What do I need to Know to Start an Online Business?

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what do I need to know to start an online business

What do I need to Know to Start an Online Business?



It’s no secret that many people dream of working from their homes, making money while having the freedom to work when they want. The question they ask is, what do I need to know to start an online business to make this happen?

That is the question that we need to address and not only supply an answer to but put forth an actual solution.

That’s right, a real solution!

Too many times you spend hours searching out questions looking to fix a problem just to end up with an answer that does not correct the problem.

Today we’ll rectify the problem!


Avoid the Common Mistakes!


First, we need to look at the issues head on at why so few people achieve their dreams.

One of the first segments to address with starting any online business is all the different components that are required. You can make money online, and it can certainly be much easier than starting a traditional business when you do the right steps. As you may already be aware of is the Internet has loads of information floating around, and it can be extremely challenging to know which way to turn.

To get things started, we’ll first look at mistakes many people make:

best online website builder reviews criteria search 2No Plan in Place?
Focusing on the Small Stuff?
Worrying About Money?
Ignoring Customer Service?
Offering more than you Receive?
Overtime on Social Media?
Thinking one size fits all?
Where do you go from here?


No Plan in Place?


For doing an online business you do not require a business plan but you do need a plan of action. The days of creating a 20 page plus business plan are not necessary for a simple online business. You should, however, set up a basic plan of action to understand what you need to do that will be required to make your online business work.

Your plan will allow you to understand the amount of budget you need and have to collaborate with to create and maintain your online presence. The products/services you’ll deal with and how to market your site.


Focusing on the Small Stuff?


Getting your business up and running to have an online presence is part of the first step. Many people will concentrate their efforts on minor details which in the long run slows them down significantly. Many important issues require immediate attention that play a much bigger part in developing an online business than dealing with minor issues.

best online website builder reviews criteria searchI have seen some friends and heard of too many people taking far to much time trying to figure out what they’ll use for a logo or how to layout their sites overall appearance. As important as these points can all be for your overall online presence, they can take a back seat to creating a site to get indexed and start taking on an authoritative position against your competition.

Unlike traditional companies where trademarking your logo as fast as you can an online business has a different timeline for things. Don’t get me wrong that you do not need to bother with trademarking a logo for an online business because you can and probably will. It’s more important to get a site up and running to be indexed before worrying about the small stuff.

It takes time to have massive amounts of traffic to your site so you can take care of all the smaller issues as your site gets built out as you go. The bulk of your time needs to be spent on taking your site to the next level for overall traffic.


Worrying About Money?


Worrying about how much money you have to work with does nothing for you when trying to build a business. By having a plan in place, you can alleviate this common mistake that so many others have made that only leads to disaster. By having no plan, you usually end up running out of money and failing with the dream of having an income from the Internet.

best online website builder reviews criteria search 2This failure tends to happen for two main reasons.
Failure in knowing how much of a monthly budget you need to work with in building the business. Secondly by spending without proper returns.

Too many people run out of money and try to get it together once it is too late. You need to know upfront what and where you need to spend the money on and make sure you have the available funds when required. That means when you first start a business you need to have a float and monthly top up sources that can be counted on to be there before you begin.

I’ve seen many people think by getting into getting rich quick sites that have secret tricks for making money fast that they’ll be rolling in the money in a short period. Never happens you only lose the money you pay them.

Set reasonable goals and budget to carry you through before you receive any income back or you’ll fail.

Once you are making money, you can take the immediate profits and start covering your monthly expenditures and even increase your budget depending on your plan.


Ignoring Customer Service?


Having bad customer service is another big downfall for many people. You need to be interactive with all your customers and address all visitors that make any contact with you through your site, emails or social media. When you stay on top of answering all sources of communications, your visitors and customers make with you, the more returning visitors/customers you’ll generate.


Offering more than you Receive?


Some people make the mistake of offering more than they can sustain. When you provide visitors or potential customers free products/services you need to make sure you can afford the offers.

best online website builder reviews criteria searchShowing others that you are credible or authoritative in the field or niche your site represents, you may start off by offering something free to get visitors to become customers or even become repeat customers.

When done wrong this can become very costly especially for free services being offered. The best method is to provide something intangible for getting emails in exchange. Things of value which can be given without breaking the bank are eBook, webinar, guide, recipe or checklist, etc. Anything that has good value for your customer and something that you can give to a handful or thousands without any problems is what you need.


Overtime on Social Media?


Getting to the point of spreading yourself too thin with too many social media best online website builder reviews criteria search 2platforms will work against you than for you. With the many different types of platforms for social media available to you for advertising and getting traffic back to your site, you need to start off small. The problem lies in getting involved with too many different platforms. Many people have connected to numerous social media platforms and have no time to get other things done when they spend to much time chatting back and forth.

The best thing to do is try one or two and build from there on ones that will help with your marketing. If you are using funding with social media, you will want to make sure you start with a small budget and track results before paying out more.

Make sure not to spend your advertising budget when just starting out in the beginning.


Thinking one size fits all?


When considering strategies and products/services, what works for one company may not work for you. You need to be skeptical about the information you receive or read when trying to be successful on what may work. Try testing without any significant expenditures before committing too much of your budget into new social media advertising campaigns.
Base your decisions on well-evaluated information on all possible risks.


Where do you go from here?


After reading this article to get a better grasp of what to expect, what you need know is a real opportunity that will help you set up a plan of action.

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Travis Smithers boatingAs you can see from the image to the left, boating is something I regularly like to enjoy with friends and family on my sailboat. Having an online business gives me the opportunity to pursue my passions.

What passions would you like to pursue that makes you happy? Join me and thousands of others who choose to make a difference in our and other people’s lives.

Oh! By the way, love having comments and shares and look forward to seeing all those of you that join me for having an online business to follow your DREAMS!”


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