What Is A Domain Name And How To?

When you’re looking at what is a domain name and how to? Then you’ve come to the right place where we will show you the what, why, where and how for answers.

There are still thousands of people each month asking “What is a domain name and how?” Considering the size of the global market and how many people keep showing up for the first time, it will keep continuing.

what is a domain name and how

The question for you is:

  • Do you want to be part of it?
  • Looking to know more?
  • What’s it all about?
  • Is it just about making money?
  • Can I do it for free?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we do not need to go through an extensive list of other great questions to why so many people are turning their attention to the Internet. What you need to do is get the answers to why you want to know more.

The best way for me to address this issue of what it is and how to break it all down for you is with a list. By using a list, we’ll look at each aspect broken down into different topics. This way you can read what interests you and skip what doesn’t or what you already know. Doing this will help you with where you may leave off before returning for extra insight on the topic areas of your choice.


Let’s start with the central issues and go from there:

  • What is a Domain Name?
  • Why do people have them?
  • How do I find one?
  • Once I have one, then what?
  • How to let the world know about it?


What is a Domain Name?


One of the best ways to explain what a domain name is would be to give you a comparison to something everybody already understands like living accommodations. Everybody knows when you have a place of residence you will have a postal address so you can receive mail.

When you live in a house, apartment, condo or anywhere the mail can be delivered you have what we call today a mailing address. A domain name will work in the same manner for anyone to have an address out there in cyberspace.

what is a domain nameWhen the internet first started everybody needed some way to distinguish each other apart from one another. Accomplishing a unique domain name is having letters and numbers arranged in front of “.com.”  An example would be “business.com” and once somebody owned this domain name, you would need to create a change up like “abusiness.com.”

Now you probably already see the likely problem with this system of addressing each. Just as we have a mailing address to get your mail to a particular place on a street in a province or state and then finally the country somewhere around the world, the internet also expanded.

Today the Internet deals with these same issues but in a different way to get the same results, extensions. Domain names consist of top-level “.com” and have other extensions like “.org” “.net” etc. and extensions have also been created for countries “.us” “.ca” etc. to start handling the increased load of distinctive addressing over the Internet.

So we have seen how the domain names act just like a home address for mail, and that is exactly how your emails work as well. Once again to have emails, they get created by using characters in front of a domain name. An example of this is “cathy@gmail.com” but the next cathy at the same domain location would need to change it up somehow like “cathy1@gmail.com” or “cathyconrad@gmail.com.” Each domain name can have multiple emails, but each email address needs to be unique.

Just as many people live in apartment buildings or multi-unit condos, domain names can have the same results to accommodate for as many people you may require for the internet. A good example here is all the social media websites out there. Every domain name has the ability for you to do what is called a sub-domain name. Sub-domain names can be created when you add your extra characters in front of a domain name.

Let’s say you owned the domain name “business.com” and now you want to add other domain names from it like wallpaper or the internet. You would end up with a sub-domain name that would look like this “wallpaper.business.com” or “internet.business.com.” When you own the primary domain name, you can create sub-domain names by having the extension name added in front separated by a period. If you live in an apartment that houses 100 people, each of you get an apartment number that goes with the primary address, so you get your mail and nobody else, it’s your place not the one across the hall. The sub-domain names work the same way by being the only extension with that name on the primary domain name.


Why do people have them?


The reasons for people to have domain names varies from a couple of different things. In the beginning, it was mainly for larger companies and branched out to any business once they started to see the potential of having their private domain name.

With the Internet constantly picking up more momentum every day, more and more people are beginning to realize the opportunities the Internet provides.what is a domain name and how to blog

  • Online Education

  • Online Marketing

  • Post Blogging on Topics

  • Online Streaming

  • Purchasing to sell off later

You could mention quite a few different things the Internet brings to the table, and each one of those can be broken down further into deeper levels of finer detailed subjects. For the most part having your domain name means that you get to put something out to the world for anybody to see giving you an opportunity to reach a multitude of people never before conceived.

You have the choice to post information for free or charge a price for what you know and make some money. Maybe you would like to make a lot of cash, and you’d have that option. A lot of people are making money, and usually, the ones that own their domain name tend to make the most, but that is not always the case. When it comes to the Internet, there are a lot of factors that come into play.

