Website Builder Hosting Packages

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Website Builder Hosting Packages

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With the increased interest in website builder hosting packages, now is a good time to see what is available. Let’s look at the best providers that offer the most for the money with the least amount of limitations.


Who Has The Best Website Builder?


This question gets asked by thousands of people around the world on the Internet on a daily basis. Every day providers are connecting people to the web with sites customers create and have hosted by the companies to have products/services and information available for all the other people searching the Net.

So what constitutes having the best website builder for you to use:

Website Builder Platform
Training and Support
Hosting Packages


Website Builder Platform


First, let’s take a look at the website builder platform.

There are many excellent providers available that can offer you software that they support for free to create your site. These website builders are usually proprietary to the hosting company people sign up with when you want an online presence.

website builder hosting packages platformEvery business that has a version of a website builder will have functions and features that they use to make the creation of a website as simple for the user as they can. All providers understand the need to offer software that gives the average person the ability to create a site with not knowing any code.

In the past, you needed to learn code and get into programming if you did not want to pay someone else to build your site. Today anyone can create a site with the use of website builders offered by the hosting companies.

Nowadays using website builders is becoming the norm and figuring out which ones offer the best functions and features is key.

The main things that you need to look at when it comes to any website builder platform are:

Limitations on Functions and Features
Placement of Advertisements
Payment Structure

There obviously can be other things to consider but this four from the list above, I rate at the top.

Limitations on Functions and Features

The limitations of functions and features can be a deal breaker for many web designers if the platform is unable to support the requirements of what your site needs to be able to do. Anyone that creates a site needs it to be able to produce an online business that looks, performs and handles everything you require. A simple example will be if you need one or more company email addresses with your domain name, then this could be a deal breaker for the providers that do not offer you this option.

Placement of Advertisements

Here I’m referring to the providers that offer you a free website, but in so doing they place their advertising on or throughout your site. This strategy is done by companies to use your traffic to bring them more customers for memberships. They offer you a free site with limited abilities and advertise to find more paying clients from the ones that see your site.

After all as a provider that earns their income from supplying people with a website builder and hosting they can’t give too much away for free.

Payment Structure


website builder hosting packages hosting package

Understanding the payment structure is an important detail not to leave out. Most providers will offer a trial period or some free site to get you in the door then have you hopefully upgrade to a paid package.

These sites usually offer you more as you pay for the functions and features you require in different payment plans.

The concept is if you need less you can pay less. The reality is just like cable TV most functions and features you may want or need are always in the more expensive packages.

So depending on what you require even though some sites may seem cheap with where they start, the fact is once you compare apples to apples what looked inexpensive can very quickly ramp up to be expensive.

Shopping around and doing proper research for the best price for functions and features you receive is always the best course of action to take.


Looking into the option of portability may not seem like an issue you need to consider. Just remember that proprietary website builders are designed on an original platform which means you can not directly transfer your site to another provider. In cases like this, you will be required to strip your site down and rebuild it on another platform if you change providers.

Now providers that use an open source system such as WordPress can transport your site from one provider to the next without stripping and rebuilding your site over again.

Something to consider!


Training and Support


Imperative to always have excellent training and support with whom your site is you hosted with online.

The great news is, a significant amount of the providers do offer excellent support service and have fantastic training support for the platform they use for their website builder.

I find this area for most providers is not that hard to find but where I do find problems is how you tie your site into having proper SEO.

website builder hosting packages training and supportMost providers give you what you need to understand and use their website builders but do not show you how to combine proper SEO to get the ranking you require to get massive traffic.

The provider I use which I’ll mention at the end of this article goes the extra mile to not only guide you through how to build a site but do it with proper SEO along the way.

Experienced online entrepreneurs know and understand this point where most newbies are not familiar with the importance of SEO and how it realates.

You can have the best-looking website in the world, but if you do not have the right practices of SEO incorporated into all parts of your site, nobody will know you exist.

Just realize that a site in its self is just the first part of many and other steps are required to be successful. I have a provider that supplies we with everything but if you choose one of the other providers, then know you need to get these other steps elsewhere.


Hosting Packages


The hosting package you choose will dictate to what you’ll be able to achieve. Many providers will have multiple packages for you to choose from in your membership.

You’ll have a trial period or free package. There will be a choice to purchase a paid package. Many sites offer grade levels to the paid plans they have.

Trial period plans can be an excellent way to check out what a provider’s website builder, support, and training are capable of doing for you. One thing to remember is when the trial period is over, either you pay for a package, or you usually lose what you have created. Particularly where proprietary sites allow no transfer of a site from one host to another.

Another important thing to note is most providers only offer to host a website you have created on their website builder and do not get involved with SEO for ranking.

With the provider I deal with, they are much more than just a provider but also a university of sorts to train you with everything you need to know about SEO and marketing to make your site successful.

In fact, they only offer you two website builder hosting packages. The first one is free for as long as you like with the least amount of limitations compared to what the other providers offer. This is due to the fact they are more than just a hosting company. The second package is the paid plan that makes you a premium member giving you full access to everything they have to offer. To see the extent of all the extras check out my #1 Recommendation here.


No credit card required, get started today!

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