What Is Aspire Digital Altitude

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What Is Aspire Digital Altitude

what is aspire digital altitude.


A lot of people have been asking What is Aspire Digital Altitude and is it a scam or legit? Many people can debate over what qualifies as a legit business or just an elaborate scam.

To get this started we need to look at what this program or opportunity is all about to understand how legit Aspire is or not.

One of the first things that I would like to mention right here and now is many believe Aspire by Digital Altitude is a carbon copy of MOBE. For those of you that are not familiar with MOBE then you can check out my review on it, which most people classify MOBE as a scam.

This review will give you enough detail for you to decide for yourself what you think about their system and understand that just as I have nothing to do with any affiliation with MOBE I also have no affiliations with Aspire.


What is Digital Altitude?


One of the reasons you could say Aspire looks and feels like MOBE is the owner and creator of Aspire, Michael Force was once a top earner of MOBE. Some believe he took their concept and gave it a slightly different marketing strategy and just reproduced his version of MOBE.

Some would also say some of the differences are only there to make it seem a little different and others would venture to say it was to improve upon the problems MOBE has.

So let’s take a closer look at Digital Altitude and the six stages to obtain six figures in 90 days, shall we?

Even though you can start with a $1 trial, the cost ramps up to $40,885 very quickly. In fact, the concept of being able to make six figure in 90 days if by chance you ever succeeded, would require you to pay out the full $40,885 to attempt such a feet.

Digital Altitude is an online training course for marketing your product/network marketing business by teaching you how its done.

The owner Michael Force also kept the multilevel marketing aspect that many know as a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. The big thing to remember about MLM’s is they usually slip in a loophole within the compensation plan somewhere so that a lower level recruit can bypass their upline.

With this platform set up, you can bypass by purchasing more expensive levels your sponsor does not have to earn extra commissions they will not qualify for.

It’s a good marketing strategy to the owner of the company to have you pay out as much money as fast as possible knowing most people never make their money back due to failure.


Who is Digital Altitude for?


Anyone that can afford heavy investing in the hopes of making money. Want to get involved with recruiting as this has always been the primary method to make money with MLM’s.


Digital Altitude Products


No actual product as you receive everything you purchase as a form of online video training or some meet and greet retreat, which also carries a heavy price tag with it.

So if you’re looking at wanting to pay extremely high prices for digital training that most other people are getting elsewhere for far less and convince other people, they need to pay extra, then this system could interest you.


The Tools and Training


Here are the levels you’ll pay for in hopes of making money with this system. The marketing strategy is to start you off on the bottom of a mountain and to get you to pay for each level to make a commission on each level till you reach the top.


what is aspire digital altitude ascend

Aspire – Basic is the ground level to get you started with products to get you in the door. You’ll receive basic marketing stuff, some sales funnels, tools and resources and access to the community.


what is aspire digital altitude ascend

Base – Setting of goals, creating websites and how to build your brand. More basic stuff to lead you into higher ticket products.


what is aspire digital altitude rise

Rise – Is a digital business master course to give you training on mindset. You can check out the Empower Network review to see how they use the same tactics to start their high ticketed products.


what is aspire digital altitude ascend

Ascend – Here you will meet the owner and other network marketers promoting this system for a two-day retreat.


what is aspire digital altitude peak

Peak – Another retreat session. This one is to teach you more about success, management, and leadership. Leaders will be brought into this 5-day all-inclusive retreat for two.


what is aspire digital altitude apex

Apex – This retreat is for 7-days for two where you’ll learn how to get the commission of all commissions. You will learn about wealth building, real estate, and asset management. This level is to give you that whopping $12,000 commission pay day.

You’ve reached the top of the mountain unlocking all the methods for you to earn a commission at a hefty price for deciding to join Digital Altitude.

Let’s take a look at that, shall we?


What does Digital Altitude cost?


In the beginning, you’ll start with affordable options that most people could handle. Now as you progress with your training, you’ll continue to pay more as you go and let us not forget about marketing costs that’s an extra to pay as well.