This website is all about helping you make the best decisions for you and how you can proceed to accomplish that. You can just learn all about domain names and what you can do with them, or you can learn and implement your newly gained knowledge and create your space. I will show you how and you can decide which way you’ll choose to go, so let’s get started.


How do I find one?


Finding a domain name for yourself is a very easy thing to do these days. The Internet is full of places where you can find an available domain name and purchase it for future development. The fact is there are two main types of companies that sell domain names.

The first are the businesses that started off by giving you the ability to search the Internet to show you the results of your name search to whether it is available or for sale. These companies will let you know if the name is taken or free for purchase. If the name you’re looking for is already purchased they will also let you know if they are being held for resale.

what is a domain name and how to search for oneIn most cases any domain names that are acquired for the sake of a resale is not something most people especially anyone new to the Internet will buy or even need to purchase. These type of purchases can run from hundreds to thousands of dollars rather than coming up with one that is free to buy for around ten dollars. When you’re planning to purchase a domain name, it is best to search for a name that is free for purchasing without the higher prices.

Most online companies on the Internet are offering people to buy domain names now and usually have hosting packages as well.

For the sake of this particular article I’m not going to get into all the different names, you could go through for acquiring your domain name which is also considered and known as “property.” Let me just say that the Internet has lots of companies you can choose from to take care of registering you domain name and hosting it as well.

In my case, I have owned property on the Internet for about ten years now which is not very long compared to some. During this time I have discovered a lot of things and I’ve also been fortunate enough not to be scammed as you hear about so many others through the years.

For me, it has not been a case of dealing with different scams.  I’ve looked more into who offers the best services and programs for my money. In the beginning, I did start with other companies to have my domain names registered with and places to host my website. At the beginning of 2015, I finally found the best places I now purchase my domain names and keep my hosting. As I mentioned for the first few years, there were problems with my hosting provider which I have now resolved.

If you’re interested in who I have registering and holding my domain names to save you the problems I dealt with in the past and so many others are still dealing with then check out these links.



Wealthy Affiliate


I only use Namecheap for some of my purchases.


Transferred tdremodeling.com to them



Purchased homeimprovementhandtools.com

Home Improvement Hand Tools Header


Purchased homerenovation.com

home renovation how to header


Purchased sayitwithphotographs.com

Say It With Photographs website


And had the name firstquality-concrete.com purchased through them

First Quality Concrete header


I used Wealthy Affiliate just recently for the domain name purchase of “whatisadomainnameandhow.com.” and they now provide for my hosting from the first quarter of 2015.

what is a website builder

Once I have one, then what?


Before we get started, just know for those of you that may not already know that you can have a domain name for free without actually purchasing one. Some companies will allow you to get a free domain name registered, but you’ll have to sign up for a hosting package to wave the fee. The cost of the domain name will only be free for a set period according to the companies promotion at which time you will start making yearly payments plus your hosting.

The second way to get your domain name for free and never having to pay for it is through another company offer. There are opportunities you can have a free membership and receive a sub-domain name for free. If you remember from an earlier segment of this article I had mentioned how you can create as many sub-domain names from the primary domain name that will be its private entity. One such company that offers a lifetime free package as this is Wealthy Affiliate where I now reside with all my domains.

To learn more about the free websites

sub-domains you would get to build on

for as long as you wish then check out this post:

Wealthy Affiliate University

For some people, these free sub-domains and package will work perfectly fine but if your anything like me and thousands of others, I needed and preferred to have my properties. Either way, if you use the free sub-domains offered or purchase your properties the next step is the same.

You have your property, but now you need to do something with it. Otherwise, it’s an empty lot that does nothing, and nobody knows where it is.

If you already know how to build a website, then you’re off to the races. When you’re in the same boat as most people, and this is all new to you just like it was to me and all the others now on the Internet. Then you will need help moving forward. It is at this point that most people get scammed and start to lose their money to the ones praying for all the new people looking for an online presence.

At this stage is when you need to know the facts from fiction. I’m now going to list a few so you can get your head wrapped around where it needs to be to save yourself a lot of problems.
Knowing this could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars of your hard earned money.what is a domain name and how to use it

  • Anyone can make thousands simply by…
  • This system puts you on an auto cruise…
  • Our system does everything for you…
  • Get in on the ground floor before…
  • Make lots of money online while you bask in the sun…
  • Anyone can make thousands simply by…

When you start to hear anything along the lines of “Anyone can make thousands simply by…” is a red flag to start running. Anyone can see about earning money on the Internet, but you better be prepared to do it with some hard work. Now I’m not talking manual labor here, but you will be required to do some hard work never the less. The difference is you’ll have a learning curve to figure out what you need to do and how to keep up with all the ongoing changes.

