benefits



what is affiliate marketing about benefitsFrom a business point of view you require:

  • No special skills
  • No restrictions on nationality
  • No age restrictions for adults
  • No large startup costs to be involved


Extra benefits

  • Can receive training for Affiliate programs
  • Many companies offer Affiliate programs
  • Big brands like Google, Amazon, and others support the concept
  • You can brand your products and services through affiliate marketing
  • Connect with varying sizes of many popular and diverse audiences


Who is Affiliate Marketing For

Affiliate Marketing is a method of having the opportunity to run an online business as a publisher where you’ll advertise for somebody else’s products or services without you dealing with all the back end of creating, warehousing, shipping as an Advertiser. There are some that do but for most you’ll simply be a publisher. Now there are circumstances where you could do both

Now there are circumstances where you could do both. Some people will get involved with Clickbank or set up an e-commerce storefront where you can sell ebooks and software that you may create where they simply get downloaded. Working as an Advertiser in this capacity or affiliate marketing is much easier than the full brick and mortar route.

what is affiliate marketing about forThe people that tend to choose the Affiliate Marketing path are:

  • Home Based Personnel
  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Colledge Students
  • Unemployed
  • Retired

The list could go on as people can come up with many reasons to make extra money or replace existing jobs, the fact is just about anyone can get involved.


Who is Affiliate Marketing Not For

When it comes to determining who affiliate marketing is not for, there are the obvious ones to mention and then there are those not so obvious if people are not honest with themselves. Even though Affiliate marketing can be for anyone, you need to have the right mindset to take the appropriate steps to make a business work online just as you have requirements to run a successful what is affiliate marketing about not foroffline business.

A clear choice not to get involved is for a lot of offline companies where Affiliate marketing does not fit the mold for their online presence. Some companies could benefit from becoming Advertisers to bust sales or even see about doing the Publishing side of things which I’m doing with my renovation Business TD Remodeling. There are many companies where this is not an option.

Another obvious consideration are, the people believing they can make piles of money for basically doing nothing. Anyone that operates a business knows that to have a successful business you need to work at it and put the time in that is required to make things happen. There are, to many people thinking there is some unique system that just has the money being deposited into your bank account just because they signed up.

There are plenty of websites promising people all the easy money to get rich overnight as if money will rain down on them just for signing up. Not going to happen! In fact, if anything these companies will squeeze every nickel and dime out of you before you realize you’re not getting anything.

If you have no time to make your dreams come true and expect others to do it for you than Affiliate marketing is not for you.


So what does it take


  • what is affiliate marketing about and takeIt takes time and energy, and you need to know or be willing to learn.
  • You need to keep learning as the Web continually changes year after year.
  • You need to be on top of the changes as they come and have a plan of action.
  • People will help, but they will not give you a free ride and line your pockets.
  • It will cost some money; it’s just a matter of where’s the best place to spend it.
  • It takes time and patience with the conviction to see your work through.


If your willing to take some time, then I can show you where you can start with a free package to learn with a step by step approach that will put everything you need to start for having a successful online business. You want to know What Is Affiliate Marketing About; then there is no better time than now to check out this free package!


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