What is Wix Website Builder About

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Wix websites.

What is Wix Website Builder About

what is Wix Website Builder About In Simple Terms


I receive many visitors that ask what is Wix website builder about and why do so many people choose to use them. One of the main reasons, Wix is one of the top five best providers available for creating a website using their website builder.


What is Wix Website Builder
About in Simple Terms


Wix is one of many providers that offer a website builder on their platform that you can use to create a website to have an online presence.

For a complete in-depth review of Wix, you can check out my article Wix Websites.

The report covers:

best online website builder reviews criteria search 21. Wix Review Video
2. Easy to Use?
3. Options for Template Design
4. Tutorials/Community Resources/Support
5. Wix App Market
6. Why is Wix Mobil Special?
7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
8. Hosting
9. Pricing
10. Pros and Cons
11. Is Wix right for you?
12. Conclusion

For this post, I’ll keep it simple just to highlight what Wix’s website builder is all about.


The Reason For Website Builders


We already know how technology has changed the face of the Internet on a yearly basis. In the earlier years, you were required to learn and understand code to create and build a website. If you chose not to do this, then you had to hire a website designer to create a site for you.

Nowadays all of this has changed with the use of website builders. Website builders are just a software package that has been created by programmers to eliminate the need to have to use a code for creating a site.

Website builders do all the coding for you behind the scenes. Wix like most other providers offers it’s customers a platform where they can use their website builder to create a site.


Wix as a Provider


What makes Wix different, is the themes you get to choose between when creating a site that best suits your business model. Wix builds specific templates for different business categories. These template designs for specific themes save you a lot of time trying to develop what people have come to expect with individual companies websites.

The look and appeal of sites these days make up a major part to how visitors will respond to viewing and navigating through them or whether they leave never to return.

best website builder site choices.Wix like most providers offers support for their platform on how to use and get a site online. They have available training for the website builder and how best to use it for your designs. They use a real drag and drop technique in their website builder.

Also like many other website builders, Wix has a multiple payment membership plans that will allow different amounts of functions and features to be accessible. This just simply boils down to the more you pay, the more access you get to build a better or more complex site.

Depending on what your requirements are, determines where you’ll fit in the different payment plans.

Most beginners can start with the simpler plans and upgrade as need be if their needs change.

When you look at what the different providers each have to offer and the price range for you to have what you want, Wix has proven to be one of the top picks for many people.

As a provider, Wix like most others offers a website builder with functions and features to help you create your site. Every provider has common and unique functions and features they provide in the platform they use.

Many of these companies also have multiple pay scales for you to choose how much you want to pay for how much access you’ll receive from their platform.

They all provide you with some level of security and hosting for your site once you make it public. As I had mentioned earlier, there is a link you can click on to check out in greater depth what is Wix website builder about and all they offer. For anyone brand new to having an online presence to being a seasoned marketer, I do offer my #1 recommendation that has far more to offer in the creation and the success of having an online business. You can click on the link or banner below to learn more!


No credit card required, get started today!

what is a website builder offer


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