At present, there are many different money streams that people are following to earn their income on the Internet. The only thing that they have in common with one another is it takes work and persistence. Nobody, I know making money on the Internet is doing it from sitting back and watching the cash roll in or from any simple plan from any guru.

Most of the online gurus that promise you the moon are doing just that, selling you on pie in the sky while they take your money and trade it in for gold. The pie in the sky he gave you is worthless.

I’ll show you how to avoid this for FREE!


This system puts you on auto cruise…


“This system puts you on auto cruise…” and you’ll be making thousands a day just like me etc. etc. When these guys get done with you with all their upsells and you’ve run out of money, they just only tell you that you failed to do the system correctly. The fact is they pretty well would end up telling everybody that as they take everybody’s money from how their system is set up.

If their system is truly on auto pilot and they are making tens of thousands of dollars from their so called system, why do they need to nickel and dime you to death. It’s one thing to pay for your domain name, hosting and essential information to get your website out to the world but nothing compared to the dollar amount these so called wealthy guru’s need to supposed help you out with the kindness of their heart. They are just helping themselves to your money in their pocket while you get poorer by the day.

I’ll show you why autopilot doesn’t work!


Our system does everything for you…


There is nobody that I know of that tells me they are with one system that does everything, and they are making money. The way it usually works is you’ll need some key things in place such as a domain name to have a website hosted on it. Then you’re going to need products which may or may not come from the same place.

If your dealing with a company that gives everybody the same kind of website that is prebuilt that you watch the money roll in on, your in serious trouble because that’s not how the Internet works. That only makes money for the company you’ve given your money to. There is nothing wrong with promoting the companies product you’re with if you built the site and control it’s content. A site that offers the same prebuilt website dedicated to your name will cost you big bucks to market when you have no control over content.

I can show you a system that works if you do!


Get in on the ground floor before…


“Get in on the ground floor before…” They try to put out the big emphases on getting in on the ground floor now before it’s too late. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity etc. What they need to be telling you is “Get in on the ground floor before we bail out with everybody’s money.” If there is any real opportunity for the average business, you should be able to make money today or sometime down the road.

The thing about the Internet is people have been making money ever since it was developed and to this day. In fact, there will be more money changing hands going into the future than ever before. You just need to decide will you be one of the people receiving money or paying it out. There may be some opportunities to be genuinely on the ground floor, but the odds of the average person to be there is not going to happen. That only happens to the select few in the know and not to the masses. In fact by the time it hits the general public, where out of the picture and only the driving force to help line their pockets.

What you need is a real opportunity that puts everybody on the same playing field which is one thing the Internet does better than traditional methods. There is still the fact that companies and people with deep pockets can pay for much more and better marketing compared to the rest of us, but you can still achieve your goals over time and some hard work.

I’ll show you what I’m doing!


Make lots of money online while you bask in the sun…


This line is one of the scammers favorite concepts “Make lots of money online while you bask in the sun…” I’m sure along your Internet travels you have come to the idea of people telling you how you’ll be rich and making money while you travel the world. They forgot to mention the part where you need to work on it and in most cases that would mean not with them but by doing the right things required step by step until after all your hard work, things start to pay off.

Too many people listen to scammers telling them how easy it is to make money on the Internet. Most people already know that starting a regular brick and mortar business where you live requires money and a pile of hard work, it only stands to reason the Internet is no different. For most people when starting an online business usually you can start one with less money, but you’ll most likely need to spend extra time building and setting up the marketing side of things.

I have heard that there are some legitimate programs and training available on the Internet that you’ll be able to check out and see about creating your future online presence. I know that the companies I deal with are not the only ones available to supply you with what you’ll need to be a success. What I do know is it took me many years to learn and find out what I now know and the communities I deal with have spent many years looking for what we found as well.

You can keep looking elsewhere or see what I have found!


To Sum up: What Is A Domain Name and How?


