Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ.

What better place to find out about Wealthy Affiliate FAQ then somebody who has tried and uses their services. This post will answer how to get well on your way with the most common FAQ (frequently asked questions) to get you started.

I’ll also give you a link where you can have two free websites using a website builder to create them for you with hosting and sub-domains.

This free package will also include some training and give you what you need, a 7-day full access to get your extra questions answered by the owners and founder that run and operate the company providing you with everything you need to get started with a free business online.

The community made up of thousands of seasoned marketers will also be able to help answer your questions.

So let’s get started with the FAQ and anything that I may miss that did not get addressed more specific with your needs, you can ask at the community center through the free package offered in the image below.

what is a website builder offer

General FAQ

What hosting package do you recommend?
Why do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to new people?
Why do you recommend WordPress?
How long does it take to create a WordPress site?
What if I don’t want to pay for anything?
If I want a second business site do I need another hosting account?

Affiliate Program FAQs

What is an Affiliate Program?
Why should I join?
How do I sign up?
How does affiliate programs work?
Is There a cost to becoming an Affiliate?
What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate?
Will traffic increase to my site by being an affiliate?
Can I participate in other affiliate programs?
How do I create links?
Where should the links be placed on my site?
How much can I earn?
What is a parasite?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

What is Wealthy Affiliate about?
Who are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate?
What support is available?
What is the Wealthy Affiliate University Community?
How is the Support structured with Wealthy Affiliate?
How does Wealthy Affiliate present tutorials?
What am I required to do?
How many lessons are there?
What's the difference between Starter Membership and Premium Membership benefits?
How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?
Can I have my own site email address?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs
Affiliate Marketing

What are the commission rates?
How long before earning money?
How do I advertise and how much does it cost?
Can free members make money?
Can, I earn an online income?
Does Wealthy Affiliate have an affiliate program?
What is a realistic money goal?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

What is expected from you?
What's the time frame to build a site?
How to find a niche?
How many websites can I own?
How long to rank page #1 for my site on Google?
What happens if I want to leave and take my site to another provider?
How do I get started?
Can I do this from scratch knowing nothing about the Internet?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs
Keyword Tools and Domain Names

What's the benefit of owning a domain name?
Is a domain name included with WA premium?
What is Jaaxy?
Is Jaaxy part of WA premium?
Does Wealthy Affiliate offer its own free keyword tool?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?
How do I know it’s legit?
Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?
Is Wealthy Affiliate listed at BBB?

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

Wealthy Affiliate and the IRS?

Is Wealthy Affiliate as good
as it looks and sounds?


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