What is Wealthy Affiliates

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What is Wealthy Affiliates

What is Wealthy Affiliates.


For many, there is confusion about what is Wealthy Affiliate. Are they a University or a provider? The fact is, Wealthy Affiliate is considered both and here is why.

Wealthy Affiliate as a Provider
Wealthy Affiliate University


Wealthy Affiliate as a Provider


Most people are familiar with providers such as Bluehost, SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix just to name a few. These sites offer you packages that may or may not contain a website builder. They give you the opportunity to create a website with hosting to get your content online for business or whatever you may need an internet site to do.

what is hostingMost of these providers will also have the ability to do domain name search availability and register domain names you require for your business, instead of using sub-domain names.

Just as all these different providers can supply you with a site and hosting, Wealthy Affiliate offers you two packages that you can create and build websites from their website builder.

If you only plan to have a single site which is common for a lot of people, then some excellent providers will supply you with what you need at a lower price then Wealthy Affiliate.

On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting two or more websites, then you’ll come to realize Wealthy Affiliate now starts to beat out most other providers in cost.

You also have to remember that we are only talking one small part of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer compared to most of these other providers full package.

The other providers offer you the ability to purchase a domain name, use their website builder if they have one and host your site. They will have lessons and tutorials on how to create your site to populate it with your content. Most will have a community that will be supportive to help you with building your site.

Wealthy Affiliate offers all of the points mentioned above but just as the first stage of many that the other providers do not provide. Here is were Wealthy Affiliate differs from the mainstream, and the University segment kicks in.

To give you a more in-depth advantage of Wealthy Affiliate over the other providers check out my post on Website Builder Price Comparison.



Wealthy Affiliate University


As time passes, more and more people are learning that WA is more than just a simple provider.

Wealthy Affiliate University is a program beginners to advanced can learn everything they need to know about understanding and creating an online business with affiliate marketing.

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Even though the courses they teach are all about affiliate marketing, the principles will work for other forms of businesses. They have structured their format for affiliate marketing, but the concepts will work with other types of business with minor changes.

What Wealthy Affiliate does that is different from all the other providers is instead of just building a website they incorporate SEO and marketing strategies into the website design. This offers you, better ranking and higher traffic to your site.

When you create a site with SEO and marketing in mind, your success rate is significantly enhanced. Just building a site does next to nothing for popularity on the Internet. Unless you pay large sums of money for traffic and ranking or know how to create a properly designed website and its content, your site will earn very little to nothing.

Wealthy Affiliate has two courses that can show you how to be successful. To read more on that subject check out Best Affiliate Training Courses.

Best Affiliate Training Courses.

Now there are other programs out there that talk about teaching you everything you need to know to be successful with an online business.

Personally, I find these programs extremely expensive and not worth the time and money you need to invest. There are many people that flat out call them scams which I can see their point when you consider the cost and what you receive. These programs will have their monthly costs for having a website in place just as Wealthy Affiliate and the other providers do. The problem I see with them is the overall cost among other things.

These other programs can cost you up to $40,000 or more US dollars in a short period if you follow their plan. Most people will never recuperate their losses from buying into these programs and definitely make no real money.

By the time you just pay your monthly fees, you could have paid less to have everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells looking to milk you for all your worth.

In fact, you join WA as a free member without using any form of payment and get 7-days of full access to the community and the rest of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The other programs want your credit card even if it is for a $1 to make sure they can start the upsells and get your money. Most of them will take much larger amounts for you even to see what they have to offer.

Wealthy Affiliate knows they have one of the best offers available. You can sign up for free, get your full access for a week and either keep your two free sites or upgrade to premium where you can now learn everything you’ll need to know to be successful. The other great thing is there are no upsells, and all the new training is always at your disposal with your one and only required package.

Most of the other providers and programs offered by others require you to pay extra for each segment of the training and setup their platform in such a way you’ll only earn the full potential if you buy everything they have to sell.

Wealthy Affiliate is so far advanced that even as a free member you can make money as an affiliate with them without ever paying a nickel. You will be paid at a lower percentage compared to the premium commission, but you can still earn whereas with the other programs on the other sites you get nothing.

To learn more about what they expect and how expensive they really are, check out the articles listed with Best Free Making Money Opportunity.


Wealthy Affiliate University is a Provider as well

To get the full answer to what is Wealthy Affiliates, just click on the banner below to learn more or get started.

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