A domain name is a virtual piece of property you need to purchase or have a sub-domain to create a website that can house the information, product whatever it is you’re offering. You need to know what it takes to create this online presence to reach as many people as you can. Only hard work and time put in will create your online presence; it may be free to set up but usually has some cots and especially if you want things to happen faster through your different forms of marketing.

This is just an intro page to the many monthly posts and links to follow that will go over in more depth of what you need to know to be successful:

  • Finding the right Domain Name and why

  • Where I purchase and why

  • How to get a free website and hostingwhat is a domain name and how to get started

  • The advantages of purchasing a domain name

  • The difference between free and small monthly fee

  • What a simple hosting package offers

  • What unlimited access can do to speed your performance

  • Having a Supportive Community

  • Free lessons teaching you how in all topics

  • Always being up to date

  • Anyone can do it when you know how

The topics are endless so if you’re serious about having a successful online business, then before you pay any of your hard earned money out, take the time to check out my free offer. I started to earn my money online from this very same link that you can now go to and see for yourself.

Of all your friends, family, hundreds or thousands of people around you, how many people are getting rich the easy way from the Internet or better yet do you even know of people making riches on the net without hardly doing anything.

I know plenty of individuals who have been ripped off by scammers, and I also know others who have put the work in and are now making money. Which one do you want to be, it cost nothing to look and worth a great future for those ready for the challenge.


Challenge yourself and be successful online, starting today!

No credit card required, get started today!

what is a website builder offer


“I’m Travis Smithers owner and author of this site.

Travis Smithers boatingAs you can see from the image to the left, boating is something I regularly like to enjoy with friends and family on my sailboat. Having an online business gives me the opportunity to pursue my passions.

What passions would you like to pursue that makes you happy? Join me and thousands of others who choose to make a difference in our and other people’s lives.

Oh! By the way, love having comments and shares and look forward to seeing all those of you that join me for having an online business to follow your DREAMS!”




February 11, 2016 at 2:16 am

Hi Travis

You have written an extensive and thorough explanation about domain names. It is certainly excellent reading.

I am a Web Designer and a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore I applaud your recommendations and suggestions you have made to your readers. I have also bookmarked your page for future referencing.

Kind Regards



    February 11, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Thanks for the visit, and always good hearing from others who have discovered these services to be worth the money and time that one would put into them. Being a web designer, you have probably found many places and websites not worth one’s time or money to use when it comes to having an online presence.


February 11, 2016 at 2:20 am

A very thorough article on what a domain name is. I, too, use NameCheap for my domain name. I used other companies who promised so much more but ended up not and I’ve found that NameCheap is legit and does what it says it does. Also, their prices are very reasonable and their website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. You can tell they’re always working to make their site better and more functional too which I think shows that they care about their customers and strive to deliver quality service to them. Your article was very helpful!


    February 11, 2016 at 11:35 am

    Hi Ali, and good to hear that you found this article helpful. After all the years of having my websites for my business, I decided to put this site together from all the requests that customers have been making on what they need to do to have an online presence.

    Each month I’ll update more about building and having websites by doing things the easier methods that get results.


April 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Hi Travis

I was always intimadated by the notion of building a website of my own.Just reading your explanation of what a domain name entails, makes me feel so much more at ease and comfortable with entering the Internet world.

I have seen so many of those false promises of scammers, that at times things seemed just overwhleming and I wondered if it were possible to find a true opportunity to learn and earn online.

Your recommendation sounds like the thing that I have been looking for.Going to check it out today!!



    April 8, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    The big thing to remember about online is it is pretty much the same as what you can expect with offline. Just as you can easily learn to do different activities, sports, hobbies the internet is the same.

    At first, it may seem strange but as you get going it gets easier and most people find it can be a lot of fun. Just know that it does take time so have fun with it and it will pay off later, it’s like a pension plan that you are working on.


May 14, 2016 at 7:17 pm

Hi Travis, a nice and detailed article on Domain Name. Just like you, I also prefer namecheap for purchasing a domain at an affordable price.

I am sure, your article is going to help many newcomers in the internet world who are generally confused about from where to start and it is enough to prove that deciding an appropriate domain name is essential for site health.


    May 15, 2016 at 11:00 am

    For most people that already know, they tend to find and get their domain names no problem as they have already been down this road before.

    For all the thousands of newcomers just learning and looking to get into having an online presence, then this site can save them considerable time and money from not making the mistakes of so many people before them, have when dealing with some of the other websites.


