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Top Rated Website Builders

The Top Rated Website Builders


There are many ways to how one may consider what the top rated website builders are when it comes to having an online business. The reason I say this, the Internet has become increasingly more attractive to newcomers every year. Thousands of new people are continuously looking for ways to earn money from the Internet, and that means many people have very limited knowledge with how to accomplish the success they seek.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the key considerations you need to be concerned about to create an online business.


What are the Top Rated
Website Builders?


To answer the question, “What are the Top Rated Website Builders?” there best online website builder reviews criteria search 2are some things we need to address.

What is Your Overall Knowledge?
What Will The Site Be Used For?
Do You Need One or More Sites?
What Are Your Marketing Plans?
How Much Money For The Budget?

If you try to pick a website builder without knowing at least these five questions, then there is a strong possibility you’ll sign up with an incompatible provider for your needs. Even though there are plenty of other matters that could be asked let’s take a look into these five I have chosen.


What is Your Overall Knowledge?


The amount of knowledge you posses for understanding the undertaking of designing and creating websites can make a big difference to which website builder you’ll want to use.

Nowadays most providers have the option or only have the one option to use a website builder on a platform which you can use to create and design your site. Before choosing a provider, it will be most beneficial for you to know or at least understand the type of site you wish to have and whether you plan on only having one or more.

best online website builder reviews criteria searchThe reason you want to know the kind of website you require is not all providers have the functions and features you may need. Even from the providers that have the functions/features you need, they usually have a multitude of costs related to different packages you must choose between. Most providers have their website builder designed specifically for them which means once you create a site with them, you’re not able to transfer to a different provider if you choose to change.

Most providers do offer training packages for you to design/create your sites with them, but their training is very limited to the overall knowledge required to marketing and getting them to rank online. Most providers just offer a website builder to build your site or sites, hosting and training to use their platform and very little else.

All the required SEO and marketing for getting traffic to your site will need to be learned and accomplished elsewhere. Notice that I said most, as the provider I’m with, offers the complete package for the best price!


What Will The Site Be Used For?


Knowing what you intend to use the site for online, makes a big difference to what you may need to know or learn. The kind of costs you may need to pay will also be dictated by the functions/features you require as well.

best online website builder reviews criteria search 2For instance, most providers will have a cheap package or even a free package if you need just a simple site that works on word of mouth, business cards, social media, etc. The thing to remember with most of these sites is all the limitations and reduced functions and features they will place on these packages unless you pay extra money for better packages.

You’ll find by researching what each package from the different provider’s offer, how much the membership will cost if not free to accomplish your goals. There are a few posts that I have in my main menu that will help explain what each provider offers you for each available package and any associated costs that go with them. You can find them under the Website Builders heading in the main menu listed after the reviews.


Do You Need One or More Sites?


When you know the total amount of sites you want, then this can help your decision with which provider to choose. Whether you build one or more sites the platform will be the same as far as the website builder you’ll use with the provider your using. The difference is when you require two or more sites; then the cost may vary depending on your package.

best online website builder reviews criteria searchAn example would be if you used Squarespace which many people do and they are a good choice for what they can offer. One of the problems I find, is you have to pay for each additional site as a new package. My existing provider allows me to have 50 sites for one low price. I have a dozen operational at the moment and plan on creating another one this year, and because of my package, I can do it all for free other than purchasing a new domain name for $10-$12.

As I have been mentioning throughout this post, you need to take into consideration what you get for the cost of the different packages with each provider. That way you’ll know if you’re getting the best deal for what you want.


What Are Your Marketing Plans?


best online website builder reviews criteria search 2Knowing about what marketing plans you would like to use can also make a significant impact on which provider to use as well. Most providers do not deal with offering any training about marketing your site to receive traffic. They focus on how to use the website builder for their platform and get paid for how much they offer you with available functions and features based on costs. That means you’ll need to either already know how to market your site or learn how somewhere else.

Marketing ones site to increase traffic can be accomplished by purchasing or using free methods and can be learned through other sources where most providers do not train people in these areas.

The provider that I use and recommend do offer courses and continues teaching all about the marketing of your site to increase traffic.


How Much Money For The Budget?


One of the biggest considerations next to what type of site is the budget you have to work with to make everything happen. When you figure out and understand what you want, then making a comparison between different providers becomes much easier.

best online website builder reviews criteria searchFor instance, usually, any provider that can supply you with an entire bundle or at least one as complete as possible with everything you may need, will tend to be the cheapest price. I say usually because some places feel you need to pay a premium for a total package but not all. In fact, I’ll give you my recommendation that gives you far more than other providers for the best price online to date.

If you end up purchasing separate packages with many different companies, then every business will be looking to make their cut. You’ll find the budget can escalate very quickly to the point there will not be enough to cover the costs unless you increase the budget. In most cases increasing the budget is not always possible or a wise decision.


So What Are The Top Rated
Website Builders?


Many people use Weebly, Squarespace, Wix and BlueHost for cheap alternatives for building sites on their platform and hosting. They each have different levels of plans according to what you need and training for using their website builders. Each of these have various pros and cons to which one you may want to use.

best online website builder reviews criteria search 2For the majority of people and especially those new to the Internet, as good as any of the top providers are that I just mentioned, there is one that offers far more. The provider I use works out to be cheaper than all the others and here are some examples why:

The Free package provides more functions and features than the competition with fewer limitations.

The second and only other package give you full access. Unlike the other providers that require you to keep paying extra to get their best offer, my #1 recommendation has just the one paid membership plan.

Where the others offer you a website builder, hosting and training on the platform they use, my provider also gives you courses, continues teachings for business, marketing, SEO and pretty much everything else you may think of for creating a successful online business.

The best way to get the full picture to all the extras you’ll receive with the provider I use is to check out the free membership available you can get start with today.
Check out my #1 Recommendation here!

No credit card required, get started today!

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January 2, 2017 at 8:04 pm

Hey Travis,

Great post, man. Your explanation on website builders is awesome.

I’d say my favorite website builder is SiteRubix. They do it all for you. They’ve got the domains, the web hosting, the free emails, the great support, and they even automatically install WordPress for you.

Awesome, isn’t it? 🙂

Well, great post, man.



    January 2, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    Hi Julian and I agree with you. I’ve had websites online for over ten years now and Wealthy Affiliate is the best provider I have come across with all they offer for the money. Even there free package is better than any of the other website builders I have seen. Wealthy Affiliate offer more functions and features then any other providers for building sites.

Anthony Manzolillo

March 11, 2017 at 9:47 pm

Travis, really excellent explanation. I absolutely had my head rewired because of all the options out there. I tried so many throughout my life and this article would’ve certainly helped me lol. I tried Wix and was able to build some decent websites using that platform… HOWEVER, it was certainly limited in it’s options. I eventually stumbled upon the ever so popular (I am usually late to the party…) wordpress sites. I did so through the WA site you mentioned. Thank goodness too because it saved me a lot of money. Wix was more of a blank slate with drag n drop everything. WordPress has a lot of already built in options and WA certainly provides a lot of support for the money. Like I said, where the heck was this site before I wasted so money and lost so many hairs!!


    March 12, 2017 at 12:03 am

    Up until just about two years ago, I was using other providers. Once I discovered how great Wealthy Affiliate was and learned all about what they have to offer people, it wasn’t until just about one year ago I decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate to others to save them money and time. I just had to make sure they were worth supporting as I have never promoted any of the other provider’s services I used over the previous decade due to many different issues they had.

    Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, has far more pros than any cons people can find with them, so I will promote WA as an option for people to consider. So now this site is here to help all those that want to take a look at what is available.

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