So what do the levels cost:

Aspire – $37, $67 and $127/month
Base – $397 (one-time payment)
Rise – $1,497 (one-time payment)
Ascend – $6,997 (one-time payment)
Peak – $11,997 (one-time payment)
Apex – $19,997 (one-time payment)

Now you may be asking yourself why does the Aspire have three prices?

Remember we mentioned this takes on an MLM recruiting format to build. Well, the three prices make up how you pay for the MLM portion for you to get your commissions.

Digital Altitude has a compensation plan were the three-tier program consists of Walkers, Hikers, and Climbers.

Walkers pay $37 per month to earn 40% commissions
Hikers pay $67 per month to earn 50% commissions
Climbers pay $127 per month to earn 60% commissions

All the percentages apply to the products and the memberships themselves which provide a residual income as well. An example of a member who pays to be a climber earns $76.20(60% x $127) for every member they bring in as a climber plus 60% of the courses and workshops they sell that they own themselves.

Note if you do not own it, you’ll receive nothing from your downline if they sell higher level products. Also if you pay as a walker or hiker, you make lower percentages on everything you or your downline does.

Finally, Walkers earn on their own level or Tier 1.
Hikers can make and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels.
And, Climbers can make on Tier 1, 2, and 3.

So, some would say this is not a multi-level matrix even though you get paid for more than a single level, but it does provide you with recruiting others for an opportunity to build residuals from having a downline.

Now, just so you know, to have reached the peak, not including any monthly recurring costs, you will have given Michael Force $40,885 US. Depending on the package you choose you still need to pay either $37, $67, or $127 per month on top of everything else you already gave him.

How do you think most of all those people paying out all that money would feel like if they knew, I’m only paying $29/per month on a yearly plan. I pay $0 extra for everything I need to make money online because I get full access to all the existing and new training developed with my membership.

People can certainly pay through the teeth to learn how to make money online, or they can spend their money more wisely and still achieve their goals.

If you want to see how I’m doing it, then check out my #1 Recommendation?


Making Money With Digital Altitude


Making money with Digital Altitude, it is all about paying large sums of money for their training and recruiting others to do the same as you.

A company called My Lead System Pro started the high ticket products and then was copied by Empower Network, Mobe, etc.

Empower sold the full rights so you would get 100% commissions on your sales where Digital Altitude has created a modified compensation plan as Michael came from MOBE and most likely used them as his template.

So with these high ticketed items you have a chance to make money but not before you pay it all out first. You have to buy the very product you have to sell. The way you do this is by the products you are purchasing.

You see I’m like the millions of others where we can learn all about creating a successful business online without the extremely high prices, and we can sell anything we want.


Product Closing Options


If you’re paying for the Climber membership and you close a sale, you’ll receive a 60% commission. If you have the “client for life” coach to close the sale, then you’ll receive 40%. Depending on your outlook this could be a good thing or bad.


Pros & Cons of Digital Altitude


Great marketing strategy on the theme
Could make you money
Functional website
Great training
New product

Require to purchase all products to make a commission
Requires recruiting
Extremely pricey
No guarantees
Very Risky
Not recommended


So is Digital Altitude a Scam?


Even though I would never recommend anybody to pay out such crazy prices for the training they provide, and then they want you to resell to others, I would not call it a scam. I believe it is best to stay away from it. Very few people will create and operate an MLM business successfully and for somebody to dump that much money into that type of system will only lose.

Very few people will be able to keep constantly recruiting and mentoring trying to keep a downline together to make money. Most people pay lots of money in just never to see it again.

With all the Internet options available for making money and the initial start up costs, they are no reason to give your money away.

One of the biggest tactics these companies play on is for you to dream about that new luxury car, power boat, sailboat or dream home that you look at on your frig.

Instead of sticking a picture of what you want on the frig and throwing your money away for them to buy their toys, use that $40,885 US yourself. In fact take a selfy with your purchase and mail it to them so they can put it on their frig.