May 27, 2016 at 12:09 pm

I really like your writing! You really know how to explain stuff into details. I recommend everyone who’s new into building internet site or those who’re thinking about creating internet site or online business to read this article. Keep up the good work.
I hope to read more of your elaborating articles.



    May 28, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Thanks for the comment and I’ll continue to pass on the information that I have learned and accumulated through the years to help those interested. For all the seasoned marketers they pretty much know what and where they want to go and how to see about getting there, but all the thousands of new comers that are just starting out this website can save them a great deal of time and money on where to go and how to get started.

    With the packages I offer to people here they can have a clearer sailing with developing an online presence having everything they need to get started and work there way to earning a serious monthly income.


June 13, 2016 at 10:20 am

Hi Travis,

Great Article. I did not not about subdomains, it was a new information to me. And i have never used NameCheap, but i will take a look at it based on your recommendations. As i am looking to purchase two domains. I used Godaddy before. What are your thoughts on this platform? Have you ever used it?
Thanks again for the information.


    June 14, 2016 at 1:10 am

    Hi Joana, and if your asking me if I have used Godaddy or NameCheaps platform then the answer is I have not. When it comes to website builders, I decided to go with using WordPress which is what the platform with Wealthy Affiliate consists of using. I wanted a platform that would have minimal restrictions with maximum flexibility such as WordPress with all the different plugin options.

    I have only used NameCheap for purchasing domain names. Now that Wealthy Affiliate now offers domain names I have also purchased some through them as well.


July 3, 2016 at 3:48 pm

Very informative article. Some things I already knew but you really opened my eyes with others.I really like the way you expose the scammers. I know now where I’m going to get my domain name and starting to get some ideas as to what it’s going to be. Great work!


    July 4, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Glad I could help you out, Doug. I also have posts that help with using a keyword search tool to find a domain name that will maximize the amount of traffic by showing you the monthly search results. Using these tools to find a domain name will help speed up your traffic results for how many visitors you’ll receive per month.

Sharon May

July 26, 2016 at 3:53 pm

It’s really hard to get hold of a .com these days, not impossible just harder. A .com is my first choice, then .org, then .net and well after that who cares! I prefer to use Name Cheap to buy domains and then host it at Wealthy Affiliate because their hosting is awesome and you get great teaching how to create a website in seconds.


    July 27, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Wealthy Affiliate is assumed as you mentioned and I do use Name Cheap as well for purchasing domain names. I have also purchased some domain names through Wealthy Affiliate as well and found where I host them with WA you can get your site up even faster by doing so.

    The .com are the best top level domain names to go for so using a keyword search tool will help you immensely with the process.


August 25, 2016 at 9:34 am

This is great. I have a buddy who is interested in starting his own website for his buisnes. He was asking me questions on how to get one started. How to find domains and where to do xyz. I didn’t know much. So I went searching for information from people who do. Which is what brought me to your site.

I will share this post with him and I sure it will answer all the questions he had. That I couldn’t answer. Thanks so much.


    August 26, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Glad to be of some help, this site is out there to help people where they may need it for developing a website.

    Understanding domain names and the best way to get them and use them is imperative as you progress down the road with your business ventures.


September 9, 2016 at 4:09 am

Wow, this is a very comprehensive post for all beginners to the internet and want to start a business online. I remember those days when I first started out and I was struggling to figure out domain names and stuff. I wished I had read your article back then because it covered a lot of the basics that are necessary for a beginner.

Lastly, I am fully behind you on Wealthy Affiliate, it is one of the best online courses for people who wants to do online business but don’t know where to start. Awesome!


    September 9, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Hi Will, glad you liked the article and thanks for taking the time to write a comment. Like you I saw about learning a lot of stuff by surfing the Internet a fair bit. Now I can save many newcomers a lot of time and energy by directing them to what we have discovered that will give them a proper opportunity without all the wasted time searching and broken promises so many other sites offer.

    For all of those that want the real deal to have the ability to start an online business from scratch without wasting lots of money and time then this is it, all you need to do is sign up for free and get started with your new future.


