What Is The Best Hosting Services For WordPress?

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What is the best hosting services for WordPress today

What Is The Best Hosting Services For WordPress?

What is the best hosting services for WordPress today


When you’re looking at having an online business and want to know what is the best hosting services for WordPress, then this article is just what the doctor ordered.

What Is
The Best WordPress
Web Hosting?

When it comes to the creation and running the operation of your business site on WordPress, you require a provider that gives you the most flexibility to manage your WordPress hosting with the following options, solid stability, security and high performance. You need a hosting platform with a provider that has the least amount of downtime. So what is the best hosting services for WordPress available today?

From all the information, I have gathered from many other sites and personal preference from what I have learned and experienced, three primary candidates come to mind:

1. WP Engine
2. Bluehost
3. Wealthy Affiliate

From the list above I rate WP Engine over Bluehost but ultimately choose Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 Recommended choice as I’ll explain below.


WP Engine


what is WP Engine now


When it comes to having a provider that offers WordPress, then WP Engine are the specialists. Unlike some other providers, WP Engine only offers and deals with WordPress. WP Engine is dedicated to this CMS and provide the highest quality available.

Anyone looking to build a site can use WP Engine; most people feel it is geared for businesses, but anyone seeking to have exceptional and secured hosting would benefit from what WP Engine has to offer with their platform.

WP Engine is by no means the cheapest provider around, but they are one of the best you’ll ever find on a WordPress platform. Their prices start at $29.99 per month and here are some of their important specs listed below:

Multiple levels of Enterprise Grade Security
Malware scanning and firewall protection
Extremely fast page load speeds
Virtually 100% site uptime
Performance statistics
Fast site speed report
Daily site backups
24/7/365 support

To check out more on WP Engine then read my full review WP Engine Review.




the bluehost web hosting review image


Bluehost is another great provider, but unlike WP Engine they do not cater to just WordPress, but rather they are a more generic hosting company. A generic provider is one I classify as a hosting company that offers more than just one basic form of hosting or one CMS platform. Bluehost is a business that caters to the masses extremely well. Over the past few years, Bluehost has soared in popularity for the excellent services they provide over the long history of having reputable services as a provider in helping people create and host their sites.

The WordPress company themselves have rated Bluehost to be one of the top platforms for hosting a developed WordPress site. Using a simple one-click integration technique, WP can be installed on Bluehost. To ensure a fast and extremely stable load time, Bluehost utilize a VPS technology methodology.

When it comes to managing and hosting your WordPress site, Bluehost offers a lower starting price of $19.99 per month. The key thing to remember here is Bluehost offers different types of hosting as a provider where WP Engine focuses on solely WordPress for its users.

Notable specs at a glance:

Top notch website stability and security
Dedicated managed WordPress hosting
Fast page loading with 99.9% uptime
C-Panel interface for analytics
Automatic site backups
Budget pricing
24/7 support

For more information about Bluehost check out my Bluehost Review.


Wealthy Affiliate


What is Wealthy Affiliates.


For my third and final entry into the best that WordPress has to offer, I would like to bring Wealthy Affiliate to your attention.

With both of the previous companies a person looking to create and maintain a site built on the WordPress platform will be dealing with the best, there is to offer. With that being said, Wealthy Affiliate as a provider also offers it’s clients the same excellent quality to detail with their services making them one of the top best as well.

Unlike Bluehost though, WA does not cater to different platforms and is geared up more inline as WP Engine where they only use WordPress. Because this post is about using WordPress, Wealthy Affiliate fits right in with the services they offer as a provider.

WA-sign-upThe truth be known, Wealthy Affiliate is far more than just a WordPress management site and hosting provider. Wealthy Affiliate is also known to most as a University to learn all about creating sites for affiliate marketing.

Even though WA is training and giving out all the knowledge, you may need for affiliate marketing; this same training correlates with having and creating a business of any sorts. The fact is all online businesses, or any online presence has the same core requirements to make them successful for getting, higher ranking with search engines and traffic.

For myself, I rate WA as a top contender as I wanted and most people and especially newcomers to the Internet need to be knowledgeable about what it takes to have an online presence today. Trying to build a successful site with old material that is no longer valid is just a waste of time. There are far too many sites selling people old material that no longer works to give you any positive results. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few sites that can keep you current with what works in today’s Internet marketplace.

So What Is The Best Hosting Services For WordPress, I would say picking one of these three will not steer you wrong, but of the three, I chose Wealthy Affiliate. They are the best provider for offering what the other providers do in creating, hosting, security, etc. but most importantly the up to date courses with a constant stream of continuing education with training that works now and for tomorrow and not what use to work. With all that said the free and paid memberships are unbelievable. Try out a free membership with no credit card required, so you’ll know first hand who’s the best for you.

No credit card required, get started today!

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