The $127/month to start their full package to get full benefits after they’ve bled you dry. Get a real online package for less and still learn how to be successful online. You do not need to pay that much money to learn and earn with the internet.

Do you know how many thousands of people try to make money on the Internet just to find out they are not cut out for it? Pretty much anyone can make money on the Internet but not everybody will.

You want to earn money from the Internet with an online business, then try my advice where you do not need the $40,885US plus $127/month with Digital Altitude.

Try my opportunity for free and take the 7-day full access and ask all the questions you need to and find out the real truth about what works and what doesn’t.

No credit card required, get started today!

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“I’m Travis Smithers owner and author of this site.

Travis Smithers boatingAs you can see from the image to the left, boating is something I regularly like to enjoy with friends and family on my sailboat. Having an online business gives me the opportunity to pursue my passions.

What passions would you like to pursue that makes you happy? Join me and thousands of others who choose to make a difference in our and other people’s lives.

Oh! By the way, love having comments and shares and look forward to seeing all those of you that join me for having an online business to follow your DREAMS!”




August 24, 2016 at 4:53 pm

$40,000?! That is absolutely insane!!! You could attend multiple workshops with some of the best in the business, enroll in many high level REPUTABLE communities for a tenth of that!

It’s even more shocking that people are falling for this, it’s like dangling the carrot out in front and letting you chase after it. Once they go so deep they probably get to the point of no return and keep spending and spending in hopes of reaching the “promised land”.

I really hope this program hasn’t got to many people…not only can this be detrimental to someone and their finances, but their families also. I can’t see losing 40k working out in any situation. Thanks for sharing.


    August 26, 2016 at 11:05 am

    It surprises the amount of money some sites will require you to operate an online business. Most people will never get caught up with these types of websites as they know you can get the information for having a successful online business without the hefty price tag.

    There will always be people to get caught up with these types of websites, and just about every one of them will end up losing money and trying to find ways to justify it. The worst part is I have read about how some will get burned by one system just to connect with another, thinking the new improved system will be all that just to lose their money all over again.

    That is also a reason some of the same people keep creating the same concept business with just a different name to keep getting the money from all the people who repeatedly continue falling for the get rich quick or auto pilot system that requires your money and hardly any of your time. These people know how to make things sound great and funnel the money from your pocket to theirs.


November 13, 2016 at 1:27 pm

Hello Travis,
I can´t imagine that some people will really spend 40000 dollars on this. But as you have said, there are always people who are falling for a scheme like this. I think it is better to invest my money in researching a niche and get rolling with Affiliate Marketing…


    November 14, 2016 at 12:44 am

    It’s true, but as look around the Internet, you can find some proper systems to see about doing online business with that work. Just remember that there are plenty of affiliate programs out there and you can sign up for free. If any of them want you to pay for their affiliate program than just go elsewhere. There are literally millions of products/services available, and you can always find free affiliate programs to join so do not get caught up in having to pay for any of them.


February 26, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Wow, definitely not worth it! And I must say there are so many of these programs online where they have these stronger higher up players who are rich but you, the one who wishes to be rich, have to pay out so much money just to move up a notch. Not everyone has great direct sales skills especially to pitch a program like this that demands so much money out of you. But writing good blog posts is an effective sales strategy in and of itself, and I am grateful for that because I can not sell these online one click money programs, but I am a good writer. Would you review Easy Cash Code? I would be curious to hear your opinion.


    February 27, 2017 at 11:15 am

    It is true that big ticket items such as the ones sold through Aspire Digital Altitude are difficult to sell and most people will not make any decent money with such a system. Many places all over the Internet sell and give away the information required to build online businesses that you or anyone do not need to pay out such high prices to build an online business. It’s like the old saying “buyer beware,” people need to check around for the best deals. That’s why I connected up with Wealthy Affiliate as one of the best providers and most for your money with what you get to learn hands down.

    I’m not that familiar with Easy Cash Code so I’ll track down as much information as possible about them and write a review once I can get enough information together on them from all the different resources available.

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