September 12, 2016 at 9:21 pm

There was a lot of information there. I liked the way you expanded on the scamming idea. So many people fall prey. Even though I’ve been around a while and been scammed, I still find myself looking at these crazy opportunities. It takes self discipline and determination to make it work and I appreciate all the advise you have given,


    September 13, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Hi, Dennis and happy to see you liked my article. The big thing I find about scams is it is a matter of interpretation. Some things people do and what they offer do come across as scams and are but there are also those out there that may have a legitimate business but because so many people are expecting everything to be handed to them, even when a company may be legit they classify them as a scam.

    I find it is best for you to know what you expect a company is going to do for the money they want. Research and see if it is a fit for you when something is not black or white but seems in the gray area. The best thing I find to do is when in doubt, don’t get involved. Be as sure as you can before you give up any money.


January 11, 2017 at 2:43 am

Hi Travis.
Love the information you have put forward here.
I too, like many others have been burnt by scammers promising the world for little or no effort.
I also know now like you said nothing like that exists in this world.
It takes dedication and persistence and good old fashioned hard work.
Keep up the good work you are doing.
Chadd W.


    January 11, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Hi, Chadd and thanks for the comment. Where the Internet is such a different and unique method of earning an income, it is easy to lose sight that an online business is still a business and requires work just the same. The work obviously is of a different sort but never work the less. So long as people realize that you need to work at a site as you would any other business, then it can be achieved, and because of the opportunities, the Internet provides anyone can do it and much cheaper than most conventional businesses.


January 11, 2017 at 9:31 am

Hello there,

Very interesting atricle!, I though it’s hard to own a website & manage it but your article make it easily for me now, I see that name cheap is cheaper than WA, so it will be also my best place to get 1, so what about the hosting? as I know I should host my website after buying the domain. Thanks for your informative article.


    January 11, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    When it comes to hosting, you really, need to think about what you want to do with your site. If you’re looking just to have a simple online presence for friends and family and your not looking to get too heavily involved with SEO and marketing for making lots of money, then I would suggest Bluehost for their cheaper package.

    If you want a free package, I will go with Wealthy Affiliate to have the least amount of limitations and have the most flexibility for a free site. If you what lots of exposure and get involved with SEO, marketing, and everything required to have a successful online business, then Wealthy Affiliates premium package. It will cost a little more than some of the other provider’s simple packages, but WA gives you more than any of the other providers can. When you start looking at increasing your functions and features with other providers for your site’s ability, your monthly cost will increase and surpass what WA’s premium package costs. Wealthy Affiliate is a provider that provides you multiple sites with a website builder and hosting for one small price plus it’s a university to learn about building a business.

    Most other providers will cost you more per month and do not even have the same amount and diversity in training as WA. Most people that pay other providers for their sites and hosting also have to learn and pay others to try and piece together what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in one single package.


January 11, 2017 at 9:38 am

Hi Travis,

Thanks for writing this concise article explaining everything about domain names and how they work. I have my own website and I didn’t know you could have a sub-domain. I’m not sure if there is any advantage in this, could it be that it could be used for a different website?

Reading your article it seems like it’s a totally different domain. I liked the analogy of referring to an apartment that houses different people.


    January 11, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    Hi Craig and a sub-domain are entirely a separate domain from the primary domain name.

    Primary domain name could be “renovations” plus its extension .com, .net etc.
    Sub-domain “kitchen.renovations” or “bathroom.renovations”

    Providers use sub-domains for their free websites they offer. Your name goes in front of the sub-domain then a period for your unique address.

    I use sub-domains for taking people to a private site “sub-domain” for my free offerings when they subscribe to my primary websites.


March 29, 2017 at 9:55 pm

this article is very helpful in guiding new users to learn about what a domain is, and how to go about obtaining one. You give a very informative position on why people have domains, what they are used for and what they are used for. The large ads for floor remodeling seem to be a bit excessive, and almost turned me away from scrolling all the way down the page. other than that, good post!


    March 29, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    All the images you mentioned as large adds are not adds but the headers from websites built from chosen domain names that are listed by each picture. I have over a dozen sites but just listed a few of them for the purpose of this post when deciding on a name and how they relate. I suppose I could have made them into links but chose not to link them through to my other site which you would have discovered if you had tried.

    Some of my posts are long with many images at times depending on the article. I tend to write an average around a 1000 words plus pictures, but I do have articles containing over 2500 words plus pictures. It comes down to what people want to learn or what information they are looking for, so there are those looking for quick reading where I look at what do I think I need for the topic of the article.

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